My Personal Bicycling Statistics

Lifetime Mileage to October 2006 (when I finally got tired of recording it)

. . . and counting.


Bicycling has been my primary transportation, sport and recreation since about 1969. I started recording my daily mileage in 1973. I've never been a bicycle racer, except for informal club time trials, and a few USCF sanctioned time trials in the late 1970's.

I used to be an avid club rider, but I don't enjoy large group rides and have never ridden in a charity ride.

Nowadays most of my bicycle rides are relatively short commuting trips of 3 or 4 miles each way.

Most of the following statistics are unlikely to be increased, as high speed and long distance riding don't interest me so much anymore.


Annual Mileage

Current: 3522 miles in 2002.

Highest: 13128 miles in 1987

30 year average from 1973 through 2002: 6296 miles/year


My Fastest Timed Rides (time trials)

10.0 miles in 24:56 = 24.1 mph on 7/8/81 at Gorham, Maine (CBBC)

10.8 miles in 27:01 = 24.0 mph on 6/24/80 at Concord/Carlisle, Massachusetts (NEBC)

25.0 miles in 1:04:24 = 23.3 mph on 6/14/80 at Hillsboro, New Hampshire (USCF)

205.0 miles in 12:00:00 = 17.1 mph on 7/16/77 start and finish at Gardner, Massachusetts

I have no record of my fastest century ride (100 miles), but it was probably the first 100 miles of the 12 hour TT on 7/16/77.


Double Century Rides (200 miles or more in a day)

252 miles on 8/20/78 -- Wampanoag Wheelers 4-state double century (including ride to the start)

248 miles on 6/11/89 -- 400k ride - Watertown, MA to Naples, ME via Franconia Notch, Randolph, NH and Bethel, ME

226 miles on 10/19/85 -- Watertown, MA to E. Haddam, CT and back

210 miles on 9/11/77 -- NBW century in Rhode Island (including ride to the start)

210 miles on 6/4/89 -- Watertown, MA to Naples, ME via Lincoln, NH and Kancamagus Pass

207 miles on 5/20/89 -- Boston Brevet Series 300k ride

206 miles on 6/8/75 -- Boston AYH council's tri-state double century

206 miles on 7/16/77 -- 12 hour time trial, start and finish at Gardner, MA


Century Rides (100 miles or more in a day)

Total number recorded since 1973: 358

Most century rides in a year: 32 in 1981


Longest Extended Trip

5/16/87 to 9/20/87 -- Albuquerque, NM to Kellogg, ID to Seattle, WA to Naples, ME = 7400 miles. Stopped to play Scrabble in Durango, Boulder, Seattle, St. Louis, Buffalo and Toronto.


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