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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 5 Issue N°20

Date: May 29, 2002
Author: Jewlz
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Newsletter #20
Sent out: May 29, 2002
By: Jewlz!

Hello everyone! Summer is almost here , and it is getting hot outside. Time to go inside, get on your computer and read the next newsletter of ON THE JAZZZZZ.....

- Latest A-Team Related News
- VCR Alert for June

- Whatever happened to....
Latest A-Team related News

1. Happy Birthday to Mr. T who had his 50th birthday on May 21st. :)

2. Check out the fan memories and pictures at Dirk's cruise this past January at :: http://www.dirkbenedictcentral.com/cruise.html

Also, from Cruzin' Susan::::

Dirk is cruising the Eastern Caribbean and wants you to join in the total experience. It will be one of the BEST VACATIONS that you've had or maybe EVEN THE BEST VACATION!!! You will meet like minded people sharing the same interests and sharing incredible memories with Dirk.

Below is what people said from last years cruise:

The Cruise may have only lasted seven wonderful
days and nights but the memories will last me a lifetime. Our group of Cruisers were such a wonderful bunch. As for all our new favorite friend, Dirk was all that I expected and so much more. He gave us all so much to think/marvel and laugh about. What a Guy! I heard that it could all be happening again, and I hope that I can make the journey once more. I Have had a few regrets in my life, but that week in January will never be one of them. All the best to my fellow cruisers. Hope to see them again soon. Peter, Lancashire, England.

Great trip! I thought that Mr. Benedict went far-beyond the call of duty to make each person's experience a personal one, and one that they can remember for the rest of their lives. Dirk was gracious and courteous. He added in extra time to respond to everyone, and to me that indicates a truly gracious, compassionate human being. Tina K., New York

I would gladly cruise with you again any day! It came at just the right time in my life and gave me a seriously needed recharge of my batteries. Diana Statt, Washington State

Dirk, you are a remarkable storyteller, I was so amazed how everyone was memorized by your books, your stories, your words Suzanne, California

Rates begin at only $889.00 per guest based on two sharing a cabin.

You work hard for your money and you deserve a fantastic VACATION! Certainly you could go alone on a vacation, but this is your opportunity to be part of a group of people who you will create lasting friendships with and make memories with. It's like attending a party for a week where all you do is attend seminars, events, go to the pool, spa, beach and enjoy the moment while making friends and sharing memories that will last a life time. $889.00 includes all of your meals for 7 nights, Nightly Entertainment Nightly Dancing Transportation between the Exotic Eastern Caribbean Islands And best of all group seminars with Dirk Benedict and Private cocktail party. Space is limited, Call 800 607 9246 or
e-mail: [email protected]

3. Dwight Schultz is lending his voice to yet another video game named 'Blood Wake'. His voice also recently appeard in the video game 'Final Fantasy X' and the movie 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within'.

4. Let's have a moment of silence for George Peppard who is always in our memory. He passed away on May 8, 1994.

5. The Weakest Link gameshow with Dirk Benedict was not shown here on May 19th like I had hoped. As far as I know it has not been shown yet. I will let you know all the details once the show airs.

I have added a new segment for this newsletter. I thought it would be great to research some of the actors that played on the show and see what they are up to these days. This month is dedicated to Tricia O'Neil!

Remember Dr. Maggie Sullivan from 'Bad Day at Black Rock'? Remember the chemistry she had with Hannibal? Whoa! And what about 'Deadly Maneuvers'? She was the only doctor the team could trust. Nowadays you can catch this actress in shows like 'JAG' and 'Titans'. Also she was in the movies 'Titanic' and 'Gia'. Here's to hoping to see more of O'Neil in more TV shows and movies.
Well, that is all for now folks! Hopefully, I will have more info and goodies for you next month. Until then, stay On The Jazzzzz........

Comments, questions, news, fanfic? Write me!! [email protected]


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