Handy Strategies-- them things you need to compete.

   Well, partner a good strategy is too run, run, and run some more(or atleast what I do). Line your shot up on the person stomach and fire untill your finger hurts. Hide as much as you can and just stand round and don't move while in a battle! Never reload or strafe it's the bad point in the game you have to fight like a gunfighter and use the bullets you got and run for them varmints! Lite tnt sticks and wait 10 seconds before releasing the stick from your hand. Always use the badge, cream, and sawed-off shotgun. Never get any boilers, canteens, elixr, or medics. Always use Sanchez when you can. Never play Sanc, Repair, or Bunkers, Play Thud Tower as much as possible. When playing CTF let the other team get your flag and blow up your teamates! Argggh, them look like some good tips to me so you better follow them partner!





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