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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 5 Issue N°7

Date: December 2, 2000
Author: Jewlz
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Newsletter #7
Sent out: December 2, 2000

Howdy folks! This month has been really busy for me, so I will make this issue short. I will be sending out another newsletter later this month filled with more goodies.

Transcript of an Interview w/ Stephen J. Cannell
VCR Alert

This interview was posted on alt.tv.a-team by Julie from Total Movie Magazine. :)

"The A-Team goes A-List

After years of speculation, a big-screen version of the Best Television Show Ever is fianlly in the works. We love it when a plan comes together.

There are occasional moments in the TOTAL MOVIE office when time seems to stand still. When the significance of an event transcends normal understanding. When jaws, frankly, drop. Such a moment occurred this month, when news arrived in the office that a deal had finally been struck to bring the adventures of Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, Sergeant Bosco "Bad Attitude" Baracus, Captain H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock and Lieutenant Templeton "The Faceman" Peck - in short, the A-Team - to the silver screen as a big-budget summer event movie. Finally, the greatest TV Heroes of the 1980s (and tha's no small distinction in a decade that also gave us Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, Airwolf, Magnum P.I., Buck Rogers and Street Hawk - okay, maybe not Street Hawk) are set to get the lavish cinematic treatment they deserve. But what can we expect? We caught up with Stephen J. Cannell, the show's creator - and a producer on the new movie version - to jibber-jabber about exactly that...

TOTAL MOVIE: So congratulations! The A-Team is something you've been trying to make into a movie for a long time, right?
SJC: Yeah, I always thought that this project was a natural for a summer movie. It was the number-one action show of the Eighties, and it has just so much to recommend it.

TM: One of your personal favorites?
SJC: Well, obviously it was a huge hit. But I get asked that question a lot - which of the forty or so shows that I created or co-created do I most prefer - and it's an impossible question. The ones that worked, like The A-Team or The Rockford Files or Wiseguy or 21 Jump Street or Renegade... those shows were fun to write and fun to watch when we got 'em cut together. The right elements were in place. They all have their own place in my nostalgic memory, and I try not to favor one over the other.

TM: What was it about The A-Tema in particular that made it so popular for so long?
SJC: I think what made it work so well was that it really was a one-off show. So much in television is reminiscent of shows of the past, but our brief from NBC was to create a show that really had its own attitude, and not to pay attention to any of the rules of drama, and that allowed Frank Lupo and I to make the most dysfunctional bunch of people we could come up with, and break all the rules of what a hero is supposed to be. I'd always toyed with the idea of doing a Soldier of Fortune type show - you know, those guys in the back of those magazines who are advertising to go kick ass in another country for you - but I knew no network would ever let me do a show like that because it has such a scummy flavor to it. But we started with that, and then created these great characters: Hannibal, who couldn't enjoy himself unless everybody else's life was at risk, B.A., who hated everyone else in the group but who had a soft spot in his heart for children, which was his redeeming factor; Howling Mad Murdock, who was totally insane - he had an invisible dog named Billy - and the team had to break him out of a mental institution every time they needed to go somewhere, and Faceman, who was just the absolute inveterate liar - a guy who could not tell the truth even if it was in his best interest. Together, absolutely dysfunctional. They didn't behave well together; they often didn't seem to like one another. The fun of it when you were writing it was to say things like, 'Okay, what's Murdock doing this week that just completely pisses off B.A.?' The story each week was secondary to the dynamics of the characters. We told one story over and over again - our prototype lantern-jawed heavy would try to take over somebody else's property, and the A-Team would roll into town and decimate them. It was always the same show, but we'd have different character things playing between our guys every week. Because really it's a comedy.

TM: There's been talk of an A-Team movie for years now. Is it really going to happen this time?
SJC: There's a thing with TV shows that they have to be off the shelf for a while before you can make them into a movie. Movie studios aren't that interested in a series that was done in the Eighties. All the big ones, like Mission: Impossible and The Fugitive, came out of the Sixties. So the A-Team is definitely one of the more recent shows to get a movie treatment, but now it's finally enough down the road - we premiered it in 1983, so it's nearly twenty years old - that we can bring it back and it'll be fresh.

TM: Who are the major players in the film deal?
SJC: The movie's been set up at Fox 2000, with my company and Top Cow Productions, which as you know makes comic books. Their enthusiasm was very instrumental in bringing it forward.

