Television Transmission in Ireland

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Band 1 (Low VHF) Channels are A,B,C (This band is no longer used for TV transmission)
Band 3 (High VHF) Channels are D,E,F,G,H,I,J (Ch J no longer used for TV transmission)
UHF Channels are 21 to 69. Group A aerials (Colour code red) cover UHF channels from 21- 37, Group B aerials (colour code yellow) cover channels 35-53, whilst Group 'C/D' aerials (colour code green) cover 48-69. Wideband UHF aerials cover all UHF channels 21-69. 

CAIRN HILL (Longford)40434650H800kWMidlands
CLERMONT CARN (Louth) 52566668V250kWNorth-East
HOLYWELL HILL (Donegal) 23262933H20kWNorth Donegal
KIPPURE (Wicklow)EH6259H/H160kW/500kWEast
MAGHERA (Clare)EH6668V/H200kW/500kW
MT. LEINSTER (Carlow)FI2623V/H230kW/500kWSouth-East
Site 796m asl, mast 122m agl
MULLAGHANISH (Cork)DG2731V/H220kW/500kWSouth-West
SPUR HILL (Cork) 53576063H10kWCork city/Lee valley
THREE ROCK (Dublin)29333555H25kWDublin
TRUSKMORE (Sligo) IG6063H/H280kW/500kWNorth-West

E.R.P. = 'Effective Radiated Power'
The letters 'H' and 'V' under 'Pol' correspond to Aerial Polarisation (H=Horizontal/V=Vertical). In the case of sites which use a mixture of VHF Band 3 and UHF, two polarisations are listed as follows: VHF Band 3 polarisation/UHF polarisation

In addition to these main transmitters nearly 100 lower powered relay sites exist. These are listed below. It should be noted that the majority of relays do not radiate omnidirectionaly. Furthermore a very small number of relays operate with Vertical polarisation in certain directions, and Horizontal polarisation in others (HV)


Note sites prefixed by '**' are planned (not yet on air?).
Relays with TV3 channels assigned prefixed by '*' (almost all) are not equipped for TV3 yet as of April 2003. There has been no announced timescale (that I know of) for the introduction of TV3 from these relays. It is likely that many (most?) relays will never broadcast TV3 using analogue. Affected viewers, who cannot receive TV3 from any other transmitter can only receive TV3 if they subscribe to cable/MMDS/Sky Digital. Unfortunately TV3 (as well as RTE1/NET2/TG4) is not available Free To Air/View on satellite,
Since early 1998 most relay sites which had re-transmitted RTE1/Net2 at VHF have been converted to UHF for RTE1/Net2, the VHF services being decommissioned after a few months of parallel transmission.
Locality (site)          COUNTY         RTE1 N2 TV3 TG4  Pol.  Max ERP 

