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Listed below you will find a contact person whose Kemp ancestors came from the listed areas and would be happy to share info. Various databases can also be found on the list below.

If you would like to add your name as a Kemp whose ancestors came from that area in order to exchange data with others of that line, please e-mail Linda Dolby with particulars (tell me to add info to Lines by Area and please state which areas).

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Kemp Family Lines from Earliest Times

Listed below is a portion of some of the Kemp Family Lines from earliest times (through present). You will note that ...through present... stops after several generations. The earliest lines are noted only as a reference point where your line may tie in. Our Historian may have the continuation of these lines on file. Should you note a tie-in with your line and would like further information, please feel free to contact the person listed.

Aaron Kemp ... b.abt 1776 Fetchburg/Worcester, Massachusetts - David Blowey

Aaron Kemp ... of SC & TN & KY Paula Howard Thompson, Tennessee

Asa Kemp ... of Alabama - Ellis Callicoat, Texas

Charles Kemp ... of Ireland and Australia - Marg Andrews

Christian Kaempff ... Margie R. Pearce, Louisiana

David Kemp, Sr. ... b. between 1783-1790 Maryland - Shirley Walterhouse, Louisiana

Delilah Kemp ... Judy Anderson

Francis Kemp ... b.Boston, MA - Linda Dolby, Texas

Francis A. Kemp ... b.abt 1784 North Carolina, d.bef 1860 Greenfield, Weakley Co. Tennessee - Leslie Bell

Frank Warren Kemp ... b.c.1865 Massachusetts - Martha Irwin, South Carolina

Frederick Von Der Kampf ... of Canton of St. Callen, Switzerland - Judi Connolly, Georgia

George Kemp ... b.cira 1650, Selborne, Hampshire, England - Keith Smith, England

Gernt Kemp ... of South Africa - Lesley Robertson, the Netherlands

Gibson Kemp ... Probably of Ireland cira 1850 - Gayle Tippets, Utah

Hans Juergen Kemp(e) ... 1688-1753 Denmark - W.B. Andreasen, Denmark

Henry Kemp(e) ... b.Birmingham, England - Susanne Kemp Bartlett

James Kemp ... of Tattnall County, Georgia - Doyle W Kemp

James Patrick Kemp ... Vancouver, Washington - Jim (James) Patrick Kemp, Oregon

Johann Conrad Kemp ... 1685-1764 - Linda & Larry Kemp, Indiana

John Kemp ... of North Carolina - Sara Jo Reynolds, Florida

John Kemp ... of North Carolina - Jim Mannan, Indiana

John Kemp ... of Lower Rainham, Kent, England; came to Michigan

John Kemp ... b.cira 1723 d.1795 Fredericksburgh, Ontario, Canada (also lived in New York) - Randy Seaver, California

John Kemp ... from 1750-Present covering the states of NC, KY, IN, and WA - Chris R. Kemp, Washington

John Kemp ... of Scotland - David Kemp, Australia

John Kemp ... of Scotland - Ross MacKay, Canada

John Kemp ... of Virginia - Howard Kemp, Jr.

Jonathan Kemp ...b.1742 - [email protected]

Joseph Kemp ... 1765-1848 of Georgia - Wayne H. Welch

Joseph Kemp ... b.1750 England - Helen Naly Beckstead

Josias Kempe ... of Wye, Kent, England (one of the Ollantigh Kempe's) - Carolyn Kemp, Canada

Capt. Lawrence Kemp ... of Massachusetts - Ernest Kemp, Arizona

Matt (Matti) Kemp ... born in Finland; died in South Dakota - Cindy Stephenson, Washington

Murphy Kemp ... born in North Carolina - Gerald Hamor, Jr., California

Nathaniel L. (Nathan) Kemp ... of NC, GA, AL, TN, AR - Jeffrey D. "Jeff" Kemp, Indiana

Nathaniel L. (Nathan) Kemp ... of NC & TN - Phil Kemp, Tennessee

Oliver Kemp ... m. Wealthy Dunkan - Marje Kemp, New Mexico

Reuben Kemp ... 1754-1834 IN - Steve Kemp

Peter Kemp

Phillip Bradford Kemp ... of Louisiana - Randol Kemp, North Carolina

Pierre Kemp ... of Belgium - Mireille Kemp, Belgium

Richard Kemp ... of Virginia & North Carolina - Ken Hollowell

Robert Kemp ... of Ireland and sons of Australia - Marg Andrews

Robert Kemp ... of England and Australia - Andrew Kemp, Australia

Robert Kemp ... of Maryland - Garnet Murphey, Texas and Ken Hollowell

Robert Kemp ... 1648-1702 of Yorkshire, England; came to Maryland - Tim Kemp of North Carolina or [email protected]

Samuel Kemp ... Of England; came to Massachusetts - Bob Young, Connecticut and Craig Beeman, Missouri

Solomon Mason Kemp ... b.1824 Georgia d.aft 1900 possibly Oklahoma - Cindy Wallace Wooley, Oklahoma

Solomon Kemp ... settled 1762 in Screven Co. - Tony L. Kemp

Stephen Kemp ... possibly of England - Dori Fulk, New York

Thomas Camp I ... b. abt 1661, Nasing Parish, Co. Essex, England; came to Virginia about 1679

Thomas Kemp ... of Gravesend/Milton, Kent, England - Peter Harrop, New Zealand

Thomas Kemp ... b.abt 1748 Groton, Massachusetts - Kym Kemp

Wiley J. Kemp ... b.abt 1765 NC d.12 Dec 1829 Edgefield Co, SC - Constance T McNeill

William Button Kemp ... went to Utah - Gary Kemp, Willows, CA and Tricia Truax

William Kemp ... Lived among the Chickasaws - Viki Anderson, Nebraska

William Kemp ... d.1846 Oldham Co., Kentucky; perhaps b. Virginia - Sherrie Pettyjohn

William Kemp ... b.abt 1700 d.1750 Anson Co, NC m. Elizabeth - Betty Sue Urban-Streety Johannes

William Madison Kemp ... m. Margaret Thomas Kemp - Dave Kemp

William Kemp ... b.1810 Louis Sussex, Eng; d.Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. He m. Emma Gurnett b. Louis Sussex, Eng - Barbara Jester

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