TM: How will you be involved?
SJC: I think I'm a producer, but I'd have to read the contract. I've got about five movies set up over here right now, and to be honest with you, I can't remember what I'm doing on all of them!

TM: So what kind of input will you be bringing to the movie?
SJC: I expect to have something to say about it. It's my creation. I think we're certainly going to be redifining it - we don't want it to be just a carbon copy of the TV series. It needs to be redeveloped for this millenium. It probably won't be quite as cartoonish as it was as a series. But we only just closed the deal and we're getting set to go into our first meetings on it, so I don't want to characterize it as one thing or another. I want to listen to what other people think as well. But my natural inclination is make it realistic, with humor, and not let it get quite as goofy as the TV series was. But I might go to the first meeting and people there will want to take it in a completely different direction, and we'll have to discuss that.

TM: Do you have an overall vision for the project?
SJC: I have a way that I would do it, but I'm not sure that's the way other people will want to do it. I've taken myself out of the mix as a writer on this project, simply because having written so many of the episodes, my mind is poisoned by what already was there. We need to come at this thing in a really fresh way and not close out any cool ideas that can re-develop the show - without losing that general feeling of this dysfunctional bunch of guys who get together and help people who are being trashed by the system. It could be that the movie we come up with is very different to the show. We could decide, because there's the possibility of a franchise here, that the movie should be kind of a first episode that sets the A-Team in motion.

TM: Do you have a wish-list for who you'd like to see in the leads?
SJC: For Hannibal, I can certainly see people like Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson - somebody who has some sense of humor, that twinkle. For B.A., I'm not sure who I would cast, but I've heard names like Dennis Rodman come up. It certainly needs to be someone with a different take on the character. For Faceman, I hadn't given a lot of thought to it, but maybe a Brad Pitt or a Tom Cruise - somebody who's a realcharmer. And for Murdock, maybe Jim Carrey. You're obviously not going to get four really huge stars to go into the picture together, but at this point I hope we can get at least one, if not two, A-list names.

TM: What kind of budget do you have to spend?
SJC: It's going to have to be fairly large to do justice to a high-action series like this.

TM: Are there any specific signature elements from the original TV series that you're attached to? Would you put your foot down and say, "We have to keep the van!"?
SJC: Oh, I never put my foot down. It's not in me. I will argue if I think somebody has a bad idea, but if somebody came up with something much cooler and better than the van, I'd be first to say, "Let's drop the van."

TM: When are you planning to have the movie out?
SJC: Hopefully in around 18 months to two years.

TM: Will you be asking any of the original TV cast members to come back?
SJC: Oh, I would love them to come in and play cameos.

TM: Any other TV shows you'd like to come back as a movie?
SJC: Well I've got Greatest American Hero set up at Disney right now, so we'll see..."

