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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue N°10

Date: April 19, 1998
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE:  April 19, 1998
ISSUE:  10
Newsletter schedule change
Library update
Dwight Schultz chat transcript

NEWSLETTER SCHEDULE CHANGE: This past year it's become increasingly difficult to keep up with the biweekly schedule for the newsletters, *and* keep up the content to a level I'm happy with, so I've decided that starting with this issue we will be going on a *monthly* schedule instead. I hope this is not a inconvenience, but right now it's the only way I can fit putting together the newsletter into my schedule.

Of course, remember that I would always love to receive more contributions from our subscribers for the newsletters. It could be a simple review of a movie you saw that featured one of our guys, an old article you stumbled across, whatever you might like to write about. Perhaps you were a fan of another Cannell or Lupo show, and would like to write an introductory article about it? There are a lot of possibilities.

LIBRARY UPDATE: One of our library sponsors has been making arrangements to pick up the entire collection in person sometime next month, at which point it will be delivered to Robin so we can begin filling the backlogged requests. Once things settle down, we'll open the library for new requests. I'm hoping this summer we could expand the collect as well to perhaps include videotapes of interest to Team fans--some of those hard-to-find TV movies and guest appearances our guys & girls have appeared in, that sort of thing. But I won't go into these ideas any further until we know the fanzines are in good condition and everything with that is settled.

Thanks for your continued patience in this matter.
Well, it's that time when I start cleaning out my apartment and trying to unload a lot of...stuff...that I've acquired in recent months. For anyone who hasn't participated before, here are my rules of bidding:

* A bid must stand for 3 days unchallenged for the item to be sold.
* Minimum bid increase is $1 for items under $10, $2 for items over $10.
* Mail bids privately to [email protected], and you will be updated daily on the status of your bid.
* Do not bid unless you intend to buy! If you win a bid but fail to pay, you will be "blacklisted" from any future auctions.

That out of the way, here are the goods...

1) A-Team Talking Viewmaster 3-D Cartridges. Features the episode "When you comin' back Range Ryder?" Minimum bid: $12.

2) A set of 3 Mr. T coloring books. Never used. Two contain full color T posters, one contains Mr. T stickers. Minimum bid on set: $12.

3) TV Guide (March 1984) with A-Team cover article. Not in the best condition--worn on the edges, but in one piece. Minimum bid: $6.

4) A-Team Plot it Yourself #2: The Danger Maze. Minimum bid: $4.

5) A-Team novel #2 (UK Edition)--Small but Deadly Wars by Charles Heath. Minimum bid: $4.

6) A-Team novel #5 (UK Edition)--Ten Percent of Trouble by Charles Heath. Minimum bid: $4.

7) A-Team novel #6 (UK Edition)--Operation Desert Sun by Charles Heath. Minimum bid: $4.

8) A-Team novel #7--Bullets, Bikinis and Bells by Ronald Renauld. Minimum bid: $4.

9) A-Team novel #8--Backwoods Menace by Ron Renauld. Minimum bid: $4.

10) A-Team novel #9--Bend in the River by David Deutsch. Minimum bid: $4
11) A-Team novel #10--Death Vows by Max Hart. Minimum bid: $4.

The other weekend Dwight was at the Creation Sci-Fi convention in Pasadena and participated in this short on-line chat. The following transcription was taken from the Sci-Fi Channel website at

Dwight Schultz
Star Trek: The Next Generation's Lieutenant Barclay

Moderator: We will now go moderated.

Alpha2: hi dwight

Moderator: Can you hear us, Dwight?

DwightSchultz: Yes, I can hear you.

Moderator: Great! Lets begin
Moderator: Welcome! Please introduce yourself to the crowd.

DwightSchultz: I'm Dwight Schultz, an unemployed actor in Los Angeles...does anybody have a job for me? * DwightSchultz laughs *
DwightSchultz: No job, okay. On to the next question?

Moderator: to : What is it like playing such a shy character?

DwightSchultz: That is very much the way I am. In fact, Barclay is about to me as any character that I've ever played. DwightSchultz: It was also a very well written part, which helps.

Moderator: to : will barcklay be appearing in the next TNG movie?

DwightSchultz: I would say no, or i would have heard by now...

