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Francis Kemp

Francis Kemp b.Boston, MA m. Sarah Leonard b.Brighton, MA

Francis A. Kemp ... b.abt 1817 MA d.1898 Boston, MA m. Sarah A. Phillips b.1817 Marblehead, MA d.1899 Boston, MA

George Doane Kemp ... b.1844 Boston, MA d.1918 Dorchester, MA m. Mary Clarisa "Clara" McCoy Hildreth b.1859 Thetford, VT d.1919 Dorchester, MA ... Picture.
Hary F.T. Kemp ... b.1887 MA
Marion Liveria Aurette Kemp ... b.1890 Boston, MA; d.1952 Charlestown, MA m. Edward Ellis McLoon b.1883 Hyde Park, Suffolk Co, MA; d.1938 Brookline, MA ... Picture.

John Kemp

John Kemp married three times, a son and a daughter from each marriage.

from first marriage
Cariona Kempt ...
Finlay Kempt ...
Catharine Kempt ... b.abt 1796 Ross Shire, Scotland m. Murdoch Kempt (William).

from second marriage
John Kemp ... John Kemp Had at least two sons that immigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada.
William Kemp ... Willaim immigrated to Bridgewater before 1818 and m. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
Donald Kemp ... Donald immigrated in 1821 to Grand River, Richmond Co., N.S. after spending some time in Loch Alsh, Ross Shire. Donald b. Ross Shire abt 1776, probably Gairloch and m. Mary McLennan of Loch Alsh.

Female Kemp ...

from third marriage
William Kempt ... m. a Fraser and had at least 8 children
Murdoch Kempt ... b.abt 1778 and m. Catherine (above). Came to Nova Scotia before 1820; settled first in Pictou then Moved to Boularderie, Victoria County, N.S. and settled what is now known as Kempt Head.
Mary Kempt ... She remained in Scotland m. Duncan Fraser; most of her family came to Nova Scotia and Ontario.
John Kempt ... He remained in Scotland m. a McKenzie and drowned near Skye on a trip to Glasgow.
Duncan Kempt ... b. Gairloch abt 1790 m. Mary McGregor; went to Nova Scotia and then moved to New Zealand with the Rev. Norman McLeod.
Ann Kempt ... m. Donald McKenzie and went to Boularderie, Victoria Co., N.S. and settled at Kempt Head.
Alexander Kempt ... b.abt 1793 in Gairloch m. Annabella Fraser and moved to Nova Scotia and later to New Zealand with the Rev. Norman McLeod.
Gregor Kempt ... b.abt 1798 in Gairloch, m. and moved to Nova Scotia then to New Zealand with Rev. McLeod.
Donald Kempt ... died young.

Female Kempt ...

My data base has over 3500 decendants of these Kemp/Kemps. I would like to add any descendants that reply.

Josias Kempe (c.1552-1598) Wye, Kent - one of the Ollantigh Kempe's

Included below are 10 generations of a direct line from Josias. For more information or siblings of any of those in this line contact C.F. Kemp

Gregory Kempe (1581-1641) Wye/Whitstable, Kent
Gregory Kempe (c1620-?) Whitstable, Kent
Ozias Kempe (1646-1691) Whitstable, Kent
Ozias Kempe (?-1731) Whitstable, Kent
Michael Kemp (1724-1788) Whitstable, Kent
Ozias Kemp (1751-1803) Whitstable, Kent
Ozias Kemp (1776-1853) Whitstable, Kent
Stephen Kemp (1803-?) Whitstable, Kent
Frederick Kemp (1834-1898) Whitstable, Kent
Frederick Douglas Kemp (1877-1947) b. Whitstable, d. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Frederick Von Der Kampf of Canton of St. Callen, Switzerland

Christian Kampf ...
John Conrad Kampf ... arrived at the port of Philadelphia, PA in 1773 with his wife Anna Marie and family on the ship Samuel.
Christian Kampf ... age 18 in 1773
Gilbert Kampf ... age 16 in 1773
Fredrick Kampf ... age 8 in 1773
Hans Peter Kampf ... age 6 in 1773
Marie Catherine Kampf ... age 2 in 1773

Phillip Bradford Kemp of LA

Phillp Bradford Kemp b.Kentwood, LA d. Pine, LA, Wasington Parish

Myrtie Kemp ...
Altie Kemp ...
Winnie Kemp ...
Sidney Kemp ...
Homer Kemp ...

