Individuals to Avoid

Books and Periodicals to Boycott

Fraudulent Internet Organizations

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Tips on Reporting Internet Fraud

We have composed the following list from several different authentic Native American websites. The individuals listed are documented frauds. They have no knowlege of authentic Native American spiritual practices. Please join your Native American Brothers and Sisters in BOYCOTTING these unscrupulous frauds and in spreading the word to your communities.


Adamski, John
Anderson, William Scott
Andrews, Lynn
Antonette, Rev. Josiane
Avila, Elena (Woman who glows in the dark)
Bearhawk, Ken (see Naropa Institute)
Beebe Hill, Ruth
Berry, David Wendl
Black Elk, Wallace One of Native America's Most Wanted
Brent, Carolyn - Shamanic Astrology Staff Faywood Hot Springs
Campbell, Heather 'Moon Owl'
Canavan, Edward Cobb
Chadwick, Dorothy AKA Callingcrow MorningStar, AKA Jeannie Chadwick, AKA Calling Crow Chadwick, AKA Calling Crow Kogvhyaniha, AKA Turtle Woman Morningstar, AKA Evening Rain and Trish Hopkins AKA Dreamwalker, AKA Crys The Tears, AKA buffalowoman aka Evening Rain
Chasing Horse, Joe - A "Plastic elder" who conducts inter-tribal sundances. Read Sal "White Horse" Serbin�s comments on Sundance held on Navajo land
Cheshire, Katherine of Touch the Earth Foundation
Cherokee Lee
Chief Redjacket AKA Anthony Miller
Chipps, Godfrey (The one selling ceremonies and adoptions)
Clock, Reverend Anne
Cruz, Eagle (AKA Weston Aguila Cruz) of the Naropa Institute (University of Creation Spirituality)
Please support Lydia White Calf's fight for justice against Naropa Institute
Dewing, Rolland
DeWinter, Jon Standing Eagle
Dowd, Duryea Lea
Eaglebear Maez, Morgan TRIBAL WARNING!
EagleFox, Susan
Eakins, Pamela
Fastwolf, O'Shinnah
FireHair Shining Spirit AKA Sheila Spencer Stover
Grandmother Chandra
Grandmother Two Bears
Ghost Wolf, Robert aka Robert Franzone Read his rap sheet
Read More
Golden Eagle aka Dawn Lynn McBroom
Goodman, Warren He claims to be the Pahana of Hopi legend.
Grey Wolf, Alan
Grey Wolf AKA Robert B. Bancroft
Griffin, Sheila
Happy Bear, Jeff
Hannagan, Carol
Hardin, Mark W Pow Wow Rapist He was sentenced on June 26, 2000 to a charge of felony first degree sexual conduct with a child