Moderator: to : what was your favorite episode? I personally enjoy the one where you become a "genius" and control the ship from the holodeck..
DwightSchultz: in fact...I wouldn't have appeared in the first one if it had not been for Jonathan Frakes. The character was just a leiutenant and Jonathan thought it would be a great idea for that leuitenant to be Barclay.
DwightSchultz: Mine too. That was my favorite episode too.
DwightSchultz: I particularly enjoyed playing Cyrano badly.

Moderator: to : Hi Dwight; did you enjoy guest starring on Voyager and the scenes you did with Robert Picardo?

DwightSchultz: Yes, again, very much.
DwightSchultz: Bob and I had many friends in common from New York City
and spent a lot of time telling theater stories.
DwightSchultz: He's wonderful.

Moderator: to : Was it fun working on the A-Team with George Peppard, Mr. T., and Dirk Benedict?

DwightSchultz: Yes, it was one of the great experiences of my life. It changes my life. DwightSchultz: (changed)
DwightSchultz: In fact, I can truthfully say I would not have done Barclay had it not been for The A-Team.
DwightSchultz: That show was very much a family show for the first three years, on and off screen. I learned a great deal about the camera and about the demands of film and television. DwightSchultz: And, of course, I met every stunt man in Hollywood. And they're fabulous people.

Moderator: to : Do you have any plans to do more of the Alien Voices productions (w/ Nimoy & deLancie) similar to your last HG Wells, "First Men in the Moon" performance?

DwightSchultz: Yes. I've already done "The Invisible Man".
DwightSchultz: Just a small part. We will be doing "Lost World" in July.

Moderator: to : I remember you being on an episode of Babylon 5 a few years ago. Have you been a fan of the show, or did you just take the part as it came?

DwightSchultz: i was a big fan of that show. I am a Sci-Fi addict.
DwightSchultz: I grew up on it and see everything that there is.
DwightSchultz: Babylon is very dark and non-perfect Sci-Fi. Quite the opposite of Star Trek.
DwightSchultz: By non-perfect I mean real people with imperfections...a study of how things are, as opposed to the ideal.

Moderator: to : Have you heard anything about the rumored A-Team movie?

DwightSchultz: Only that the first script has been shoved aside, and at this moment there are no plans for another.
DwightSchultz: I'm sure i'm wrong.
DwightSchultz: I'll be the last one to know about the movie.

Moderator: to : If the A-Team movie becomes a realization, will you be resuming the role of Murdock? I can't see the A-Team without him (or you)...

DwightSchultz: Murdock will be there, but I am positive it won't be with me. They'll use a modern star.

Moderator: to : Hi Dwight. I sent the hand-spun cap for your birthday. What was the funniest thing that happened while you were filming the Star Trek episodes?

DwightSchultz: Thanks for the hat. The funniest thing that happened to me, was when Jonanthan Frakes grabbed my inner thigh during a close-up. DwightSchultz: My expression was quite extraordinary. It took me quite a long time to regain my composure.

Moderator: to : dwight, how long have you been acting??

DwightSchultz: Thirty one years. A long time, huh?

Moderator: to : Does it bother you that most the characters you play, at least the way I see it, are either a little mental or extremely shy?

DwightSchultz: Actually...most of the characters I play are very straight. You just don't seen them...or recognize me. DwightSchultz: Too many daddies...doctors...and lawyers make me dull. DwightSchultz: I love mental disturabances. They are always indicative of the best characters to play.
DwightSchultz: Do you think Richard III had a few problems?

Moderator: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Any final thoughts?

DwightSchultz: This is really my very first on-line chat...I've enjoyed it very much. I hope I've answered all your questions.
DwightSchultz: And how many of you will be looking at the NASA web site for the "Face on Mars" pictures on monday?

I think the most interesting tidbit out of this was the info that the A-Team movie has likely been "scrapped" at this point in time. This isn't really surprising, considering how terrible the first draft of the script was, and the fact that Cannell seems more interested today in projects related to his more recent novels.

Hannibal fans can now visit P.L.A.N. headquarters at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/5914 for photos and information on P.L.A.N. members.

