Introduction in French,Spanish and Portuguese!
Early adventures in Australia, my home town and radio shack.
The great pleasure in making your own antennas!
What you need to know before you operate on 11-Meters!
A short introduction to basic radio propagation and Solar activity.
The mighy Dreamtime snake arose,
It crawled across the black soil plain
To Yumbe where it sank again.
A dyke of stone still marks the trail,
And those who see it dare not fail
To call their children near and tell
The talk of how Mein-djala fell.

One day while hunting in the heat
His dogs had lost an emu feet
Right near Malindji  -  fatal spot.
Striding up thirsty, hungry and hot,
He tapped a bloodwood tree and drank
The sweet Karimbi from it's tank.
Then sitting down  'neath shady tree,
Looked at that Dream-stone longingly.
His body  tired, his eyes near blind,
He craved for food he could not find.
He knew the lore which elders tell,
That shades who guard these places well,
Must not be asked for food, or they
Will smite and kill in magic way.

But Mein - djala was fainting - weak;
He struck the stone:  "Food, food I seek!"
"Old man send me a  snake" he cried;
The Umbe stone in kind  replied.
For as he spoke a snake he saw;
Then snakes, and on came more, and more.
He moved to get a stick, alas!
They blocked his path;  he could not pass.
He tried to dodge; they hemmed him round;
They forced the hunter to the ground.
A writhing mass of snakes was there;
He cried aloud in his despair.
He fought and struggled hard for breath
As he was slowly crushed to death.

And Mein - djala was no more  -
Just a warning gone before
Thus all who imitate the great,
Will likewise meet a dreadful fate.
(From W.E. Harney and A.P. Elkin,
Songs of the Songmen: Aboriginal Myths Retold,
Cheshire, Melbourne, 1949 )
Radio  43AX101
Link to my other site - "DX-Pacific".  For DX-ers and armchair travellers!
Just a few of the many radio friendships made over the years.
The True Spirit behind the QSL Card.
The QSL Card
Radio Note Book
Just some interesting links to a fascinating hobby...both CB, 11-Meters and Amateur Radio.
Australia....Big Country...Small Heart?
Radio Friendships
Aboriginal Australia
Radio Resource Sites
Aboriginal Resources
An old Aboriginal story from the Dreamtime
Australian Eleven Meters
South Pacific Calling! & DXPACIFIC copyright  Ben 43AX101
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