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Thomas Camp I

Thomas Camp was born about 1661, Nasing Parish, County Essex, ENGLAND. Sailed for America from England about 1679 to James City County, VIRGINIA and settled in New Kent County (the part that was later King & Queen), VIRGINIA. Thomas died in 1711. He married Catherine Barson (1672-1715) about 1689.

Thomas Camp II ... Born 1691 in King & Queen County, VIRGINIA; died 1751 in Culpepper, VIRGINIA. He married Mary Marshall (1697-1757) in 1715/16 in Westmoreland County, VIRGINIA.
Thomas Camp III ... Born 1716/17 in King & Queen County, VIRGINIA; died 1798 in Rutherford County, NORTH CAROLINA. He married Winnifred Starling in 1737/38 in Accomac County, VIRGINIA.

Pat Chennault ([email protected]) has additional information on the decendants of Thomas Camp III.

Robert Kemp of England & Maryland

Robert Kemp of Yorkshire, ENGLAND was born in 1648 and immigrated to MARYLAND in 1664. He died in 1702 in Talbut County, MARYLAND. Robert married Elizabeth Webb July 6, 1678.

John Kemp ... 1681-1751. John married Mary Ball.

Edmund Kemp ...

William Kemp ... Born 1692; died 1729. He married Martha Eubank in 1717.
William Kemp ... Died 1771. He m. Alice who d.1791. (This may be his 2nd wife)
William Kemp, M.D. ... Died 1796. He m1. Grace Loveday; m2.Martha.
Henrietta Kemp ...
Elizabeth Kemp ...
Rachel Kemp ...
Martha Kemp ...
Jane Kemp ...
Constant Kemp ...

Elizabeth Kemp ... Born 1683. She married George Collison.

Rachel Kemp ...

Sarah Kemp ...

Jane Kemp ... Born 1680 in MARYLAND. She first married Robert Clothier in 1702. Her second husband was Thomas Eubank.
Mary Jane Clothier ... Born about 1710 in Talbot County, MARYLAND. She married Stephen Thomas in 1731 in Queen Anne County, MARYLAND.

John Kemp

John Kemp married Elizabeth and came from Lower Rainham, Kent, ENGLAND.

John Carter Kemp ... Born about 1824 Lower Rainham, Kent, ENGLAND.

Jane Elizabeth Kemp ... Born 1826 in Kent County, ENGLAND. Died 1915 in Royal Oak, Oakland County, MICHIGAN. She married Daniel Reynolds.
Jane Reynolds ... 1826-1915. She died in Oakland, MICHIGAN.
Alfred Leon Reynolds ... 1853-1922. He died in Oakland, MICHIGAN.
Alice Reynolds ... Born 1853.
George Reynolds ... 1858-1948.

Charlotte Maria Kemp ... She married William Roper.

Harriet Kemp ... She married J. Witham.

Alfred Charles Kemp ...

Lavinia Rosetta Kemp ...

Edmund George Kemp ...

Edmund Robert Kemp ...

William John Kemp ...

Eliza Kemp ... She married a Mr. Spice and moved to MICHIGAN.

Samuel Kemp

Samuel Kemp of ENGLAND married Sarah Foster (b.1642) in 1662 in Billericia, MASSACHUSETTS.

Joseph Kemp ... Born in Groton, MASSACHUSETTS in 1699. Married Margaret Chamberlain in 1720 in Concord, MASSACHUSETTS.
Benjamin Kemp ... Born 1731 in Billerica, MASSACHUSETTS. He married Judith Redd in 1761 in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS.
John Reed Kemp ... Born 1766 in Chelmsford, MASSACHUSETTS. He married Hannah Wheeler in 1786.

Zerubbalel Kemp ... Born 1677 d.1762 m. Mary Lacy b.1674
Zerubbabel Kemp ... Born 1705 m. Abigail Lawrence b.1718
Abigail Kemp ... Born 1740 d.1787 m.1759 to William Brooks b.1737 d.1804

William Button Kemp

William Button Kemp came to America in 1862 on the bark William Tapscott. He ultimately settled in St. George, UTAH.

Daniel Robert Kemp ... Settled in Thatcher, ARIZONA.