Also, if you would like to check out a recent on-line chat transcript with Steven L. Sears (currently a co-executive producer on Xena, who co-wrote several A-Team scripts and was involved in other Cannell projects such as "Riptide"), visit http://www.universalstudios.com/unichat.30/newchat/transcripts/stevensears.html
VCR WATCH: All times Eastern Standard.

04/30/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Galactica 1980 (The Return of Starbuck) - The fate of Lt. Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) is revealed in Dr. Zee's (Patrick Stuart) dream.

05/04/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica) - A space fleet headed by the only surviving battlestar, the Galactica, undertakes an epic voyage to reach Earth.

05/05/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica) - Apollo and Boomer discover the provisions were poisoned during a battle and there is a possibility of mass starvation.

05/06/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (Battlestar Galactica) - Adama learns that, against his wishes, half the fleet has been authorized to break away to visit another planet.

05/07/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (Lost Planet of the Gods) - In order to escape from attack by the Cylons, the Galactica heads toward an endless magnetic void.

05/11/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (Lost Planet of the Gods) - Despite the Galactica's efforts to escape, the Cylons continue to pursue them through the magnetic void. 05/12/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN) Battlestar Galactica (The Lost Warrior) - On a remote planet, Apollo comes to the aid of primitive homesteaders who are being victimized by a mercenary Cylon.

05/13/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (The Long Patrol) - Starbuck is marooned and imprisoned on a mysterious planet where the prisoners serve terms for the crimes of their ancestors.

05/14/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (The Gun on Ice Planet Zero) - The Galactica faces destruction from a crew of Cylons manning the most powerful weapon in history.

05/18/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (The Gun on Ice Planet Zero) - The Galactica's crew is joined by a society of clones in an attempt to save the spaceship from destruction by a giant Cylon gun.

05/19/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (The Magnificent Warriors) - To save the fleet from starvation, Adama finds himself trapped in a compromising courtship with an old flame.

05/20/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (The Young Lords) - Starbuck crashlands on a planet and is rescued by a band of children who ransom him to the Cylons in exchange for their father.

05/21/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (The Living Legend) - The hot-blooded commander of the battlestar Pegasus tries to convince Adama to attack the Cylons.

05/26/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (The Living Legend) - Surrounded by Cylons, Adama reluctantly joins forces with the commander of the Pegasus for a surprise attack on their enemies.

05/27/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (Fire in Space) - Commander Adama is critically injured and the Galactica is set on fire by a Cylon kamikaze-like attack.
05/28/98, 16:00 (SCIFI - GEN)
Battlestar Galactica (War of the Gods) - An alien with mysterious powers joins the Galactican fleet and promises the people a successful end to their search for Earth.

BROTHERLY LOVE. Monday -> Friday 6:30 PM - DISN PROGRAM: Comedy (30 Minutes)

Operation Crossbow
Sunday, April 26, 1998 - 2:35 AM - TCM
MOVIE: War (130 Minutes)
(1965) A British commando and his team drop into Germany and pose as scientists to pinpoint a Nazi rocket base. Sophia Loren, George Peppard, Trevor Howard, John Mills, Richard Johnson, Tom Courtenay. Directed by Michael Anderson. Rated "NR". Violence.

The Carpetbaggers
Tuesday, April 28, 1998 - 6:00 AM - MAX
MOVIE: Drama (150 Minutes)
(1964) Ruthless heir Jonas Cord Jr. makes money, movies and enemies in the 1920s and '30s. From the Harold Robbins novel. {CC,Stereo}. George Peppard, Alan Ladd, Carroll Baker, Robert Cummings, Martha Hyer, Elizabeth Ashley. Directed by Edward Dmytryk. Rated "PG". Adult Language, Violence, Adult Situations.

04/21/98, 09:30, 15:30 (A&E - GEN)
Banacek (To Steal a King) - A coin collection is stolen prior to an auction, and its owner stands to lose millions. Guest stars: Pernell Roberts, Brenda Vaccaro.

04/28/98, 09:30, 15:30 (A&E - GEN)
Banacek ($10,000 a Page) - After a tycoon's (David Wayne) priceless book vanishes, Banacek moves in to crack the case.

