International Priory of Templar Comunion

Presentation of the International Priory of Templar Comunion
"A Knight of Christ is one that is permanently engaged in a double battle: against flesh and blood, against heaven spiritual potencies . He goes forward without fear, aware of left and right, with the coat of arms over his chest and his soul armed with faith. With thaose two defenses he fear no man or demon. Go forwward with con steady pace, knight, and force the enemy of the cross of Christ to flee: certainly, neither death or life will separate thee from His charity! Glorious is thy victorious return from battle, and happy death will await for those martyrs in the battle field! 
"Laudae novae militiae, San Bernardo de Claraval"

After many years of temple related information with different countries around the globem we have been able to establish a great number of groups, as of individuals, deeply interested in the Order. There are serious and scholar people of our same principles that have been in contact with others to try to learn more about us. Unfortunately, in many cases it occurs that we loose contact with them. However, sometimes, they return to us after a year or more has gone by and, to ask for more information on how to join us, asking for lecture lists, and for books related to the Temple Order, that are advisable for them. 
Thinking about the best way to help these people is how we have decided to create the International Priory of Templar Comunion. []

Fr+ Fernando de Toro Garland, Master of the Temple 


Since it's birth, the Order has had a Universal calling. This being so due to it's deep nature founded on it's ecumenic principles of unity in love and in learning.
This International Priory continues true to the intention of it's expansion through the globe. One of it's formal objectives consists of the creation of templary organized structures in those countries or regions that still lack of them. It will be then a big round table where all of us brothers of different countries, nations and cultures, will sit and share, once more, the bread, the wine and the holy salt. It's the instrument of expansion of the O.S.M.T.H.U., adding new members from all corners - and hearts- of the world, it will be the house that shelters and educates, until each nucleus has beed enlarged, a new General Priory can be finally founded. Above all things, it is an instrument to the service of God, our Lord, alpha and omega of the universe.



2002 A.S.M.B.A.

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