Abbeyfeale               Limerick        39  42 *45  49   H    100W
Achill                   Mayo            40  43 *46  50   V     8kW
Arainn Mhor              Donegal         39  42 *45  49   V    8kW
Ashford                  Wicklow         22  25 *28  32   V    20W
Ashleam                  Mayo            21  24 *27  31   V    25W
Ballingeary              Cork            54  58 *61  64   V    25W
Ballintrillick           Sligo           30  34 *?   37   H    50W
Ballybofey/Stranorlar    Donegal         54  58 *61  64   V    200W
Ballydavid               Kerry           22  25 *28  32   V    20W
Ballymacarbry            Waterford       54  58 *61  64   H    80W  
Bandon                   Cork            41  44 *47  51   H    10W
Bantry/Glengarriff       Cork            40  43 *46  50   VH   4kW,1kW    site: Seskin
Bealanabrack             Galway          39  42 *45  49   H    100W
Blarney                  Cork            29  33 *26  23   H    100W  site: Woodside, 99m asl,omnidirectional, mobile phone (Esat?) comp. on same mast 
Broadford                Clare           40  43 *46  50   V    20W
Cahir                    Tipperary       40  43 *46  50   V    100W
Cahirciveen (Kilkeaveragh) Kerry         39  42 *45  49   V   10kW 
Carlingford/Greenore     Louth           61  67 *?   51   V    60W
Casla                    Galway          39  42 *45  49   V    3kW
Castlebar                Mayo            29  33 *26  23   H    9kW
Castletownbere           Cork            53  57 *60  63   V    6kW  site:Knockgour, 481m a.s.l.
Clermont Carn - fill-in  Louth  UHF A    29  33	
Clifden                  Galway          22  25 *28  32   V    2kW
Clonakilty               Cork            39  42 *45  49   H    ?
Clonmany                 Donegal         39  42 *45  49   V    20W
Clonmel                  Waterford       39  42 *45  49   H    400W
Cork (Collins Barracks)  Cork            39  49  46  43   V    165W
Corrnamona               Galway          21  24 *27  31   V    100W
Crossbarry/Halfway       Cork            54  58 *61  64   V    100W
Crosshaven               Cork            55  59 *62  65   V    1kW
Dingle                   Kerry           23  26 *29  33   V    100W
Dooncarton               Mayo            21  24 *27  31   V    500W
**Dowra                  Cavan/Leitrim   39  42 *45  49   V    20W
Dromanassig              Cork            54  58 *61  64   H    16W
Dungarvan/Cappoquin      Waterford       53  57 *60  63   H   10kW  
Dunquin                  Kerry           30  34 *26  23   H    10W
Dunmanway                Cork            41  44 *47  51   V    20W
Ennistymon               Clare           54  58 *61  64   H     ? 
"                                        I   F           H    12W  (VHF has closed?)
Failmore                 Galway          54  58 *61  64   V    10W
Fanad                    Donegal         61  58 *?   64   V     4.7kW
Fermoy                   Cork            39  42 *45  49   V    50W
Glanmire                 Cork            41  44 *47  51   H    100W
Glenbeigh                Kerry           39  42 *45  49   H    15W
Glencar                  Kerry           22  25 *28  32   V    10W
Glencolumcille           Donegal         39  42 *45  49   H     ?
Glenties                 Donegal         40  43 *46  50   H    100W
Gorey                    Wexford         54  58 *61  64   H    10W
Greystones               Wicklow         53  57 *60  63   V    500W
Headford                 Kerry           39  42 *45  49   H    25W
Inchigeelagh             Cork            40  43 *46  50   V    5W
**Innishannon            Cork            40  43 *46  50   H    50W
Inistioge                Kilkenny        53  57 *60  63   H    20W
Kells Bay                Kerry           22  25 *28  32   H    32W
Kilkee                   Clare           54  58 *61  64   H    20W
Killaloe                 Clare           54  58 *61  64   V    10W
Killeagh (Garda Mast)    Cork            54  58 *61  64   H    10W
Kilmacomma               Tipp/Waterford  22  25 *28  32   H    20W
Kilmacthomas             Waterford       54  58 *61  64   V     6W
Kinsale                  Cork            29  33 *26 *23   V    5W
Knockmoyle (SlieveMish)  Kerry           53  57 *60  63   V    2kW             
Lahinch                  Clare           40  43 *46  50   V    20W
Laragh/Glendalough       Wicklow         41  44 *47  51   H     ?
Lauragh                  Kerry           55  59 *62  65   H    16W
Leap                     Cork            41  44 *47  51   H    20W
Letterkenny              Donegal         52  56 *66  68   V    2.5kW 
Limerick (Woodcock Hill) Clare           39  42  45  49   H    2kW
Listowel                 Kerry           53  57 *60  63   H     ?
Lomanaugh                Kerry           39  42 *45  49   H    25W
Maam                     Galway          21  24 *27  31   H    20W
Macroom                  Cork            62  65 *59  55   H    50W
Magheroarty              Donegal         21  24 *27  31   V     1kW 
Malin                    Donegal         22  25 *28  32   H    50W
Mamclasach               Kerry           40  43 *46  50   V    20W
Mitchelstown             Cork            41  44 *47  51   V    1kW
Monaghan                 Monaghan         D   F *61  64  H/H   1kW/5kW
Monasootagh              Wexford         54  58 *61  64   H    25W
Mountainstage            Kerry           22  25 *28  32   H    16W
Moville                  Donegal         40  43 *46  50   H     2kW
Mt. Gabriel              Cork            29  33 *26  23   HV   1kW   (UHF A)
Mulranny                 Mayo            55  59 *62  65   H    32W
Nire Valley              Waterford       21  24 *27  31   H    25W
Passage West(Marino Pt.) Cork            29  33 *26  23   V    40W
Rosscarbery              Cork            53  57 *60  63   H     ?
**Sligo Town             Sligo          no details yet         500W
Suir Valley              Kilkenny        53  57 *60  63   V     5.5kW
Termon                   Donegal         54  58 *61  64   H    16W
Tomriland                Wicklow         21  24 *27  31   V    10W
Westport                 Mayo            54  58 *61  64   H    40W
Youghal-East (Ferry Pt.) Waterford       41  44 *47  51   V    125W
Youghal-South (Strand)   Cork            29  33 *35  37   H    3W