05/05/98, 09:30, 15:30 (A&E - GEN)
Banacek (The Greatest Collection of Them All) - Banacek investigates the theft of a multimillion-dollar collection of French Impressionist paintings.

05/12/98, 09:30, 15:30 (A&E - GEN)
Banacek (The 2 Million Clams of Cap'n Jack) - A food company's stock certificates are stolen just as the corporation is about to assume control of a restaurant chain. Guest star: Andrew Duggan.

05/19/98, 09:30, 15:30 (A&E - GEN)
Banacek (No Stone Unturned) - An insurance company hands Banacek an attractive incentive to find a stolen $3 million statue: 10 percent of the statue's value if it is recovered in two days.

05/26/98, 09:30, 15:30 (A&E - GEN)
Banacek (If Max Is So Smart, Why Doesn't He Tell Us Where He Is?) - A hypochondriac (Anne Baxter) requests Banacek's help after her $2.5 million computer loaded with medical information disappears.

The Temp
Saturday, April 25, 1998 - 10:45 PM - HBO2
Tuesday, April 28, 1998 - 3:00 PM - HBO2
MOVIE: Suspense (100 Minutes)
(1993) A junior executive's temporary helper works her way up the ladder with her own deadly agenda. {CC,Stereo}. Timothy Hutton, Lara Flynn Boyle, Dwight Schultz, Oliver Platt, Steven Weber, Colleen Flynn. Directed by Tom Holland. Rated "R". Adult Language, Violence, Adult Situations.

Child of Rage
Thursday, April 30, 1998 - 9:00 PM - LIFE
MOVIE: Docudrama (120 Minutes)
(1992) A minister and his wife adopt a little girl and her brother without knowing of the abuse in their past. Mel Harris, Dwight Schultz, Mariette Hartley.

Thursday, April 23, 1998 - 12:30 PM - HBO
Tuesday, April 28, 1998 - 3:00 PM - HBO
MOVIE: Comedy (90 Minutes)
(1993) A mad scientist uses an industrial chemical on two pals and a gal at the theme park Freek Land. {CC,Stereo}. Alex Winter, Megan Ward, Michael Stoyanov, Randy Quaid, Mr. T, Brooke Shields. Directed by Tom Stern. Rated "PG-13". Adult Language, Violence, Adult Situations.

Tracks of Glory
Monday, April 20, 1998 - 8:15 AM - STARZ
MOVIE: Biography (105 Minutes)
(1989) Indiana-born Major Taylor breaks racial barriers as a world-champion bicycle racer in circa-1900 Australia. {Stereo}. Phil Morris, Cameron Daddo, Richard Roxburgh, Renee Jones, Robert Vaughn, Scott Burgess. Directed by Marcus Cole. Rated "NR".

Hangar 18
Tuesday, April 21, 1998 - 9:00 PM - WGTW
MOVIE: Science Fiction (120 Minutes)
(1980) Astronauts and a NASA scientist expose a White House staffer's cover-up of an occupied UFO. Darren McGavin, Robert Vaughn, Gary Collins, James Hampton, Philip Abbott, Joseph Campanella. Directed by James L. Conway.

The Sender
Thursday, April 23, 1998 - 9:00 PM - HBO
Friday, April 24, 1998 - 4:35 AM - HBO
Thursday, April 30, 1998 - 12:35 AM - HBO
MOVIE: Science Fiction (105 Minutes)
(1998) A military officer's daughter is kidnapped as he investigates a possible alien encounter. {CC,Stereo}. Michael Madsen, Robert Vaughn, Dyan Cannon, R. Lee Ermey, Shelli Lether. Rated "R". Adult Language, Violence.

Good Day for a Hanging
Tuesday, April 28, 1998 - 2:00 PM - TNT
MOVIE: Western (120 Minutes)
(1958) The new marshal is the only one in town who thinks a charming killer should hang. Fred MacMurray, Maggie Hayes, Robert Vaughn, Joan Blackman, James Drury, Denver Pyle. Directed by Nathan Juran.

04/18/98, 16:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (The Maltese Cow) - A powerful Chinese group ruins a restaurateur's business when he refuses to pay protection money.

04/19/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (In Plane Sight) - The team sets out to clear the name of an alleged cocaine smuggler.