Hawkings, Holly Blue
Hay, Harry "Duchess" - started the 'two-spirit' create-your-own-ceremony craze
Herron Wind, Linda
Hrae Wind, Debra
Hyatt, Dave Michigan NDNs Draw a Line at the Pow Wow
Kalumnu (aka Cam Huard) see C.A.T. Lodge S/he promotes himself as a "shaman of the Anishnaabe" CAT LODGE voted him king of the twinkies (Who says we don't have royalty?)
Kavasch, E. Barrie(Drum Midwife)
Khow, Vida - Runs various holistic retreats in Sedona AZ
Ku Istan - Dakota Lakota Tucson activists are protesting this fraud
LaClaire, Willia
Lame Deer, Chief Archie Fire
Letterman, Lloyd
Little Deer aka Maribeth Theisen
Little Sun, Roy WARNING
Misrepresenting Hopi Culture
Kanucas Littlefish He claims to be a "Native American Anishnabe(sic) Medicine Man"
Lodge Sister Always Evolving (aka Andrea Fiore)
Lodge Sister AriesDragonFire (aka Elizabeth Kyle)
Lodge Sister Badger Willow Horse (aka Kathleen Hanna)
Lodge Sister Buffalo Hand (aka Ann Williams-Fitzgerald)
Lodge Sister Butterfly Wolf (aka lissaruth aka Elizabeth Cibrowski ...)
Lodge Sister Cougar Heart (aka Cheyenne aka Spirit Dove)
Lodge Sister Crystal RavenWolf (aka Sandra Pinedo)
Lodge Sister Frost Maiden (aka Joann Reardon)
Lodge Sister Kerrybear (aka Kerry Ann Meireis)
Lodge Sister Turtleheart (aka Marguarite Elspeth aka Patty Bouse aka Patrice aka Patricia Beil aka Oldone aka C.O.W. aka Elly akd Glenda ... aka ad infinitum)
Lodge Sister Weave Woman (aka Dixie Llewellyn) This site published pictures of the Lodge Sisters and asked you to decide for yourself if they were "Indian" It wasrepeatedly hacked and shut down - the 'Lodge Sisters' really DO NOT want you to see what they look like.
Longworth, Kim E.
Mason, Julia
Mason, Richard Crazy Bear
Matchen, Sandra Whispers in the Wind Website
Mato Wakan aka Sacred Bear
McBroom, Dawn Lynn aka Golden Eagle
Buzzflash article
Sewage Scam
Meadows, Kenneth
Medicine Eagle, Brook aka Brooke Edwards TRIBAL WARNING
Indian Country Account of her Criminal History
Melodia, Robert (AKA Robert Wolf Teacher AKA Sungmanitu Tanka)
Dianne Nightbird founder of Deer Tribe Metis Medicne Society
Shaman Neeshanha (aka Kat Lonergan) Bear Visions has a site stating that she is not what she claims to be. Our 'Ojibwe Shaman' seems to be quite litigious.
Grandma Tywiah Hurd Nitsch (enrolled apple � NOT an elder) Touring the country with the New Age sensation - Max the crystal skull.
Noya, Robin - Male Shamanic Sweat Lodges
Pope,Grace Spotted Eagle associated with Mary Thunder
Pope, Carman "Sunrising" Pope
Rainbow Eagle Seventh Fire Peace Shield Teacher and Paula Kay Gehloff
Rapp, Don aka Bluesnake Wired Article about frauds on the internet
Raven Wing, Josie

Ross, Gayle (aka Tawohdih)
Reagan, Harley Swiftdeer Pervert Extrordianre (This article is not for people who are easily offended. You won't believe it!)
