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Fresh Stentch! Got outlaws Stentch? Brush

Tuesday-- July 24, 2000

   Gosh, I have been so exhausted and tired these last few days I have been slacking off on the updating but I am going to direct  everyone to a site hat will update you on your OL news!
click here

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Thursday-- July 20, 2000

KinG Posse ended
  I was informed by WAC_Pistolero that the KinG posse has died. The members have moved on to WAC.

High Speed Steel
  Not much here just a little info on the members (a list) a little uneven wood frame. Take a look here.

Hagen at work
Oz_Hagen has been away for a while now but has just released a map called Cartel. Seem s it's a small drug lords hideout somewhere. (shot 1, shot 2)

Sunday--July 16, 2000

Outlaws Cups
  AR Simon has started a 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, and some CTF tournaments at his new Oulaws Cups page go here to sign up and check out the rules.

What cha going to do when they come for  you?!?!
COP's (cowboydeath) have designed their site very nicely wiht a Matrix twist. Looks pretty neat-o so go ahead and take a look.
boothill bob had to move his site on over to good ol geocities cause to much traffic on xoom. Here

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Saturday--July 8, 2000

Slow News, No News
  Well if I could get some people to send me some news I would love to post ain't got nothing to post so as you see this is the only updated in four days and as you can se how small it is I don't plan on doin much updating unless I start getting e-mails! So send in the Stintch!

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Tuesday--July 4, 2000

GoJo Returns
  GoJo, has returned and has revised three of his maps. He has also modifed some weapons and made the maps smaller for the mIRC tourney recently.
RedPup by GoJo. He has simplifed this down to two buildings.More for CTF play now so have some fun.(shot)
  Sun Ka Creek 2 by GoJo. Much faster then the first one. He has also added a cool little rocky path around back.(shot)
   Pearl Manor by GoJo. Smaller version of "Pearl Harbor Plantation." Manor cuts out road, slave quarters, river, and farm. The maps sole purpose is to focus on the mansion now. Looks like fun for some CTF.(shot)

New Maps
Bandits by GRS_sshep. "Great layout and fast action make this a fun map to play" -Outlaw DR, Durn after a reward like that this map is a must download! Well anywho lets get into detail with it. A very small map, seems you can play all types of gameplay here tms, dm, ctf etc... What a nice moon in this map I love it! (Shot 1, Shot 2, Shot 3, Shot 4)
Showdown at Five Points by Hmn_Bad_Aim. " Exciting, worth playing, great time killing" -DirtyBreath. Seems to be this maps main purpose is CTF CTF! (Shot 1, Shot 2, Shot 3)

CBO Services
CBO_Smac1979 has full fledged his site into making logos for sites that need them. If you would like to get yourself one of them durn things head over to the CBO site and fill out the form, BUT make sure you read the rules and restrictions first.

Happy 4th of July
   I just want to say have a great July 4th and drive safely. Also don't forget to lite a few fireworks for
DirtyBreah the dirtiest of them all!

Personal Note
   I would like to thank
OGB_Martone for letting me use the news off the OGB site!

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Saturday--July 1, 2000

Martone and his brains at work
  Martone has changed the way he reviews the maps. It's a brillant idea and is looking reall good! Keep up the work Martone!

Hooterville on the Market
  OGB_Hooter sent me this map he made called Hooterville. My Outlaws is messing up right now so I can't test it I hope to tell you how it is soon or just download the map and find out yourself.

  As you can see I have a link to WILD_Robocat's page above Clint Eastwood logo. We both agreed to link each other and well we did. So I say you boogie on to his page after you check mine!

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Friday--June 30, 2000

Stentch in Bussiness
   Howdy varmints I reckon' your stopin by to see how this here site runs? As you notice it's crude right now but Im hard at working on it. Keep visiting critters!   

   Durn them sob's Pale! Makin ya work tha hard and falling behind on due dates. Well I would like to thank you for giving us the pleasure to visit your site on a regular occasion! (not like he is quiting, just thanking him)

Outnet 2 on Release
   Well varmint if you haven't already picked up Outnet 2 I suggest you go ahead and get to downloading that sob. Start downloading it now! (sorry I don't use Outnet :(

Robo Releases
    Yes, thats right vermint WILD_Robocat has released his new site. Take a look

Truffle has changed his ol hideout address and also has re-designed it and looks great.





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