Gernt Kemp of South Africa

Gernt Kemp bap.1715 Cape, m. Maria le Roux bap 1714

Maria Petronella Kemp ... bap.1735/36 Cape

Gerhardus Kemp ... bap.1738 Stellenbosch, m. 1763 in Stellenbosch to Johanna Geertruij de Jager
Gerhardue Jacobue Kemp ... bap. 1764 Cape
Geertruij Johanna Kemp ... bap. 1766 Cape
Petrus Johannes Kemp ... bap. 1769, m. 1796 Johanna Christina Kemp
Catharina Magdalena (Helena) Kemp ... m. 1813 Pieter Arnoldus Gildenhuizen
Jacobus Johannes Kemp ... bap. 1771 Cape
Phillipus Arnoldus Kemp ... bap. 1776 Cape

Nicholas Arnoldus Kemp ... bap.1740/41 Cape

Luijtje Johanna Kemp ... bap.1743 Cape

Petrus Johannes Kemp ... bap 1745 Cape, m. 1770 Catharina Elisabeth Human
Johanna Christina Kemp ...m. Petrus Johannes Kemp, see above line

Asa Kemp of Alabama

Asa Kemp m. Sarah Williams, also of AL

William Thomas Kemp ... b.1872 Alabama; d.1944 (buried near Lavaca, AR m. Lucinda Eliabeth Henson b.1873 Lawrence Co, AL d.1994
Clarence Melvin Kemp ... b.1909 Russellville, AR d.1970 Muldrow, OK m. Dellie Lucille Hargis b.1920 Hartshorne, OK d.1961 (buried Flat Rock, OK)

Capt. Lawrence Kemp of Massachusetts

Lawrence Kemp, a capt in the revolutionary war, b.1734; d.1805 Shelberne, MA m.1756 Dorothy Stebbins b.1739; d.1820

Solomon Kemp ...

Oliver Kemp ...

John Kemp ...

Hannah Kemp ...

Dorothy Kemp ...

Lawrence Kemp, Jr ... b.1776; d.1821 m. Mehitable Ellis
Summner Kemp ...
Lawrence Kemp, III ...
Abner Kemp ...
John Stebbins Kemp ... b.1800 Heath, MA
Lucinda Kemp ... d. Heath, MA
Benjamin Kemp ... m. Chloe Clemens

Joseph Kemp ...
Orrin Dole Kemp ... my g.grandfather
William James Kemp ...

Noah C. Kemp ... m. Sarah Clemans (cousin to Chloe)
Charles Henry Kemp ...
Lucy Kemp ...

Murphy Kemp

Murphy Kemp b. NC

Phillip Kemp ... b. ILL
William Murphy Kemp ... b. ILL
William McKinley Kemp ... b. Iowa

Matt (Matti) Kemp of Finland and U.S.

Matt "Matti" Kemp/Kampainen b.1858 in Uleaborg, Finland d.1947 SD m.Evatina Moilenen b.1861 Uleaborg, Finland; d.1944

Mathew Kemp ... b.1885-Oulu, Finland
Bertha Kemp ... b.1887-Oulu, Finland
Henry Kemp ... b.1889
Hilma Kemp ... b.1891
Levi Kemp ... b.1895-Estelline, SD
Mary Anna Kemp ... b.1896-SD
Edward Otto Kemp ... b.1899-SD
Richard Walter Kemp ... b.1903 Estelline (Brookings Co.) SD d.1959 Watertown, SD; m.1931 Huron, SD to Mary Louisa (Louise) Cates b.1912 Jefferson, SD
Hilma Christina Kemp ... b.1904-SD
Alvin Andrew Kemp ... b.1907-SD

Robert Kemp of England and Australia

Robert Kemp b.abt 1807, Middlesex, England m.1846 St. James Cathedral, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Ann Brewer b.abt 1824 London, England

Elizabeth Ann Kemp ... b.abt 1846 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

James Kemp ... b.abt 1848 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; d.abt 1850 Melbourne

George Kemp ... b.abt 1849 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; d.abt 1883 K Ton Hospital

Emma Kemp ... b.abt 1851 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Robert Kemp ... b.abt 1853 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; d.abt 1853 Melbourne

Josiah Kemp ... b.abt 1853 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Robert Kemp ... b.abt 1854 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

