~Photographs and Memories~

~~ color block shows color of that particular dog

Color  Name of Dog
Harraden's Shea Calypso, "Cali"
(retired)     (12/5/2010)
Harraden's Indigo Prize, "Indy"
Harraden's Jackie O
Harraden's Bonny Bleu
Harraden's Southern Sammie
Harraden's Sinbad The Sailor-Dobe
Harraden's Jam-Beau-La-Ya, "Bo"
LDM Tymber
Harraden's Carolina Rose, "Nacho"
Harraden's Madd Maxx
Harraden's Gumbo Boudreaux
Harraden's Mighty Mojita, "MOJO"
Harraden's Carolina Butter Bean, "BB"
Harraden's Noble Patriot, "Nobi"
Harraden's Lucky Charm, "Patrick"
Harraden's Boo-Two
Harraden's Tee Squared


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