Harley �Swift-deer� Reagan denounced by Avis Little Eagle (Hunkpapa Lakota) Red Elk (real name unknown) Promotes himself as "North America's Best Known Medicine man" and "keeper of the Amethyst skull."
Redjacket, Chief AKA Anthony Miller
Roffe, Dr. Randall D. C. creator of the Native American Astrological Medicine Wheel
Rutherford, Leo
Sacred Bear aka Mato Wakan
Schiavi, Brooke
Schneider, Margaret M Inner Shaman: Journey Through Darkness into Light
Shadow's Way
Shooting star, sparky
Silver Bear, David
Sizemore, Sam � running pseudo stomp dances - read what I.C.A.R.E.Indigenous Cultural Advocacy in Resources and Education has to say about him.
Arthur "Medicine Eagle" Sonier - Leaford Bearskin Chief of the Wyandotte Nation claims he is "not authorized to represent the Wyandotte Nation under any circumstances."
Starflyer (aka Lyn Hopkins, M.S.W., Ph.D.) Claims to be chief of the Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge
Starhawk (aka Miriam Simos) Read about how her trespass upset Native elders in Corporate Shamanism and Rez Invasion
Sky Walking Stick Man Alone
Speaking Wind
Spotted Eagle, Douglas
Spotted Eagle Pope, Mala
Robert (White Wolf) Smith
Spring Rain
Starrhawke (see starhawk)
Stedman, Myrtle New Mexico Artist
Storm, Hyemeyohsts Storm
Sun Bear Denounced by several Native American leaders
Swallow, David Jr. see: Indian Country Today (Lakota Times) 8/11/1997 V.17; N.6 p. C1
Swallow, Richard
Swallow, Tim
Swiftdeer, Harley Reagan aka Thunder Strikes
Takemoto, Greg Japanese/Italian who sells Native American
Tatro, Stephen This one made it to America's Most Wanted
Tecumseh's Dream
Tequaecshe, Art (aka Chidester) He falsely claims standing with Santa Clara Pueblo. He also claims to be the 'Director' of the "Native American Inter-tribal Worship Center" of West Virginia.
Theisen, Maribeth aka Little Deer
Threehaws, Marrion Dwayne RAPIST WARNING!!!!
Thunder Strikes aka Harley SwiftDeer Reagan (Elder's Name of Thunder Strikes
Torres, Marilyn Omifunke
Trishuwa (Real name unknown) Please support these NDN cultural activists who are trying to educate her.
Troge, Jeanne Marie
Two Bears Standing, Randy and ShaunaSay Whitefeather Tate,
Two Feathers
Twylah (Grandmother Twylah)
Twyman, James
Utterback, Tom
Walker, Christopher
Wambdi Wicasu (Deer Man) calls himself a 'Dakota shaman.'
Wandering Grey Wolf Woman
Watkins, Sr. Katherine
Wendl Berry, David
White Star Eagle
White Wolf aka Robert Smith
Whitecloud, April
Wilson, Joseph Bearwalker
Wind Wolf Woman
Windwalker Shaman Guilty of 8 felonies!
Winged Foot AKA Gerald W. Halfhide
Wolf Moondance
Wood, Nick (Sacred Hoop magazine)
Nickie Young (AKA Nikkii Young, AKA Numpa Ista AKA Ista Numpa AKA Mama Ista AKA Diva Ista ...)stalking and harassing cultural activists, leaving irrational and threatening posts in guestbooks ...

