About Us

EthnoAncestry, Ltd is an innovative new company formed in 2004 and registered in the UK and in California. The primary goals of the company are to discover new Y-chromosome SNP and STR markers and to develop new tests to help genetic genealogists learn more about their deep ancestry.

Dr. James F. Wilson, President and Chief Scientist, is a population geneticist whose publications and credits are familiar to the genetics community. His Ph.D. is from the University of Oxford where his initial studies with David Goldstein led to the popular BBC "Blood of the Vikings" program.

Jim is now at the University of Edinburgh School of Medicine, and a key researcher in the International HapMap Project and a founder of ORCADES, a genome-screening project. Jim is also an avid genealogist and a native of the Orkney Islands.

Dr. David K. W. Faux, Vice-President and Operations Manager, is a medical scientist and a registered forensic psychologist whose clinical work involves international medical and psychological assessments.

David is presently a tenured faculty member at East Los Angeles College. His Ph.D. is in medical science from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - where his ancestors have lived for 225 years.

As a tribute to his maternal roots, David established and manages the Shetland Islands mtDNA and Y-DNA Project. Genealogy has been his passion for over 30 years.

Laboratory work for EthnoAncestry is performed by the Queen Mary's School of Medicine Genome Center at the University of London, England. Our Haploview Test lab work is performed by Marligen Biosciences in Maryland.

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