A-Team Character Introductions
A-Team Character Introductions
"We had to make sure, you are, who you say you are."

Want to know more about the infamous Hannibal, Face, Murdock, B.A, their friends and the Military Police?, well this section will endever to do just that with biography's and other notable trivia on all the main characters, that made the show what it was.

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The A-Team

 Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith

Hannibal, who came from the midwest was nicknamed after the great Carthaginian general, who in 218 BC beat the Romans after launching a surprise attack by traveling on elephants to Italy over the Alps. He Was the A-Teams Cigar smoking maverick leader who had previously served in the Korean War. unlike his Carthaginian predecessor, Smiths "classic half-pincer" surprise attacks and "On the jazz" (ready for action) approach rarely Read More...

 Captain H.M "Howling Mad" Murdock

Murdock was One of the best combat pilots in the army who had previously flown in Thunderbirds demonstration team before the Vietnam war. During Vietnam he worked for the CIA on 2 missions before dropping Hannibal, Faceman and B.A of for their bank of Hanoi mission after the war had ended. Later becoming discharge by the army on the grounds of insanity based on his paranoid anxiety delusions and intermittent memory loss. Read More...

 Lieutenant Templeton Arthur "Faceman" Peck

Templeton was a troubled four-year-old orphan from the streets of Los Angeles raised by highly spirited irishman Father David Magil (Peter Brocco) at the Sacred Heart orphanage where he enjoyed to play sports which continued into his High School years. At colleague Peck was a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity where he met his first love Leslie Bektall (Markie Post) who left him and colleague without explanation to become a Read More...

 Sergeant Bosco Albert "B.A" Baracus

Nicknamed 'Scooter' by his mother (played by Della Reese in "Lease With an Option to Die"), derived from a gift of a ride-on car given to him by his father, B.A lead an active childhood which continued to thrive at high school where he actively enjoyed partaking in football games later becoming the teams captain. After dropping out of colleague he signs up for the army where he serves at Da Nang during the Tet Offensive, being Read More...

Friends Of The A-Team

 Amy Amanda "Triple A" Allen

Amy was a beautifully generously 25 year old with financial assets of stocks and bonds and a love for the French Provincial period. Working as a journalist at the L.A. Courier-Express, Amy recieves a two week suspension after falling out with her editor Grant Eldridge (Philip Sterling) who refuses to help find her friend and fellow reporter Al Massey (William Windom) after he was sent to San Rio Blanco on a story, Eldridge belives Read More...

 Tawnia Baker

Tawnia was a newsreporter at the L.A. Courier-Express and a friend of Amy's from whome she had learnt alot about the team. With Amy now in Jakarta, Tawnia becomes determined to take her place on the team and decides to track them down while working as a undercover clerk at Intermode Worldwide Security Systems. She uses their computers to hack into the US military and descovers a Code Red Personnel Dispatch on the Read More...

 Dr. Maggie Sullivan

Making her first appearance as a suspicious doctor at Bad Rock, the team call upon her for help after B.A gets seriously shot in the leg, she performs an emergency transfusion beliving that the team are part of a motorcycle gang whos leader is being held in the towns jail.

Her second and final appearance is in the second season episode "Deadly Maneuvers" Read More...

 Frankie "Dishpan" Santana

Frankie was a Mr. know-it-all special effects expert working on films with Hannibal, making his first appearance in episode "Dishpan Man" (5-01, 26th Sep 1986) taking an injured Hannibal to the hospital after 'Frank' accidentally set him on fire while wearing his Aquamaniac Costume. Hannibal, later gets kidnapped and brought before Stockwell, who proposes a mission to free Read More...

Military Police

 Colonel Lynch

Lynch was the first MP to pursue the A-Team after they broke out of "Fort Bragg" which was under his command. He seemed to have a knack at costing the army a great deal of expenses in his bungled attempts to catch the team making only one successful arrest in the first season episode "One More Time" (12th Apr 1983), where the team are the released by a higher body. Read More...

 Colonel Roderick Decker

Making his first appearance in the second season episode "When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?" (Part 1, 25th October 1983), Decker was brought in by the army as a replacement for Colonel Lynch (William Lucking) who had not only failed in the capture of the A-Team, but in doing so had cost the army alot of money in the damages.

Decker, took his orders with great

 Captain Crane

Played by Carl Franklin (1983-86). Making his first appearance in the second season episode "When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?" (Part 1, 25th October 1983), Crane was Colonel Decker's side kick and second in command. Unfortunatly for Carl Franklin his characther did'nt get much to say but he was always on hand to asset Decker in the capture of the A-Team.

 General Harlan "Bull" Fulbright

Fulbright was the last MP to pursue the A-Team taking over from Colonel Decker in the fourth season episode "Mind Games" (4-09, 26th Nov 1985) and was possibly one of the most disliked A-Team pursuers with a strong belief that He would succeed where others had failed in getting The A-Team locked up and behind bars perhaps this had somthing to do with his friendship with Col. Steve Morrison, the Team's commanding officer in Read More...

Employees Of The A-Team

 General Hunt Stockwell

Stockwell was a retired corrupt U.S Army General who worked "inside the system" and was "not offically attached to anybody", but made it quite clear that he had been there the whole time. making his first appearance in the fifth season episode "Dishpan Man" (26th September 1986) where he arranges to have one of of his operatives Abal 4 kidnap Hannibal from hospital and taken back to his private jet. Read More...


Played by Judith Ledford (1986, Season 5). Making her first appearance in the fith season episode "Dishpan Man" (26th September 1986), Carla was Stockwell's ever-present assistant, although its never revealed as to What their exact relationship was, maybe Stockwell blackmailed her to work for him in the same way he accuried Frankie's and the A-Team's services.

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