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Books and Periodicals

Aleshire, Peter: Warrior Woman
Andrews, Lynn: Medicine Woman, Jaguar Woman, Star Woman, Crystal Woman
Andrews, Ted How to Meet & Work With Spirit Guides
Atwood, Mary Deer: Spirit Healing: Native American Magic and Medicine
Banta, Gordon
Bear Heart (aka Marcellus Bear Heart Williams): The Wind Is My Mother
Bear, Wabun:Earth Astrology
Bearded Wolf
Beautiful Painted Arrow: Stories and Teachings from the Native Tradition
Black Elk, Wallace: The Sacred Ways of the Lakota
Article debunks the Vision scam
Blue Otter Earth Mother Crying: Enclyclopedia of Prophesies of People of the Western Hemisphere
Brandi, John: Coyote Tribe
Byant-Guynup, Page: The Spiritual Reawakening of the Great Smokey Mountains
Cady, Jim
Carter, Forest (aka Asa Earl Carter): The Education of Little Tree
Castaneda, Carlos: The Teachings of Don Juan, the Yaqui Sorcerer, A Reality, Journey to Ixtlan, The Second Ring of Power, The Eagle's Gift WARNING!!! Young people are dying from ingesting Jimsom Weed to induce visions like the ones described in The Teachings of Don Juan
Casto: Seven Arrows
Christopher X. Burant: Of Wild Men and Warriors
Cloud Lee, Dr Scout: The Circle is Sacred: A Medicine Book for Women
Cloutier, David: Native Life, Spirit Song Shaman Song
Cook, Moffitt Shaman, Jhankri & Nele: Music Healers of Indigenous Cultures
Crystal Visions, Star Walking: Shamanic Practices for walking into the Night Sky
Dancing with the Wheel
Eagle Bear, Morgan:
Eagle Walking Turtle(aka Gary McClain)
Ed McGaa (aka Eagle Man): Rainbow Tribe, Mother Earth, Spirituality Native Wisdom Eagle Vision: Return of the Hoop, Mother Earth Spirituality, Native Wisdom, Eagle Vision one of Native America's Most Wanted
Fein, Judith: Indian Time
Fire Lamedeer, Archie
Fitzgeradl Ann Williams aka Buffalo Hand
Fitzpatrick, Brid: Great Grandfather Spirit: a Pathway to the Energy Source of Native American Wisdom
Fowler, Gene: Fires
Freesoul, John Redtail (real name unknown)
Highwater, Jamake(aka Markoupoulis): The Primal Mind
Hill, Ruth Beebee Hanto Yo A reviewer from Mole Lake, WI calls her book "a pack of lies".
Hull Michael: Sun Dancing: A Spiritual Journey on the Red Road
Lamdeer, Archie Fire: Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards
LeClair, Willie
Lee, Dr Scout Cloud: The Circle is Sacred: A Medicine Book for Women
Littlesun, Roy
Thomas Mails Hotevilla, The Hopi Survival Kit, Native American Pathways, Mystic Warriors of the Plains
Mails misrepresents Hopi and Cherokee culture.
alt.native commentary
alt.native commentary
May, Karl (Hitler's favorite author - father to the Men's Movement)
McGaa, Ed Eagle Man
Medicine Eagle, Brooke (aka Brooke Edwards): Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, Last Ghost Dance
Mehl-Madrona, Lewis
Moon Dance, Wolf: Rainbow Medicine: A Visionary Guide to Native American Shamanism, Star Medicine
Neeshanha, Shaman selling 2 month shaman correspondence courses for $250.00
Page, Ken
Piqua Press
Rael, Joseph E.: Stories and Teachings from the Native American Tradition
Rau, Diantha: Vessel and Skin
RavenFire Newsletter
Rutledge, Don: Center of the World: Native American Spirituality
Sams, Jamie: The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers, Walk the Seven Paths to Spiritual Enlightenment, Medicine Cards, Sacred Path Cards
Sarkis, Helen: Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards
Schiavi, Brookie
Shearer, Tony: Wassaja
Silver Bear, David
Snyder, Gary: Turtle Island
Steiger, Brad: Indian Wisdom and its Guiding Power, Indian Medicine Power, Totems: The Transformative Power of Your Personal Animal Totem
Storm, Hyemeyohsts: Seven Arrows, Transpersonal Psychology, Irradiology, enimes
Summer Rain, Mary: No-eyes Medicine Woman of the Chippewa Nation
Sun Bear: Crysalis Mulligan, Peter Nufer, Wabun Medicine Wheel, Earth Astrology Black Dawn Bright Day, Indian Prophesies Earth Changes, Walk in Balance, Dancing with the Wheel, The Medicine Wheel Workbook, Dreamng with the Wheel, Buffalo Hearts, Return to Creation, At Home in the Wilderness, Light Seeds
Torres, Marilyn Omifunke: Voices of Women Pre
Thunder, Mary Elizabeth: Thunder's Grace
Wabun Wind: The Medicine Wheel: Earth Astrology, Books: Dreaming of the Wheel, How to Interpret your Dreams using the Medicine Wheel, Woman of the Dawn
Weatherford, Jack: (Plagiarized) Indian Giver: A Legacy of Native American Natural Peoples(work actually written by Warren Lowe)
Williams, Marcellus Bear Heart: The Wind is My Mother: The Life and Thoughts of an American Shaman
Williams-Fitzgerald, Ann aka Buffalo Hand
Wolf Moondance: Rainbow Spirit Journeys, Rainbow Medicine, Spirit Medicine, Star Medicine Wind Daughter Echoes and Remembrances
Wood, Nick: Sacred Hoop Magazine
Ywahoo, Dhyani: Voices of Our Ancesters

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Bulletin Boards and Newsgroups

Crystal Heart Campfire - yahoo group
Manyfeathers - Native American Herbs and Their Usage
Prophecykeepers (New Age hogwash disguised as multi-cultural prophesies)
Ravens Raith MSN group (Members brag about censoring Native Americans and advocate hacking)
ShamanSpeaks Cyber Community
The Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge
Fake AIM email list at
All Sites selling Native American Astrology, Native American Tarot and sites which charge you to find out what you totem animal is - too numerous to list with our limited bandwidth.

