"Grandma used to set her hot baked apple pies on the window sill to cool.
Her granddaughters set theirs on the window sill to thaw".     "
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"Exploring and Understanding the History of All Aspects of Food"
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There seems to be a National Month for just about everything. Since we here at GVFHG are interested in all aspects of food, we feel that we should be especially aware of food related months. Please celebrate as you see fit.
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Genesee Valley Food History Guild
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Donít know what to do or where to go tonight or this weekend? Check out this list of fun and informative food related programs.
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Take a look at the pictures and descriptions . Guesses are fun, and could give us a starting point, but the documented correct answer is even better.
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Webster Dictionary, 1895. Miscellany, (mis'el-an-e), a collection of writings; a mixture.

Here you will find writings, poems, and maybe even a song or two. All relating to food, kitchens or cooks.
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