William Kemp

William Kemp came among the Chickasaws sometime around 1766. He was killed by Creek Indians and died July 5, 1787 in Oldtown in Chickasaw Nation; occupation - trader. It is believed he had at least three sons:

James Kemp ...

Levi Kemp ... d.1837. He operated an inn on the Natchez Trace, near Lee-Pontotoc Co. He married Polly Frazier.
Jackson Kemp ... Operated a grist mill in Panola Co. 1st m. Eliza; 2nd m. Martha (Patsy) Colbert.
Benjamin F. Kemp ...
Lucy Kemp ...
Amanda Kemp ...
Walton Conwell Kemp ...
Amelia Kemp ...
Malinda Kemp ...
Elizabeth Kemp ...
J.K. Kemp (by 2nd m.) ...
Alexander Commodore Kemp (by 2nd m.) ...
Rhoda Kemp ...
Elisa Kemp ...
Evaline Kemp ...
John Kemp ...
Visey Kemp ...
Joel I. Kemp ... b.1819 d.1874 in OK. He was National Treasurer of Chickasaw Nation. He married Mariah Colbert. His second wife was Cassinda (Cassandra) Francis Davis. Of his first marriage was born:
Simon Burney Kemp ...
Francis (Fannie) Elizabeth Kemp ... b.1849 d.1939. She married Benjamin Franklin Roark 1865; Moberly in 1873; Mead in 1881.
Joel Carr Kemp ... Became a judge.
Lillie Kemp ...
Mary Jane Kemp ...
Charity Kemp ...
Daisy Kemp ...
Laura A. Kemp ...
Isabella Abigail Kemp ...
Sarkeetan Kemp ...
Annica Kemp ... She m. Winchester Colbert.
Betsy Kemp ... b.1800 d.1897. She m. Thomas F. Cheadle, 1818.

Reuben Kemp ... He married Katesy (surname unknown).
Levi Kemp ... He m. Mary Bohannan.
Lulu Kemp ...

William Kemp

William Kemp married Catherine and lived in Woodford Co., KENTUCKY. He d.1846 Oldham Co., KENTUCKY. May have been born in VIRGINIA, as oldest daughter said born Essex Co., VIRGINIA 1798?

Henry Kemp ... Married 1827 Lutitia Lewis, daughter of James & Lucy Claxton Lewis.
Lewis Henry Kemp ... Married 1857 Mary Redman, daughter of Charles King Redman & Sally Peyton.

George Kemp

George Kemp b.cir 1650, Selborne, Hampshire, ENGLAND m. Rose Martial

George Kemp ... b.1675 d.1743, Selborne, Hampshire, England m. Elizabeth Silvester.
George Kemp ... b.1702 d.1751, Selborne, Hampshire, England m. Hannah.
George Kemp ... b.1749 d.1823, Selborne, Hampshire, England m. Martha Bide.

John Kemp

John Kemp 1723, buried 31 Jan 1795 m. Anna Van Vorst ca 1760, and lived in the Schenectady/Ballston area of NEW YORK in the 1760-1780 time period. Anna was bap 22 Oct 1732 Schenectady NY, d. 15 Jul 1789 in Fredericksburgh, Addington, Ontario, CANADA. John was a King's Ranger during the Rev War and migrated to Addington County in Ontario about 1780.

Joseph Kemp ...

Jacobus Kemp ...

Rachel Kemp ...

John Kemp ... b.abt 1766 in NEW YORK, d. aft 1861 in Ontario m. 26 Jan 1795 Fredericksburgh, Addington, Ont. to Mary Dafoe b.1776 d.bef 1851
Abraham James Kemp ... b. 4 Nov 1795 in Fredericksburgh, Addington, Ontario, d. aft 1881 m. bef 1820 to Sarah or Sephrona Fletcher b. 7 July 1802 d. after 1861.
Waity Catherine Kemp ...
Mary Ann Kemp ...
Stephen C. Kemp ...
W.H. Kemp ...
James Abram Kemp ... b. 22 May 1831 Fredericksburgh, Addington, Ontario, d. 19 Sept 1902 Delhi, Norfolk, Ontario first m. Mary Jane Sovereen b. 29 Dec 1840 Norfolk County, Ontario; d. 20 May 1874 Middleton, Norfolk, Ontario. He then m. Melissa Wilson on 16 Nov 1876 in Middleton, Norfolk, Ontario.
John L. Kemp ...
Peter Evans Kemp ...
John Evans Kemp ...
Peter Gideon Kemp ...
Andrew Hait Kemp ...
Sarah J. Kemp ...
John Wesley Kemp ...
Nancy Anna Kemp ...
John Cook Kemp ...
Jacob Kemp ...
George Kemp ...
Elizabeth Kemp ...
James A. Kemp ...
Lucy Kemp ...
Mary Kemp ...

