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Conor&Jay consist of Craig Conner and Julie Wemyss - a partnership that has lasted 10 years. They began as a 3 piece band playing gigs around their home town of Aberdeen. They always performed an original set of songs composed by all three. Over the years, three became two, and so they refined a unique balance of two different writing styles. Jay specialises in lyrical content, guitar rhythms, melodies and harmonies while Conor moulds the song with full music, records, mixes and produces the finished work.

Conor&Jay have the professional ability to take care of every aspect of the band image and the music:- writing original material, performing, recording and producing the finished high quality music. On the image side they take care of design, videos, photography, internet and marketing.

Conor&Jay are always looking forward and hope the internet will assist them in sales of their album - Cafe - and give them worldweb exposure. They are always busy writing new material and in the near future hope to play gigs in major cities around the country.

Please feel free to Email any questions or requests for purchasing the limited edition album - Cafe.

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