William Robert Kemp ... b.1856 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia; m.1879 St. Mary's Church, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia to Mary Ann Morris b.abt 1858 Golway, Ireland
Charles Alfred Kemp ... b.abt 1880
Elizabeth Anne Kemp ...
Eincha(?) Louise Mary(?) Kemp ... b.abt 1882
Herbet Harold Kemp ...
Ethel May Kemp ... b.abt 1884
Robert George Kemp ... b.1885, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia; m.1907 Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia to Florence Elizabeth Watson b.1886 Prahram, Victoria, Australia
William George Kemp ... b.abt 1909
Mary Jane Kemp ... b.abt 1911
Florence Kemp ... b.abt 1913
Robert Watson Kemp ... b.1915 South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; d.1996 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; m.1939 Daylesford, Victoria, Australia to Catherine Jean Westbrook b.1920 Lexton, Victoria, Australia

Charles Kemp ... b.abt 1858 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia; d.abt 1859

Frank Warren Kemp

Frank Warren Kemp was b.c.1865 MA. By by 1889 he had m. Mary M.C. (Clara) Bogardus; divorced by 1897 ... maybe Dallas, TX

Clarence Warren Kemp ... b.1889 Horton, Brown, KS; m. c.1910 OR? Evelyn? divorced 2) 1919 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC Eva Mae McKnight d.1965 Oklahoma City, OK

Stephen Kemp

Stephen Kemp m. Agnes Alexander

Agnes Kemp ... bap.1592 at Carlton Rode, Norfolk, England d. by 1632 when husband, Henry Birdsall Boston, MA as a widower w/2 children. She m.1610 Henry at St. Stephen's, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Nathan Birdsall ... bap.1620 at St. Andrew's, Norwich, Norfolk, England m. c.1645 to Temperance Baldwin b.abt 1620 Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY d.1698

David Kemp, Sr.

David Kemp, Sr. was b. MD between 1783-1790 m. Sarah and had 5 children

David Kemp, Jr. ... b. between 1810-1813 PA m. and had 4 children
Martha J. Kemp ... b.1837 OH
Joseph Kemp ... b.1838 OH
Solomon Kemp ... b.1840 IND
Allen Kemp ... b.1843/43 Cass Co. IND

Daniel Kemp ... b.1822 OH

George Kemp ... b.1829-32 OH

Phillip Kemp ... b.1826 OH

Jackson Kemp ... b.1832-1835 OH

James Patrick Kemp

James Patrick Kemp was from Vancouver, WA

Louis Francis Kemp ... Vancouver, WA
Patrick James Kemp ... Portland, OR
Jim (James) Patrick Kemp ... Portland, OR

Oliver Kemp

Oliver Kemp m. Wealthy Dunkan (or Duncan)

George Oliver Kemp ... b. Hamilton Co., NY m. Lucy Ann Call b. Hamilton Co. NY
Samuel Orestes Kemp ... b.1848 prob. Hamilton Co., NY m. Susan Augusta Seabury b.1843 Galway, NY
Elbert Leslie Kemp ... b.1879 Little Falls, NY m. Wilhelmina Hepsabah McDowell b.1885 Albany, NY

Pierre Kemp of Belgium

Pierre Kemp b.abt 1735 m. Marguerite Niederkorn. Not sure he's born in Belgium.

Jacque Kemp ... b. 08-06-1758 in Hondelange; ? m. Marie Gingau
Nicolas Kemp ... b. towards 1773; ? m. Anne Steinback
Jean-Pierre Kemp ... b.08-22-1804; d.03-31-1892 m. Marie-Josephine Lauer

I specify that Habergy and Hondelange are two small villages in the south of Belgium, near the boundary with the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg.

John Kemp of North Carolina

John Kemp b.1761 at Bladen Co. NC d.1821 Wayne Co. GA m.1789 Rhoda Edwards b.1771 NC.

John R. Kemp ... b.1794 GA, d.1827 Wayne Co. GA m.1813 Rebecca Pilcher b.1790
Elizabeth Kemp ... b.1820 Wayne Co. GA, d.1858 Wayne Co. GA m.1835 Sherrod Sheffield Akins b.1816, d.1863

Robert Kemp of Maryland

Robert Kemp b.1649 d.1702 m.1678 MD to Elizabeth Webb

John Kemp ... b.1681 d.1751 m. Mary Bell
James Kemp ... b.abt 1715 m. Elizabeth Harwood
Susannah Kemp b.abt 1718 m. John Stewart
Rachel Kemp b.abt 1720
Benjamin Kemp b.abt 1722
Richard Kemp b.abt 1723 Nansemond or Lower Norfolk Co, VA d.1782 Orange Co, NC bur. Cane Creek MM m.1745/46 in Fairfax MH, Loudon Co, VA to Susannah Piggott b.1723/24 St. Mary Ann Parish, Chester Co, MD d.1781 Orange Co, NC bur. Cane Creek MM
Edmund Kemp
William Kemp b.MD d.1729 MD m.1717 Thirdhaven MM, MD to Martha Eubanks
Elizabeth Kemp ... b.1683 d.1744 Talbot MD m. George Colinson Jr b.1679 d.1736 Talbot Co MD
George Collison ... d.1770 Dorchestro Co, MD
Jane Kemp
Rachel Kemp
Sarah Kemp

Thomas Kemp

Thomas Kemp b.abt 1727 and lived at Gravesend/Milton, Kent, England.