Nancy Kemp ...

Thomas Kemp

Thomas Kemp b.abt 1748 Groton, Middlesex Co, MASSACHUSETTS, m. 1788 Hannah Hobart b.1753 Groton, MA; d.1839.

Ralph Kemp ... b.1796 Hollis, Hillsboro Co, NEW HAMPSHIRE; d.1867 Lost Creek Twp, Miami Co, OHIO m. Elizabeth Probst b.1801 White Hall, Northampton CO, PENNSYLVANIA; d.1858 Lost Creek Twp, OH.
Edwin Kemp ... b.1827 Allentown, Lehigh Co, PENNSYLVANIA; d.1894 Lost Creek Twp, Miami Co, OHIO m. Narcassa Amelia Armstrong b.1835 Rensselaer Co, NEW YORK; d.1900 Lost Creek Twp, OH.
Horace Greely Kemp ... b.1853 Miami Co, OHIO; d.1946 Washington, Washington Co, KANSAS m. Emma Earnhart b.1863 Miami Co, OH; d.1950 Washington, KS.

Gibson Kemp

Gibson Kemp m. Catherine Heaney (both prob. IRELAND).

Thomas Kemp ... b.1873 Arvagh, Co. Cavan, IRELAND
Catherine Kemp ... b.1906 Glasgow, SCOTLAND, but immigrated to NEW ZEALAND in 1924.

Hans Juergen Kemp(e) of DENMARK

Hans Juergen Kemp(e) b.1688 d.Altona 1753 - wife unknown.

Catharina Agatha Kempe ... chr.1733 Altona, d.1775 Altona m.1763 Altona, Jacob Paul Liliendahl, chr.1710 Altona.

Margaretha Elisabetha Kempe ... chr.1735 Altona m.1765 Altona, Johan Sebastian Pentz, chr.1735 Altona.

Christian Jacob Kempe ... chr.1739 Altona, d.1810 Copenhagen, m. (1) 1768 Copenhagen, Johanne Ludovica Werlos b.abt.1744 d.1779 Copenhagen. Married (2.) 1783 Copenhagen, Dorothea Zinell b.1758 Copenhagen, d.1849 Copenhagen.
Christian Kemp ... (of 1st marriage) chr.1770 Copenhagen, d.1813 Copenhagen.
Ludewig Conrad Friederich Kemp ... (of 2nd marriage) chr.1784 Copenhagen, d.1837 Ringsted.
Carl Christian Adolph Kemp ... (of 2nd marriage) b.1786 Copenhagen, d.1821 ?.
Johann Friederich Kemp ... (of 2nd marriage) b.1788 Copenhagen, d.1812 Copenhagen.
Peter Christen Holmer Kemp ... (of 2nd marriage) b.1790 Copenhagen, d.1846 Copenhagen.
Niels Andreas Paul Kemp ... (of 2nd marriage) b.1792 Copenhagen, d.1796 Copenhagen.
Paul Hans Juergen Kemp ... (of 2nd marriage) b.1795 Copenhagen, emigrated to America.
Niels Daniel Kemp ... (of 2nd marriage) b.1797 Copenhagen, d.1852 Copenhagen.
Hans Rudolph Kemp ... (of 2nd marriage) b.1798 Copenhagen, d.1883 Copenhagen.
Juliane Margrethe Elisabeth Kemp ... (of 2nd marriage) b.1800 Copenhagen, d.1871 Copenhagen.


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John Kemp b.abt 1740 NORTH CAROLINA m. Nancy Wallis b.abt 1750 NC around 1766. John d.1809 and Nancy d.1810.

Isaac Kemp ... b.abt 1768 Iredell Co., NC.

