Neville Brody


Neville Brody is a british graphic designer, typographer and art director.

Neville Brody is an alumnus of the London College of Communication and is known for his works on The Face magazine (1981 - 1986) and Arena Magazine (1987 - 1990), as well as for designing record covers for artists such as Carbaret Voltaire and Nine Inch Nails.

He was one of the founding members of FontFont (now Fontshop) in London and designed a number of notable typefaces for them. He was also partly responsible for instigating the FUSE project on influential fusion between a magazine, graphics design and typeface design. Each pack includes a publication with articles relating to typography and surrounding subjects, four brand new fonts and four posters designed by the type designer usually using little more than their included font.

He now continues to work as a graphic designer with his own design practise called Research Studios which in addition to London has studios in Paris and Berlin. The studio work on a wide range of products including packaging for Kenzo Perfumes, to creating branding for companies such as Macromedia and Home Choice.

1957 - Born in London on April 23rd. Early interest in fine arts.

1975 - Attended Hornsey College.

1976 to 1979 - London College of Printing. Studied painting, but switched to graphic design. His work was seen as too experimental during college, and he failed many classes. Neville Brody went on to pioneer work using Apple computers in type design. He is influenced by a variety of movements, such as Art Nuevo, Punk, Dadaism and Pop-art.

1980 - Art Director for Fetish Records.

1981 to 1986 - Art Director for The Face magazine.

1987 to 1990 - Designed for Arena magazine.

1990 - Opened Font Works and became director of FontShop International.

1994 - Found Research Studios.

Neville Brody has many accomplishments throughout his carreer. He has designed for Tribea Issey Miyake in New York with Frank Gehry. He is a major contributor to FUSE, an influential publication on experimental typography. He also has a book written about his designs. It is called "The Graphic Language of Neville Brody" by Jon Wozencraft. It is the world's best selling graphic design book so far. A true testimonial to his abillities however was the hosting of an exhibition of his works at the London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

In addition to his graphic design works, Neville Brody is himself, an excellent typographer. The following is a list of fonts he has created.

FF Autotrace

FF Blur

FF Dirty Faces 1, 2, 3

FF Dome

FF Gothic

FF Harlem

FF Meta Subnormal

FF Pop

FF Tokyo

FF Typeface 4

FF World

FF Arcadia

Linotype Industria

Linotype Insignia



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