The End


VCR Alert!!!!!

~~~Dirk Benedict~~~
1. Alaska 115 minutes- PG, USA, 1996, (CC), Video, SS, In Stereo, Adult language Directed by Fraser C. Heston and starring Thora Birch, Vincent Kartheiser, Dirk Benedict Charlton Heston, Gordon Tootoosis

Two youths rescue an orphaned polar bear cub as they make their way across the tundra to find their missing father.

Sun Dec 10 09:00A SHOE2- Showtime # 2
Fri Dec 15 09:45A SHOE2- Showtime # 2
Mon Dec 25 05:00P SHOE2- Showtime # 2

2. Battlestar Galactica
Murder on the Rising Star
60 minutes- (CC)

Apollo uncovers a blackmail plot and finds his own life in danger when he tries to clear Starbuck of a murder charge.

Sun Dec 24 11:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

3. Battlestar Galactica
Greetings From Earth, Part 1
60 minutes- (CC), Part 1 of 2

Apollo and Starbuck intercept a primitive ship and discover its inhabitants, in suspended animation, are a direct link to Earth.

Mon Dec 25 12:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

4. Battlestar Galactica
Greetings From Earth, Part 2
60 minutes- (CC), Part 2 of 2

Having intercepted a spaceship containing six lunar-based Earthlings, Adama learns that the atmosphere of the Galactica may be fatal to them.

Mon Dec 25 01:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

5. Battlestar Galactica
Baltar's Escape
60 minutes- (CC)

Baltar leads a deadly prison revolt aboard the Galactica.

Mon Dec 25 02:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

6. Battlestar Galactica
The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part 2
60 minutes- (CC), Part 2 of 2

The Galactica's crew is joined by a society of clones in an attempt to save the spaceship from destruction by a giant Cylon gun.

Sun Dec 3 09:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction
Sun Dec 24 04:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

7. Battlestar Galactica
The Magnificent Warriors
60 minutes- (CC)

To save the fleet from starvation, Adama finds himself trapped in a compromising courtship with an old flame.

Sun Dec 10 09:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

8. Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica, Part 1
60 minutes- (CC), Part 1 of 3

A space fleet headed by the only surviving battlestar, the Galactica, undertakes an epic voyage to reach Earth.

Sun Dec 24 09:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

9. Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica, Part 2
60 minutes- (CC), Part 2 of 3

Apollo and Boomer discover the provisions were poisoned during a battle and there is a possibility of mass starvation.

Sun Dec 24 10:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

10. Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica, Part 3
60 minutes- (CC), Part 3 of 3

Adama learns that, against his wishes, half the fleet has been authorized to break away to visit another planet.

Sun Dec 24 11:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

11. Battlestar Galactica
Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 1
60 minutes- (CC), Part 1 of 2

In order to escape from attack by the Cylons, the Galactica heads toward an endless magnetic void.

Sun Dec 24 12:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

12. Battlestar Galactica
Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 2
60 minutes- (CC), Part 2 of 2

Despite the Galactica's efforts to escape, the Cylons continue to pursue them through the magnetic void.

Sun Dec 24 01:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

13. Battlestar Galactica
The Lost Warrior
60 minutes- (CC)

On a remote planet, Apollo comes to the aid of primitive homesteaders who are being victimized by a mercenary Cylon.

Sun Dec 24 02:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

14. Battlestar Galactica
The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part 1
60 minutes- (CC), Part 1 of 2

The Galactica faces destruction from a crew of Cylons manning the most powerful weapon in history.

Sun Dec 24 03:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

15. Battlestar Galactica
The Young Lords
60 minutes- (CC)

Starbuck crashlands on a planet and is rescued by a band of children who ransom him to the Cylons in exchange for their father.

Sun Dec 24 05:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

16. Battlestar Galactica
The Living Legend, Part 1
60 minutes- (CC), Part 1 of 2

The hot-blooded commander of the battlestar Pegasus tries to convince Adama to attack the Cylons.

Sun Dec 24 06:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
Wed Dec 27 11:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

17. Battlestar Galactica
The Living Legend, Part 2
60 minutes- (CC), Part 2 of 2

Surrounded by Cylons, Adama reluctantly joins forces with the commander of the Pegasus for a surprise attack on their enemies.

Sun Dec 24 07:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
Wed Dec 27 12:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

18. Battlestar Galactica
Fire in Space
60 minutes- (CC)

Commander Adama is critically injured and the Galactica is set on fire by a Cylon kamikaze-like attack.

Sun Dec 24 08:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

19. Battlestar Galactica
War of the Gods, Part 1
60 minutes- (CC), Part 1 of 2

An alien with mysterious powers joins the Galactican fleet and promises the people a successful end to their search for Earth.

Sun Dec 24 09:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
Wed Dec 27 01:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

20. Battlestar Galactica
War of the Gods, Part 2
60 minutes- (CC), Part 2 of 2

The mysterious alien grants the Galacticans three wishes in exchange for their blind allegiance.

Sun Dec 24 10:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction
Wed Dec 27 02:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

21. Battlestar Galactica
Experiment in Terra
60 minutes- (CC)

Two American astronauts discover Galactica's log book floating in space; the space voyagers believe they have found Earth, but Apollo discovers that the planet will be exterminated.

Mon Dec 25 03:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction

22. Battlestar Galactica
The Hand of God
60 minutes- (CC)

Rather than continue fleeing from their enemies, the crew of the battlestar commences an all-out attack on a Cylon base.

Mon Dec 25 04:00A SCIFI- Science Fiction
Wed Dec 27 03:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

23. November Conspiracy
105 minutes- R, USA, 1995, SS, Adult language, adult situations, violence Directed by Conrad Janis and starring Paige Turco, Dirk Benedict, Conrad Janis Bo Hopkins, George Segal, Elliott Gould

A journalist is drawn into a plot to assassinate presidential candidates after her lover is killed.

Thu Nov 30 12:00P MYST- Encore's Mystery Channel
Thu Nov 30 11:35P MYST- Encore's Mystery Channel
Mon Dec 4 08:20A ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Mon Dec 4 03:35P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Mon Dec 4 10:20P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Fri Dec 8 07:30A ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Fri Dec 8 03:35P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Tue Dec 12 12:15P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Tue Dec 12 08:00P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Sun Dec 24 07:15A ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Sun Dec 24 03:15P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Sun Dec 24 10:35P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Sat Dec 30 03:15P ACT- Encore's Action Channel

25. Sssssss
120 minutes- USA, 1973, Video
Directed by Bernard L. Kowalski and starring Strother Martin, Dirk Benedict, Heather Menzies Richard B. Shull, Tim O'Connor, Jack Ging

A famed herpetologist bends the laws of nature experimenting with the transformation of man into snake.

Sat Dec 2 05:00P SCIFI- Science Fiction

26. Underground Aces
95 minutes- PG, 1980, Video
Directed by Robert Butler and starring Dirk Benedict, Frank Gorshin, Melanie Griffith Robert Hegyes

A team of parking-lot jockeys is thrust upon a Beverly Hills hotel.

Sat Dec 9 08:15A TMCE- The Movie Channel
Sun Dec 17 07:00A TMCE- The Movie Channel