John Bull Kemp ... b.c1755 St Katherine by the Tower, Stepney, London; d.1829, Gravesend, Kent; was a waterman on the River Thames.
John Kemp ... b.c 1797 Milton-next-Gravesend, Kent; was also a waterman on the River Thames
Benjamin Thurlow Kemp ... b.c 1830 Milton-next-Gravesend

Nathaniel L. (Nathan) Kemp

Nathaniel was b.1774 NC d.1858 AR. He also lived in Franklin Co. GA 1797-1810; Madison Co. AL 1811-1828; McNairy Co. TN 1828-1857; and 1857-4/1858 in Hot Spring Co. AR.

He m. 1st Nancy Waters in GA
Allen H. Kemp ... d.Tishomingo Co., MS
Edward W. Kemp ... d.Tishomingo Co., MS
Elemuel G. Kemp ... d.Scott Co. AR
Joseph W. Kemp ... d.McNairy Co., TN;
Susannah Kemp ... d.MO
Prudence Kemp ... m. Benjamin Anderson; early settlers of Hunt Co., TX

He m. 2nd Margery Brashears/Brashiers NC d. 4/15/1869 Hot Spring Co., AR, on 11/4/1813 in Indian Territory (Madison Co.) AL
Thomas Kemp ... d.McNairy Co., TN
John Coffey Kemp ... d.1884 Garland Co., AR
George Washington Kem ... p d.1897 Henry Co., TN
Betty Kemp ... m. Shults
Nancy Caroline Kemp ... m. Anthony Chamness
Elgin Kemp ... d.Bradley Co., AR
James H. Kemp ... d.1876 Hot Spring Co., AR

Aaron Kemp

Aaron was b.abt 1776 in Fetchburg/Worcester, MA. First m. abt.1797 (produced child - Moses. Second m. to Eunice Benjamin.

Moses Kemp ... b.1797 MA m.1820 Charlotte White in Alfred NY d.1866 Elm Valley NY
Errestain William Kemp ... 1824 Jefferson County NY-1907, m.1841 Esther Eunice Baker
Cordella "Delia" Kemp ... b.1842 m. John Porter
Sarah Kemp ... b.1843
Daniel Kemp ... b.1844 m. Lucinda Easton
Errestain Kemp Jr. ... b.1847
William Kemp ... b.1848 m. Melissa & Elizabeth
Milo J. Kemp ... b.1850 m. Lucy Christine Palmer
Mary Kemp ... b.1854 m. William Green
Alice Kemp ... b.1858
Nelson Seth Kemp ... b.1860 m. Lora May Hitchcock
Melvin Kemp ... b.1863 m. Ida
Franklin E. Kemp ... 1869-1910 m. Amy May Wheeler
Ella V. Kemp ... b.1871 m. Mr. Sly

George W. Kemp ... 1821-1915, m. Lorrina & Abigail Lavina Baker
Charles F. Kemp ... 1823-1871, m. Lucinda Holiday
Harriet S. Kemp ... 1828-1900, m. Richard Prest
Shadrack Austin Kemp ... 1831-1900, m. Mary J. Lusk & Theodora Foster
Samuel C. Kemp ... 1833-1890, m. Harriet S. Stanfield & Anna F. Burdick
John H. Kemp ... 1834-1915, m. Laura Lewis
Cynthia M. Kemp ... 1836-1866, m. Chester Rouse
Mary C. Kemp ... 1839-1844
Nancy D. Kemp ... 1840-1843
James Newton Kemp ... 1842-1922
Oliver M. Kemp ... 1845-1908, m. Elizabeth A. Elliot
Ira S. Kemp ... 1848-1850

Francis A. Kemp

He was b.abt 1784 NC, d.bef 1860 Greenfield, Weakley Co. TN m. Mary __ b.abt 1787 NC

