~Photographs and Memories~

This page shows dogs we have owned through the years, but who are no longer with us
~~ color block shows color of that particular dog

Color  Name of Dog
 Cleopatrice "Cleo" Harraden
(passed away 1996)
Harraden's Irish Lass "Leah"
(7/8/1995 - 4/2/2008)
Harraden's Bocephus Boudreaux
(11/22/1998 - 9/13/2009)
Dred Mitcham, "Dre"
(sold as a breeder)
Harraden's Black Pearl
(12/09/1998 - 7/21/2010)
Harraden's "Sandi Rose"
Harraden's "Boo"Berry Queen
Harraden's Copper Penny
(retired, living with Ginger Weller)
Harraden's "Chloe" Marie
Harraden's Bronze "Bullett"
Harraden's "Charley" Arabella
(retired, living with Cindy and Bob Wojo)
Harraden's "Dixie" Diva
Harraden's Brandi Alexandra, "Alex"
(retired, living with Kat and Jon Dewald)
"Harraden's Bleu Shelby"
Harraden's Majestyk Iron Eagle, "Chappie"
Harraden's First Titan
(neutered and living with Therese and John Kerti)
  Harraden's Carolina Sunshine,
(retired and living with Karen and Raymond Kline)
  Brutus Maximus Bocephus Boudreaux,
  Harraden's Sophisticated Lady, "Sasha"
Harraden's Wild Irish Rose, "Rosie"
Harraden's Magdalena, "Maggie"
  Harraden's Iron Bear, "Bear"

Harraden's Chili Pepper, "Chili"
Harraden's Tee for Trouble, "Tee"
Harraden's Sapphire Surprise, "GRIZ"
Harraden's Winning Ticket, "CASH"
(5/14/2006 - 10/3/2019)


****For a little background on the Dobieden owners, click here.

****For information on white and white factor dobermans and why we don't allow them on our property, click here.

****These dogs are no longer with us.  Either they have passed away or they are retired and living in a pet home with a wonderful family.