John Kemp ... b.abt 1770 Iredell Co. NC m. Nancy Bicknell around 1795 in NC - d.abt 1840 in Morgan Co. INDIANA.
Evan Kemp ... b.abt 1795 NC m. Mahala Hupp.
Samuel Kemp ... b.1804 KENTUCKY m. Tabitha Hicks abt 1835 in Morgan Co. IN - d.1882 IN.
Joana Kemp ... b.abt 1811 Wayne Co. KY m. William Hulen 1830 in Morgan Co. IN.
Wilburn Kemp ... b.1811 Wayne Co. KY m. Ruth Norman 1831 in Morgan Co. IN - d.1864 in Morgan Co. IN.
Alfred D. Kemp ... b.1832 Morgan Co. IN m. Lucinda Cook in 1863 in Morgan Co. IN - d.1900 in IN.
Stokely Kemp ... b.1833 Morgan Co. IN - d.1904 Morgan Co. IN.
Laura Kemp ... b.abt 1834 Morgan Co. IN m. William Reeves 1865 Morgan Co. IN - d.1870 Morgan Co. IN.
Louiza Kemp ... b.abt 1836 Morgan Co. IN.
Lucinda Kemp ... b.abt 1837 Morgan Co. IN m. Jason Avery 1859 Morgan Co. IN.
Maria A. Kemp ... b.abt 1838 Morgan Co. IN m. John P. Lemon 1859 in Morgan Co. IN - d.1916 Morgan Co. IN.
Joseph (Jasper) Kemp ... b.abt 1840 Morgan Co. IN m. Mary E. abt 1862 in Morgan Co. IN.
William Kemp ... b.abt 1842 Morgan Co. IN m. Dica E. abt 1870 Morgan Co. IN.
America Kemp ... b.Mar 5, 1843 Morgan Co. IN m. John H. Cox 1860 Morgan Co. IN - d.1931 Morgan Co. IN.
Creed Kemp ... b.abt 1845 Morgan Co. IN m. Sarah E. Kinney abt 1867 Morgan Co. IN.
Emery Kemp ... b.abt 1847 Morgan Co. IN - d.1919 Morgan Co. IN.
Sarah Kemp ... b.abt 1849 Morgan Co. IN - d.1875 Morgan Co. IN.
Nimrod Kemp ... b.1850 Morgan Co. IN - d.1862 Morgan Co. IN.
Riley Kemp ... b.1851 Morgan Co. IN m. Sarah C. Kemp 1874 Morgan Co. IN - d.1920 Morgan Co. IN.
Mary Ellen Kemp ... b.1857 Morgan Co. IN m. Edward Woods 1873 Morgan Co. IN - d.1881 Morgan Co. IN.
Nancy Kemp ... b.abt 1859 Morgan Co. IN m. Joseph Singleton 1879 Morgan Co. IN.
Marion Kemp ... b.1863 Morgan Co. IN - d. 1867 Morgan Co. IN.
Nancy Kemp ... b.1812 Wayne Co. KY m. David Avery 1826 in Morgan Co. IN - d.1834 in Morgan Co. IN.
Artemissy Kemp ... b.abt 1814 Wayne Co. KY m. Abraham Moll 1834 in Morgan Co. IN.
John Kemp ... b.abt 1816 Wayne Co. KY m. Susannah Reeder 1837 in Morgan Co. IN.
James Kemp ... b.abt 1817 Wayne Co. KY m. Christina McGowen 1831 in Morgan Co. IN - d.1890 in Morgan Co. IN.
Anna Kemp ... b.abt 1818 Wayne Co. KY m. Joseph C. Reeder 1834 in Morgan Co. IN.

Evan Kemp ... b.abt 1773 Iredell Co. NC.

Squire Kemp ... b.abt 1775 Iredell Co. NC m. Fanny Watts in NC - d.abt 1865 NC.

Mary (Polly) Kemp ... b.abt 1778 Iredell Co. NC m. William Norman 1798 in NC - d. 1856 in Morgan Co. INDIANA.

Martha Kemp ... b.abt 1780 Iredell Co. NC m. John M. Johnston.

Nancy Kemp ... b.abt 1782 Iredell Co. NC m. John Marlow.

Rebecca Kemp ... b.abt 1784 Iredell Co. NC m. Joel Brown 1805 NC.

