The Romanian Royal Army

Compania de Observare
The Observation Company.

Compania Observare C.P.Z.C. (HQ: Constanța). (the Dobroudja Observation Posts, reporting to Divizia de Mare)

The observation posts from North to South:

Compania 2 (?) Observare. (the Bessarabian Observation Posts, reporting to Detașament Maritim Liman)

The observation posts from South to North:

Compania 3 and 4 Observare Marină. (formed 3.1942 as part of Batalionul de Observare /the new name of Batalion 15 Infanterie Marină/, reporting to Detașament Maritim Odessa. Disbanded as 4.1944)

Transnistrian Observation Posts, from South to North:

Compania 3 Observare Marină.

Compania 4 Observare Marină.