Organizations on the Internet

Ancient Avenues
Appalachian American Indians of West Virginia AAIWV WARNING
Arcadea's Native American Spirituality
Badge Woman's Web
Bear Toe Corner
The Bear's Den
The Bear Tribe (Their Sweat Lodges kill - see Kokopelli's Ranch)
Bernadette Foundation
Blue Snake Lodge Wired article on frauds
Caring Center International
Center for Life Passages
Centro de Amistad - Tempe AZ
Cherokee Visions See what C.A.T.Cherokees against Twinkies has to say.
Church of the Tantra (Deeply Offensive to real NDNs)
Dancers of the Sacred Circle
Dances with Power Animals
Deer Tribe�s Metis Medicine Society. Denounced by by Avis Little Eagle (Hunkpapa Lakota)
Dream Change Coalition
The Eagle Lodge Center Eagle Lodge Center (
Eagle Owl Commitment
Earth Circle Association
Earth Wise Journeys
Ehama Institute
Ewe Tribe
Family Retreat & Vision Quest for Teenagers
Flight of the Eagle, Light of the Moon
Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Fort Mojave
Four Quarters an Interfaith Sanctuary of Earth Religion - Joe Scott
Fox Fire Institute of Shamanic Studies
Golden Eagle Vision Quests
Grandma Chandra
Healing Paths Workshops
Human Circle of Life
Icechief's Cyber-Reservation
Inner Journeys
Inner Wisdom
Ista Numpa Creations
Kokopelli Ranch: WARNING!!!!These people are guilty of negligent homicide: their fake Sweat Lodges have already killed two people!
Laurence Henry's Native Page
Little Deer Music and Seminars
Little Shop of Auras - Bethalto, IL 62010
Lynn Andrews World of Shamanism
Many Nations
Marin Shamanic Astrology Mystery School
Meshu Peshu Productions
Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook also a group charging for Moon Lodges and shamanic readings
Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreats and Healing
My Two Beads Worth
Namaste Retreat Center
Nanish Shontie Land Deal Scam (ala MWMF)
The Naropa Institute (University of Creation Spirituality) - Native American Studies Program.
A Lakota couple filed suit against Naropa
Read this High Country News Article: �Spiritual hucksterism� attacked in Boulder by Matt Sebastian

Native American Tarot Cards and Medicine Cards
Native First Nations Spirituality
Native Hearts Forum
New Age Esoteric Web Link
NightEagle's Website
N.O. Walker, Bertrand
Northern Edge Algonquin
Path of the Feather
The Pelli People
Persona Triumph
Peruvian Whistle Vessels
Practical Spirit Keeping
The Rainbow Family (They used to be kewl, but I'm sad to say they have become exploiters)
Radical Faerie group - Manitou Woods Retreat in Louisianna
Rainbow Medicine Lodge (run by Jan and Peridot)
Ravenfire Follow the Healing Path
Red Indian Productions (Blatantly Racist)
Redstar, Nancy
Roaming Red Wolf's Den
Rose Mountain Retreat Center
Sacred Fire
Sacred Journeys
Sage Men's Circle
St. Columba Retreat Center: Deb Ford
Senaca Seers Homepage
Seven Star Lodge
Shaman Speaks
Shaman's Gold
Shamanic Fellowship
Shamanic Practitioners
Silent Eagles Haven
Smokey Mountain Vision Quest Adventures
Solemn Gifts
Spirit Earth Path
SpiritSong Center Workshops (Bedford MA) Shawna Carol
Spirit Steps Tours
Spirit Tarot
Star Spider Dancing
Sunrise Retreat Center of Arizona
Sweetgrass Lodge (Now called 13 Grandmothers -
TeePee Dreams
Tera Mater International
Turtle Island Worm Band
Two-eyed woman's look (offensive graphics on website)
Two Runs the Prophet
Venus Rising Shamanic Healing Arts Center
Wah'oo Jade (aka Jade Grigori)Star Knowledge Camp Sedona Az
Wala Yelloweyes (Deeply Offensive to Native women)
Wa-Na-Nee-Chees web site
Walking Stick Foudation (Jewish Exploiters)
The Weapons Page
White Dove's Medicine Lodge
White Eagle Holistic Healing Center
White Wolf (aka Chuck Storm
Witch/Pagan Resources Native American Spirituality (NOT!!!!)
The Wolf's Den
Yunsai Society

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