Prudence Kemp ... b.abt 1786 Iredell Co. NC.

Eleanor (Nelly) Kemp ... b.abt 1787 Iredell Co. NC.

Sarah Kemp ... b.abt 1788 NC.

Matthew Kemp ... b.abt 1790 NC.

John Kemp of SCOTLAND

Our family of Kemps originated in Penicuik, SCOTLAND, County of Midlothian, some 10 miles from Edinburgh. John m. Marion Denholm.

Alexander Kemp ... came to AUSTRALIA in 1857.

George Kemp ... b.1814 d.1895

James Kemp ... b.1817 d.1888

John Kemp ... b.1819 d.1891

Robert Kemp ... b.1824 d.1886

Adam Kemp ... Adam b.1824 d.1867

Marion Kemp ... Marion b.1826 d.1901

Mary Kemp ... Mary b.1834 d.1912

So far as is known the siblings of Alexander did not leave Scotland.

Johann Conrad Kemp

Johann Conrad Kemp was b.1685 presumed GERMANY; d.1764; m. Anna Maria Feuerbach. They came to U.S. 1733 on ship Samuel and settled in Lancaster Co, PENNSYLVANIA but then in 1739 were taking up land in Frederrick Co, MARYLAND.

Gilbert Kemp ... b.1717; d.1794 m.1745 Anna Margretha Gotzendanner b.1724 in Klein Schuifferstadt, Germany. Gilbert settled on a tract of land adjoing his fathers.
Johann Friedrich Kemp ... Generally known as Frederick, b.1747 Frederick Co. area; d.1814 near Rocky Springs, Maryland (1 day after death of 19-yr old son); m.1782 to Dorothy Herschberger who d.1831. They had some 10 children, among which were:
Frederick Kempm Jr ... b.abt 1795; d.1814 (1 day before the death of his father).
Abraham Kemp ...
Joseph Kemp ... b.1788 Frederick Co, Maryland; d.1863 Montgomery Co, OHIO. He m.1809 Mary Magdalene Staley. Unsure when they moved to Germantown, Ohio.

Frederick Kemp ... b.abt 1725

Catharina Kemp ... b.abt 1731

John Kemp

John Kemp married three times, a son and a daughter from each marriage.

from first marriage
Cariona Kempt ...
Finlay Kempt ...
Catharine Kempt ... b.abt 1796 Ross Shire, SCOTLAND; m. Murdoch Kempt (William).

from second marriage
John Kemp ... John Kemp Had at least two sons that immigrated to Nova Scotia, CANADA.
William Kemp ... Willaim immigrated to Bridgewater before 1818 and married in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
Donald Kemp ... Donald immigrated in 1821 to Grand River, Richmond Co., N.S. after spending some time in Loch Alsh, Ross Shire. Donald was born in Ross Shire abt 1776, probably Gairloch and married Mary McLennan of Loch Alsh.

Female Kemp ...

from third marriage
William Kempt ... Married a Fraser and had at least 8 children
Murdoch Kempt ... b.abt 1778 and married Catherine (above). Came to Nova Scotia before 1820; settled first in Pictou then Moved to Boularderie, Victoria County, N.S. and settled what is know known as Kempt Head.
Mary Kempt ... She remained in Scotland m. Duncan Fraser; most of her family came to Nova Scotia and Ontario.
John Kempt ... He remained in Scotland m. a McKenzie and drowned near Skye on a trip to Glasgow.
Duncan Kempt ... b. in Gairloch abt 1790 m. Mary McGregor; went to Nova Scotia and then moved to NEW ZEALAND with the Rev. Norman McLeod.
Ann Kempt ... m. Donald McKenzie and wnet to Boularderie, Victoria Co., N.S. and settled at Kempt Head.
Alexander Kempt ... b.abt 1793 in Gairloch m. Annabella Fraser and moved to Nova Scotia and later to NEW ZEALAND with the Rev. Norman McLeod.
Gregor Kempt ... b.abt 1798 in Gairloch, married and moved to Nova Scotia and moved to NEW ZEALAND with Rev. McLeod.
Donald Kempt ... died young.
Female Kempt ...

My data base has over 3500 decendants of these Kemp/Kemps. I would like to add any descendants that reply.

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