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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 3 Issue N°14

Date: April 12, 1997
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE:   April 12, 1997
ISSUE:  14

Current newsletter + mailing list subscribership: 173
Current newsletter-only subscribership: 285
A-Team Collectibles Auction Update/
Dirk Benedict on Sci-Fi Vortex/
Movie update/
A-Team Lending Library Officially Open For Business/
Cassette Tape Offer/
Dwight Schultz in Radio Play/
Stephen J. Cannell News/

A-TEAM COLLECTIBLES AUCTION UPDATE: The auction is still going on, some new and very interesting items have been added. There are also a few items on the list not for auction but just for sale at the asking price - first request gets it.

FOR SALE AT ASKING PRICE: First request gets 'em: A-TEAM 8x10 photos.

Black and White 8x10 $3.50 each
- DS kissing Wendy Fulton from Bounty
- DS & Mr T - DS in sheriff's outfit
- DS & DB - holding guns
- four members of the A Team
- DS and Wendy Fulton kissing again
- DS smiling (this is a good pix of DS. He's sporting that killer smile of his.)

Color 8x10 $5.00 each
- Hannibal, Face, Murdock dressed in safari type gear.
- Murdock arms across chest w silly frown (cute)
- The original A Team different pose
- Murdock, serious expression, no hat

(NOTE: Seller also has some Wild Wild West photographs available, if anyone is interested let me know and I'll the info along to her.)

Remember - a bid must stand unchalleneged for 3 days after posting for the item to be sold.
>>>Increase by $1 for any item under $20.
>>>Increase by $2 for any item over $20.
>>>Increase by $5 for any item over $100.


Description/ Starting bid/ Current bid/ Held by

1) A-Team original Press kit : In original folder from MCATV. Includes bios of stars, DS/DB/GP/Mr. T, MC and MH. A-Team concept, background of characters, picture of team, Fact sheet. Plus a bonus surprise from the seller./ $15/ $26/ (4/12/97 [email protected])

2) Official Cannell Production A-Team Crew Jacket. Black satin with map of Nam on back and Gold A Team lettering. Size M./ $100/ $110/ (4/12/97 [email protected])

3) Faceman action figure/ $20/ $20 /(4/12/97 [email protected])

4) 12" Faceman Corvertte/ $15

5) A-Team trading cards set (66 cards)/ $50/ (4/12/97 [email protected])
6) ERTL, Diecast metal BA Black Van 1/48 scale -Tall: 2 inches, Long: 4 1/4 inches, Width: 2 inches (from wheel to wheel)/ $15.00

These are the trading cards left. Start is 0.25 cents each. # of each card available is listed.

[email protected] bids 0.25 on #54 (4/9/97) >>SOLD<
31) 1 41) 1 51) 2
12) 2 22) 1 32) 1 42) 1 52) 1
23) 1 33) 2 43) 2 53) 1
4) 2 24) 1 34) 2 44) 1
5) 1 15) 2 55) 1
6) 1 26) 1 36) 2 46) 1
7) 1 47) 2
48) 3 58) 1
9) 2 29) 2 59) 1
20) 3 30) 2
DIRK BENEDICT ON SCI-FI VORTEX: Watch the Sci-Fi Channel this weekend to see their special Battlestar Galactica edition. The guests will include Richard (Apollo) Hatch, Anne (Sheba) Lockheart, creator Glen Larson and Dirk (Starbuck) Benedict. Sci-Fi Vortex airs 10am Eastern Standard Time.
MOVIE UPDATE: Nothing earth-shattering or unexpected, but there was apparently a short piece on the movie on Access Hollywood this week. Basically it was cofirmed that the original cast will only be offered likely cameos, the main parts have been recast (did not say by who) and that a script had been submitted. Stay tuned...
A-TEAM LENDING LIBRARY OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS - Well, after teasing you all with this for a few weeks, we're ready to get this project started. The Lending Library's objective to is allow everyone on this mailing list access to in-print and out-of-print A-Team fanzines, letterzines, and all other forms of printed material related to the A-Team. Our collection at this point is on the small side, but we figured to start loaning out what we have now, hoping that this would encourage more people to donate funds for adding more materials to the library. Here is the breakdown of how the Library works, and the current collection list:

The library collection catalog is attached below. The collection is constantly growing so to request an updated catalog, email Denise at DDMESSER%[email protected]. (Note- Denise is the Librarian - NOT ME. I'm just collecting the funds and doing the copying at this point.)

Users are allowed to borrow at most 3 items at a time. To borrow titles from the library:

1. Email Denise at DDMESSER%[email protected] with your choices.

2. Denise will get back to you to confirm
(a) that the titles you requested are currenly in the library (b) how much postage will cost. Materials will be mailed 2-day Priority Mail.

3. Send Denise
(a) 1 check or money order to cover postage. Make checks payable to Denise Messer (b) an SASE for the return of your deposit check (c) a separate check or money order as a deposit on the materials you are borrowing.

Materials are loaned out for a period of 3 weeks, maximum. Please return the 'zines to Denise as soon as you are finished with them so that other people can enjoy them (and you can borrow more stuff!) Once your borrowed 'zines are returned, your deposit check will be returned - unless you would just like to leave it on hold at the library, a good choice if you intend to be a frequent user. Deposit checks will only be cashed if a 'zine is lost or returned in a damaged state and requires replacement.