Edmund Kemp ... b.abt 1814 NC d.abt 1853 Greenfield, Weakley Co. TN
William Kemp ... b.abt 1840
Susan Kemp ... b.abt 1842
John Kemp ... b.abt 1844
Sarah Caroline Kemp ... b.9/26/1846 TN d.1/28/1906 Hoxbar, OK m.5/5/1863 David Baker Riddle b.1/12/1840 TN d.10/12/1921 Hewitt, Carter, OK
Martha Kemp ... b.abt 1848
Taylor Kemp ... b.12/1849

Silas M. Kemp ... b.abt 1817 NC m. 3/28/1850 Nancy Ann Baker b.1/17/1833

Francis A. Kemp, Jr. ... b.abt 1825 NC d.Greenfield, Weakley Co. TN m.8/23/1846 Elizabeth Ward b.abt 1827 TN
Francis Kemp III ... b.1848
Almus Kemp ... b.12/1848

Solomon Mason Kemp

He was b.1824 GA d.aft 1900 possibly OK m.abt 1881 AR to Mary Matilda Parker b.1842 MS d.1916 AR

Benson Kemp ... b.1882 Board Camp, AR d.1947 Pittsburg Co., OK m. Mattie Neigbors

Dell Sena Kemp ... b.1/26/1886 Board Camp, AR d.10/25/1982 Pittsburg Co., OK m.12/24/1903 Mena, AR John William Wallace b.1874 KS d.10/25/1955 Pittsburg Co., OK

John Kemp of NC

John Kemp of Iredell Co., NC b.1740 d.1809 m. Nancy Wallis b.abt 1750 d.1810

Squire Kemp ... of Iredell/Wilkes Co., NC b.abt 1775 d.abt 1685 m.abt 1877 Fanny (Gertrude?) Watts
Wilborn Kemp ... b.9-12-1809 NC, migrated to Greene Co., IN d.3-25-1877 m.2-22-1832 Elizabeth "Betty" Nicholson

Aaron Kemp of SC & TN & KY

Aaron Kemp b.1800 SC, lived 1850 Carroll Co. TN, and Graves Co. KY

Mary Adelico Kemp ... m. _ Hart and lived 1870 Graves Co. KY & Greene Co. AR in 1880.

Nathaniel L. (Nathan) Kemp

Nathaniel b.1774 Rutherford or Rockingham Co. NC, d.Apr 6, 1858 near Malvern, AR. m.1st Nancy Waters (d.bef 1815).

Joseph W. Kemp ... b.1805 GA d.9/15/1855 McNairy Co. TN m.1828 Jincy or Jane Shults, b.1808 KY d.aft 1860 McNairy Co. TN
Edward Elemuel Kemp ... b.10/14/1844 McNairy Co. TN, d.1/24/1925 Adamsville, McNairy Co. TN m. Harriet Ann Claunch (Clonch) b.8/20/1846 Bedford Co. TN d.3/21/1932 Adamsville, McNairy Co. TN
My Kemp line continues with Baltis Lafayette, L.D., Billy Larry, then me, Phillip Larry.

Joseph Kemp

Joseph Kemp 1765-1848. Place of birth unknown, but he d. Marior Co., Georgia near Columbus.

Benjamin Kemp ...
Charles Kemp ...
Lucy Kemp ...
Morgan Kemp ...
Reuben Kemp ...
John Kemp ...

William Kemp of North Carolina

Willaim Kemp was b.abt 1700 d.1750 Anson Co, NC. He m. Elizabeth who d.aft 1752, Anson Co., NC.

Thomas Kemp ...
William Kemp, Jr. ...

Joseph Kemp ... b.abt 1730 SC d.Feb 21 1805 m.bef 1759 to Jane White b.abt 1735 Bladen Co., NC.
William Kemp ...
Elizabeth Kemp ...

Mary Jane Kemp ... b.Sept 27, 1759 Bladen Co. NC d.Feb 28, 1815 Bladen Co, NC m1. Feb 19, 1779, Bladen Co. NC Argulus Poynter b.abt 1753 d.Aug 30, 1795
Anna Jane Poynter ...
John Turville Poynter ...
Mary Turville Poynter ...
Ann Johnston Poynter ...
Margaret Poynter ...
m2. May 23, 1796 John Ellis, Bladen Co, NC
Elizabeth Ellis ...
James Samuel Ellis ...
Griffith Jones Ellis ...

John Kemp ...
Amelia Kemp ...
Joseph Kemp, Jr. ...
David White Kemp ...

John Kemp ...
Sarah Kemp ...
Steven Kemp ...

Delilah Kemp

Delilah Kemp, b.1810, m. John Wilson

Allen Hovey Wilson ... b.l842 TN, d.l920 IL
Hosea Allen Wilson ... b.l878 IL, d.l954 IL

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