UHF TV channels in the UK and Ireland often follow a particular pattern see here

'SELF HELP SCHEMES': in the past, communities living in small pockets with serious TV reception problems, and with no immediate plans by RTE to build a relay for these areas, have been themselves granted licences to operate very low power relays (perhaps 1W ERP) of the national TV networks, known as 'Self Help Schemes'. These are not listed above or in RTE's transmitter list. In the past RTE 1 was usually assigned Ch 30 (sometimes 48), and Net 2 on CH 34 (sometimes 52) on such services. No more up-to-date info is available.
Whilst these relays are not owned by RTE, RTE gives technical assistance. In other areas with reception difficulties such as some villages in valleys, small cable systems have in the past been installed to supply the national TV services.
Some of these Self-help relays and cable systems have in recent years been made obsolete by the introduction of new RTE relays serving the areas concerned

Considerable change has taken place in recent years to the national TV transmission network, as a comparison with an old list will show. Recent tech bulletins available here


(These services re-transmit UK national TV, and in some cases satellite programs and are commonly known as 'Deflectors') . Many of these systems, unlicensed for many years, were licensed by the ODTR in early 2000. However such systems may be forced to close down if/when Digital TV is introduced on UHF
The following transmission sites listed below, and operated by the South Coast Community TV group (licensed in the year 2000 after 15 years), are receivable in the South East,East,North-East of Co.Cork. They have further outlets in South/West Co.Cork for which I do not have details for. Some of the details below may now be out of date (I've included the dates the information was last verified/updated)
These transmissions are not scrambled - conventional UHF aerials are all that are required to receive it (though aerial amplifiers are often required to improve reception, due to the lower signal strengths). The operators conduct annual door-to-door collections to households in the areas served seeking 'voluntary subscriptions' (membership) of now 65 Euros per annum. (out-of-date) The South Coast Community TV group (SCCTV) operates by relaying BBC1,BBC2,ITV,S4C of the Presely transmitter (South West Wales) from their Comeragh Mountains site. This Comeragh Mountains relay in turn feeds SCCTV's relays in County Cork. (Update - signals are now being taken from satellite instead for most areas. S4C has been replaced with Channel 4 in most areas). In the past one or two satellite stations were also relayed in many areas (i.e. SKY1, Eurosport), but with increased use of the spectrum by TnaG (now TG4),TV3 and RTE relays, these were discontinued.
In the year 2000 South Coast Community TV launched a website at A history of its beginnings in 1985, and its plans for the future can be read here.

SITE                       BBC1 BBC2 ITV S4C/C4 Pol  
West Comeragh Mts,           69  61  66  64     V    areas of east Cork/west Waterford)
Fermoy (Ballyhooly) Co.Cork  21  33  25  29     H    High Power(Fermoy and surrounds) as of 1998)
Bandon A (Cashelmore)        22  25  30  34     H    
Bandon B                      ?  ?   ?   ?
Carrigaline(A), Co.Cork      48  42  45  40     HV   High Power(Southeast Cork) 
   (The above site uses Horizontal polarisation to the East, Vertical to the West)
Carrigaline(B), Co.Cork      ?   ?Grp A?  ?     H    Low Power(parts of Carrigaline town)
East Ferry (Marlogue)Co.Cork 50  34  47  52     H    Low power (Midleton,Aghada) (as of 1999)
Crosshaven, Co.Cork          28  21  26  32     V    Low Power(Cobh,Monkstown) as of 1999)
Myrtleville Bay, Co.Cork     46  39  43  51     H    Low Power (area south of Crosshaven) as of ?
Passage West(Upper Pembroke) 61  64  66  69     V   'low power' (as of late 2000 -thanks to John)
Rushbrooke(for Passage West) 51  36  38  68     V   'low power' 
Mitchelstown (Knocknascrow)  58  54  56  n/a    H   (as of 11/2005)
(n/a = station not available)

