the Harradens

Ernie and I found our first doberman on Christmas 1988.  Cleopatrice Harraden joined us from Way Kennels in Kinston, NC and in 1991, we began breeding these wonderful animals.  Our first male was a beautiful blue doberman named Berlin's Blue Silver.  Cleo and Berlin produced many beautiful pups, one of them being our former matriarch, Leah.  Sadly, Leah passed away in early April 2008, nearly reaching the age of 13 years old.

Over thirty one years later, Ernie and I still breed our beloved dobermans, and still have pups from our original girl, Cleo.  But now, we have pups from several generations forward.  We brought in several pups from other breeders, tested them for health standards, and paired them up with playmates to share their days.  At the present time, we own 17 beautiful dobermans of various ages.  Our newest additions, Maggie and Dixie, were born Sept 12, 2022 and Oct 19, 2022, respectively.

We have a continuing waiting list for our pups and usually have several litters a year with our pairs.  Females are usually bred once a year after they are 18-24 months old, the accepted age to start breeding females.  Our dogs are tested for von Willebrands, prior to breeding, and currently, all are clear.  Several of our dogs are also longevity certified with the Doberman Pinscher Club of America.

Because we are so familiar with our doberman lineage, we are able to offer an extended health guarantee on all our pups for any genetic problems.

The $2300 charge for our pups include limited AKC registration, tails docked, dewclaws removed, several puppy wormings and shots up to date when the pup is picked up.  Full AKC registration is $2500.  It also includes a puppy starter kit, milk supplement powder, a new toy, a baby blankie, and a puppy collar of your color choice.  We no longer offer shipping or ground transport.  We do not include ear cropping in that price, but can offer that for an additional $800 if the pup is still here, UNSOLD, at the time ears need to be cropped.  Pups are normally gone from the Dobieden when they're ready for their ears to be done.


For more information on Harraden's Dobieden, or to add your name to our waiting list for a pup, please E-Mail Ernie and Lisa at [email protected] and be sure to leave your E-Mail address for a reply.