04/20/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (The Battle of Bel Air) - An undercover reporter discovers some devilish goings-on at a security firm.

04/21/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Say It With Bullets) - A woman hires the team to investigate the murder of her brother, who was part of a munitions theft operation.

04/22/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Pure-Dee Poison) - The team helps a minister break up a moonshine operation.

04/23/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (It's a Desert Out There) - An outlaw desert group robs a busload of elderly people.

04/24/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Chopping Spree) - The team attempts to nab a car-theft ring.

04/25/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Harder Than It Looks) - A wealthy man hires the A-Team to free his kidnapped daughter.

04/26/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Deadly Maneuvers) - Terrorists capture Murdock, Face and B.A.

04/27/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Semi-Friendly Persuasion) - Members of a peaceful group ask the A-Team for help after ruffians harass them.

04/28/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Curtain Call) - While helping a wounded Murdock, the A-Team members are pursued by Lt. Decker and his men.

04/29/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Bullets and Bikinis) - The team flies to Miami to wage war against gangsters threatening to take over a resort hotel owned by two sisters.

04/30/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Fire) - The team tries to protect a fire chief from harassment.

05/01/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Timber!) - The team attempts to stop a crooked union boss from forcing a family-run logging operation out of business.

05/02/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Bend in the River) - A river pirate captures a man as he travels into uncharted Amazon River territory.

05/03/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN) A-Team (Bend in the River) - The A-Team hopes to rescue a traveler who has been captured by a river pirate.
05/04/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Trouble on Wheels) - B.A., Hannibal and cohorts infiltrate a car factory to capture a gang of ruthless auto-parts thieves.

05/05/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (The Island) - Hannibal, B.A. and cohorts raid a dope smuggler's den in the South Pacific and free a former Vietnam War buddy.

05/06/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Showdown!) - Three men posing as the A-Team terrorize a Wild West show.
05/07/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Sheriffs of Rivertown) - The A-Team is enlisted to restore law and order in a South American town.

05/08/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (The Bells of St. Mary's) - Hannibal and Face protect an all-female rock group being cheated by a record company.

05/09/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Hot Styles) - The team sets out to prevent a new line of fashion designs from being stolen. Guest star: Markie Post.

05/10/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Lease With an Option to Die) - The A-Team tangles with neighborhood thugs after answering B.A.'s mother's (Della Reese) call for help.

05/11/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Breakout!) - Hannibal devises an elaborate escape plan after B.A. and Murdock are mistaken for accomplices in a robbery and sentenced to work on a chain gang.

05/12/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (A Cup A' Joe) - B.A. and Murdock protect diner owners from a man who is trying to put them out of business.

05/13/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (The Big Squeeze) - Hannibal, B.A. and cohorts turn the tables on a ruthless loan shark who has been putting the squeeze on downtown businessmen.

05/14/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Champ!) - B.A. is set up as an unbeatable boxer when the team battles a gangster attempting to gain control of the local fight scene.

05/15/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Skins) - The A-Team plans to stop destructive poachers on a Kenya animal preserve. Guest star: Daphne Maxwell Reid.

05/16/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Road Games) - The team pursues gangsters who forced a reformed gambler to sign over the home where he and his daughter care for foster children.

05/17/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Moving Targets) - The A-Team must protect a sheik's daughter, who is about to marry a prince from an opposing country.

05/18/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Knights of the Road) - An ambitious auto mechanic asks for help after a ruthless competitor attempts to ruin his business.

05/19/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Waste 'Em) - The team battles corrupt refuse collectors who are dumping toxic waste into the city's sewer system.

05/20/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Bounty) - Romance blossoms between Murdock and a veterinarian after she rescues him from a group of bounty hunters.

05/21/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Beverly Hills Assault) - A young artist seeks the team's help in searching for the men who brutally assaulted her boyfriend.

05/22/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Trouble Brewing) - Two sisters who own of a soda pop factory are victimized by a competitor.

05/23/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Incident at Crystal Lake) - The A-Team takes a vacation after Col. Decker gets too close for comfort.

05/24/98, 17:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Where Is the Monster When You Need Him?) - On location in Mexico to film a monster movie, the A-Team locks horns with a war criminal.

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