(1998) Because of the nature of these services it is difficult to obtain details of similar operations still in existence elsewhere in the country (I however have received the following contribution:)

(May 1998) Email received From Michael Byron of Co. Mayo: "Many Thanks for an Interesting and Informative website. You may be interested in some more info on the deflector situation. It is only recently that MMDS has been introduced to Co Mayo, Coverage Is Poor, The service is VERY EXPENSIVE (especially for households with more than one TV set or who want to be able to make full use of the service with their videos i.e. everybody) and take-up has been very low so far (I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of houses I've seen with MMDS aerials) The Deflector service is not great where I live (Castlebar) and I would consider getting Cable if CMI were to fulfill their licence conditions and make it available but this MMDS is a complete Con-Job and I can't see what the need for it will be when Digital TV comes in ! In Castlebar the Deflector system operates on the following channels:

39      EuroSport
42      Sky News
47      BBC1 (N.I.)
50      UTV
53      BBC2
56      Channel 4

Some low power deflectors can re-transmit signals on the same channels as they receive but with opposite polarisation. Some Deflectors (including Castlebar ) also occasionally carry localised opt-out programmes (Do these count as "Pirate TV stations" ?) There are many other deflectors still operating throughout Mayo and other parts of Ireland but info on these is very difficult to come by (Do any of the groups have websites ?) Incidentally part of the motivation behind RTE's sudden enthusiasm for moving VHF services to UHF may be to make life difficult for deflectors."

an update from Michael Byron: "Even here in Ireland it is difficult to get accurate information on the deflector situation, media coverage varies widely in quality and accuracy so much so that I've often wondered if the newspapers cover other issues as badly, if so we are frighteningly badly informed about the world in general ! I've often wondered myself what will be the point of MMDS when DTT comes in? The MMDS companies talk about Digital MMDS but surely that will simply be duplicating what's already available on Astra? In 1991 the Anti-MMDS lobby claimed that "Satellite TV would make MMDS obsolete within 5 Years " These claims sounded wild then but now they seem positively prophetic! RTE claim that UHF gives a better picture quality than VHF !!??..!!?? They did announce that they were duplicating Truskmore on UHF for N.I. viewers but this (reasonable) idea seems to have been axed in favour of moving the VHF relays to UHF instead for no apparent reason. Has anybody in the affected areas not complained about the cost of UHF aerials ?, also isn't the coverage of hilly areas on UHF inferior to Band 3 or even more so to Band 1, and aren't electricity costs for transmitting UHF higher ? I have never been approached to make a "contribution" to my local deflector (Our aerial is loft mounted to avoid damage from winter storms) and have no idea what the charge is. Around the country the charge varies, is generally £30-40 although some groups charge up to £80 while others don't charge anything ! Deflectors operators range from non-profit community groups through fully-fledged businesses, many are operated by TV dealers or aerial contractors in the hope that it will increase their businesses (Second TVs, Videos etc.) Some are financed by Local "Insert" advertising on UTV/HTV. Anyway I hope I've given you a good "picture" (excuse the terrible pun!) of the deflector situation, any further queries don't hesitate to give me a shout."

And a further update from Michael, regarding TV3, MMDS, and Deflectors:

Date: 13/10/98 07:30

TV3 are currently only reaching 85% of the Irish population due to their failure to use all but two (Collins Barracks and Woodcock Hill) of the RTE network of relay/transposer stations.
In Co. Mayo/North Connemara there are supposed to be five relay stations:

Castlebar (Croaghmoyle-Glenisland)

TV3 don't use any of these. As a result over 50% Of Mayo (including such remote, isolated, backwaters as Castlebar and Westport!!!) isn't covered.
To solve this problem the "Illegal" deflector systems in Castlebar and Westport now carry TV3 along with BBC1/2, UTV, C4 and Sky News.
Cable TV (Promised since 1985) still hasn't reached Castlebar and MMDS coverage is poor (even less than TV3) VERY expensive, and take-up seems to be in single figures (HOUSES not percent)
Anyway the frequencies in Castlebar are (Horizontal),