~~~Dwight Schultz~~~
1. Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills
210 minutes- USA, 1994, (CC)
Directed by Larry Elikann and starringEdward James Olmos, Beverly D'Angelo, Damian Chapa Travis Fine, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Dwight Schultz

Fact-based account of the case of Lyle and Erik Menendez, who were accused of killing their allegedly abusive parents.

Fri Dec 1 09:45P LMN- Lifetime Movie Network
Sat Dec 2 11:15A LMN- Lifetime Movie Network

~~~George Peppard~~~
1. The Blue Max
160 minutes- USA, 1966, Video, In Stereo Directed by John Guillermin and starring George Peppard, James Mason, Ursula Andress Jeremy Kemp, Carl Schell, Karl Michael Vogler

During World War I, a young German aviator competes with other members of his squadron for a coveted flying award.

Sun Dec 3 06:20A MAXE- Cinemax
Sat Dec 9 04:00A AMAXE- Actionmax
Sat Dec 16 12:00P AMAXE- Actionmax
Thu Dec 21 07:20A AMAXE- Actionmax
Tue Dec 26 03:45A AMAXE- Actionmax

2. Damnation Alley
120 minutes- USA, 1977, Video
Directed by Jack Smight and starringJan-Michael Vincent, George Peppard, Dominique Sanda

Survivors of a nuclear war try to reach the only city untouched by the holocaust. Based on the novel by Roger Zelazny.

Thu Dec 7 11:00A TNT- Turner Television
Fri Dec 29 03:00A TNT- Turner Television

3. Silence Like Glass
105 minutes- R, West Germany, 1989, Video, Adult language Directed by Carl Schenkel and starring Jami Gertz, Martha Plimpton, George Peppard Bruce Payne, Rip Torn, Gayle Hunnicutt

Based on the true story of the friendship that developed between two teen-agers diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Thu Dec 7 11:30P FLIX- Flix Movie Channel
Wed Dec 13 08:00P FLIX- Flix Movie Channel
Sun Dec 17 09:35P FLIX- Flix Movie Channel
Sat Dec 23 02:00A FLIX- Flix Movie Channel

4. The Victors
155 minutes- USA, 1963, (CC), BW
Directed by Carl Foreman and starring George Hamilton, George Peppard, Eli Wallach Vince Edwards, Rosanna Schiaffino, Jim Mitchum

An American infantry platoon deals with hardships and homesickness as it travels through post-World War II Europe.

Fri Dec 8 04:55A ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Fri Dec 8 01:00P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Sat Dec 9 04:10A ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Wed Dec 13 12:35P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Mon Dec 18 09:50A ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Sun Dec 24 08:00P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Thu Dec 28 12:00P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Thu Dec 28 01:00P PLEX- Encore's Movie Plex
Thu Dec 28 11:05P ACT- Encore's Action Channel
Fri Dec 29 12:05A PLEX- Encore's Movie Plex

Sorry so short, but I will send out another issue later this month, so look for it!


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