39 TV3
42 SKY News
47 BBC1 (N.I.)
50 UTV
53 BBC2
56 Channel 4
(TnaG are using the official RTE transposers -Ch 23 in Castlebar)


An update in the year 2000 for Castlebar:

39 TV3
42 UTV
47 BBC1
53 BBC2
56 Channel 4

Irish (and UK) TV broadcast channels and their Nominal Carrier Frequencies (MHz)

Irish HIGH POWER TV transmitters corresponding to these channels are listed alongside

The following bands are assigned for Broadcast TV:

VHF frequency channels were assigned letters by the Irish authorities, however many TV sets display numbered VHF freq. channels (The usual numbered equivalent on portable TVs is shown in brackets, though this is not standardised.)
NOTICE TO SCANNER USERS So as to minimise the severity of co-channel interference, 'Precision offsets' of carrier frequencies are often used at TV transmitters: the actual transmitted vision and audio carrier frequencies for a particular channel may offset, commonly in this country an offset of +/- 41.6 kHz (0.0416 MHz) from the listed 'Nominal' frequencies ('deflectors' may use different offsets) for that channel. This difference is too small to notice even on a TV with channel step tuning. However scanner users attempting to receive TV audio on their scanners should therefore note that fine tuning may be necessary to properly tune in TV audio carriers clearly (and set to 'Wideband FM' mode) - otherwise the audio will sound distorted.
NOTE: CABLE TV systems may use a different arrangement whereby vision carriers are exact multiples of 8MHz (i.e. 48.00, 56.00, 64.00 MHz in Band 1) Sound carriers are 6MHz above these as usual. Cable TV systems also use VHF channels outside these official broadcast bands, which older TVs are unable to tune in.

The information under MAIN TRANSMITTERS indicates major transmitters in Ireland using each channel, and has the following format:
Aerial Polarisation (H=Horizontal/V=Vertical), Transmitter Site, Network:(RTE1/NET2/TV3/TG4)

Band 1
A (2)45.7551.75
B (3)53.7559.75
C (4)61.7567.75

Band 3
F(7)191.25197.25(V)Mt. Leinster(RTE1)
G(8)199.25205.25(V)Mullaghanish(NET2) (H)Truskmore(NET2)

23487.25493.25(H)Mt.Leinster(TG4)(H)Hollywell Hill(RTE1)
26511.25517.25(H)Mt.Leinster(TV3)(H)Hollywell Hill(NET2)
27519.25525.25(H)Mullaghanish (TV3)
29535.25541.25(H)Three Rock-Dublin(RTE1)(H)Hollywell Hill(TV3)
31551.25557.25(H)Mullaghanish (TG4)
33567.25573.25(H)Three Rock-Dublin(NET2)(H)Hollywell Hill(TG4)
35583.25589.25(H)Three Rock-Dublin(TV3)
36591.25597.25 Common VCR RF o/p
40623.25629.25(H)Cairn Hill (RTE1)
43647.25653.25(H)Cairn Hill (NET2)
46671.25677.25(H)Cairn Hill (TV3)
50703.25709.25(H)Cairn Hill (TG4)
52719.25725.25(V)Clermont Carn (RTE1)
53727.25733.25(H)Spur Hill-Cork(RTE1)
55743.25749.25(H)Three Rock-Dublin(TG4)
56751.25757.25(V)Clermont Carn (NET2)
57759.25765.25(H)Spur Hill-Cork(NET2)
60783.25789.25(H)Spur Hill(TV3)(H)Truskmore (TV3)
63807.25813.25(H)Spur Hill(TG4)(H)Truskmore (TG4)
66831.25837.25(V)Clermont Carn (TV3)(H)Maghera (TV3)
68847.25853.25(V)Clermont Carn (TG4)(H)Maghera (TG4)

Up to date RTE transmitter/engineering news is available on Aertel (Teletext) P530 on NET 2 or via the Internet at:
These pages are similar to teletext page 698 on BBC and 606 on HTV Wales.

The consultants report re. 'the Future Delivery of TV Services in Ireland' can be downloaded from the website of the Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation (now Comm Reg) at



Radio Broadcasting in Ireland, old frequency plans (thanks to Mike)

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