Abbreviations in the current catalog:

AT = A-Team
BG = Battlestar Galactica
GEN = "generic" fanzine - no adult material, no age statement required.
* = out-of-print title, to our knowledge
3 THE A-FILES 10.00 AT & X-Files, GEN 116
16 THE A-TEAM FILE #1 5.50 *AT, GEN 51
17 THE A-TEAM FILE #2 5.50 *AT, GEN 53
18 THE A-TEAM FILE #3 5.50 *AT, GEN 55
19 THE A-TEAM FILE #4 5.50 *AT, GEN 54
13 ABOUT FACE 5.50 *AT, GEN (Face focus) 55
15 FACE THE ENEMY 5.50 *AT, BG GEN (Face focus) 51
12 FACE THE MUSIC 6.50 *AT, BG GEN (Face focus) 68
10 FACE VALUE 5.50 *AT, GEN (Face focus) 52
11 LOSING FACE 5.50 *AT, BG GEN (Face focus) 50
8 NEW IN TOWN, SAILOR 9.00 AT unaired script 97
9 PLAY IT AGAIN, MURDOCK 11.50 AT unaired script 126
Much more will be added in coming weeks. Current Library balance for copying purposes is $46.01 - figure that will allow us to add around 400 pages or to the current collection - but there's a lot more out there we need money for if we're going to add to the Library.

To become a libary sponsor, email [email protected] or snail mail Nicole Pellegrini, 2429 Locust Street #315, Philadelphia PA 19103. This collection is only possible because of the support of our sponsors. If you have a specific title or type of 'zine you'd like to sponsor, please indicate as much. Otherwise the money will be used at our discretion.

The following people have made the Lending Library Collection possible by their donations and support - Crystal Cochran, Kathleen Coyle, Donna Ferrara, Jacqueline Giacomo, Bridget Kelly, Michele Martin, Robin Ryder, Mary Sauers, Marianne Shablousky, Nancy Lynn Wilson.
NOTE: While donating to the library is not required for borrowing, I'd like to give those who have sponsored the collection to date priority as far as borrowing titles. It's only fair that since they paid for something to get copied, they should have a chance to see it first. But everyone is encouraged to contact Denise about borrowing titles - I'll leaveit in her more than capable hands to orchestrate things from this point on!

Stay tuned to future editions of this Newsletter for updates to the collection.
For a while I've wanted to put together an extended A-Team "soundtrack" tape, something I could pop in the walkman whenever I needed a good A-Team fix fast. So, here it is. I put this together from music and dialog snippets from episode tapes, the official soundtrack cd, cds when I had music that had been featured in the show, plus a few songs that just remind me of the Team for whatever reason. It's ~100 minutes long, so if you want a copy, I can dub it for you. It came out quite nicely (and yes, there several snippets of Dwight's singing, I rememebred that thread from a while back...!)

Anyway, if you want a copy, just send me a blank (100 min) audio tape, and return postage and envelope. Nicole Pellegrini, 2429 Locust Street #315, Philadelphia PA 19103. Postage should run about $1.00-1.25.

Here's the track list -

The A-Team: We're on the Jazz Now - Side One
Walla Walla Bing Bang!*
Young Hannibal^
One Way or Another (Blondie)
Working on the Dishline*
Let's Get Busted^
I'm the Face (The Who)
Surfin' USA*
Surf City*
Bend in the River Rhumba*
I Love the Smell of...*
Revolution (The Beatles)
Trouble on Wheels*
Move Away (Culture Club)
It's a Local Dialect*
Banditos (The Replacements)
I've Got a Plan*
Not Fade Away*
Let it Go*
The Chairman of the Board*
Dare to be Stupid (Weird Al)
Superfreak (Rick James)*
The A-Team in NYC^
Side Two ---- 5th Season Theme*
Dreamline (Rush)
The Tank*
See You Later, Aligator*
Dedicated Follower of Fashion*
Baby You're a Rich Man (The Beatles)
Into My Heart*
Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)
Pecos Bob Steele and the Three Blind Mice*
The A-Team Prepares for War^
Demolition Man (The Police)
Calling Bigfoot*
I'm a Lumber Jack*
1st Season Theme*
One More Time*
Eve of Destruction*
Opposites Attract*
Friend is a Friend (Pete Townsend)
Super-Extended End Theme*
The End...?*
*Taken off videotape
^ from official soundtrack
DWIGHT SCHULTZ IN RADIO PLAY: I found some more info on the net about the radio play that Dwight was apparently just involved in taping. Here's the full scoop for anyone that's interested. FYI, Dwight was also involved in the "War of the Worlds" production put together by I believe this same group; I don't know if he was in the other projects mentioned here (info would be appreciated).

Subject: Alien Voices Dramatic Reading at Creation's Grand Slam V
Star Trek Convention
From: [email protected] (karenr)
Date: 1997/04/07
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.startrek.info

Saturday, March 22, 1997, 8:30 p.m., Pasadena Center

Alien Voices was formed in 1996 by Leonard Nimoy, John de Lancie, and Nat Segaloff to create multi-media works of sci-fi and fantasy. Nimoy and de Lancie cast their productions with Star Trek alumni. They perform live readings of classic works on radio, which are then taped for sale. These readings are scripted adaptations of literary works such as H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine" and Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth." This production of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World" is the fourth production for the group. It was directed by Nimoy and written by Segaloff and de Lancie.

Although the group's previous recordings have been performed only in-studio, this performance was opened to convention-goers who actually got the chance to participate in the performance by providing background crowd noises to be spliced into the final tapes.

Before the reading began, de Lancie explained the concepts behind the troupe. He answered a few audience questions, revealing how Alien Voices and Creation came together on this project in just two months' time. He asked the audience to become engaged in the performance not only by its participation and presence, but by closing its eyes to help imagine the scenes the actors were performing. The program encouraged viewers to "Think of this performance as a live radio show or a favorite old B-movie. Watch how sound effects and dramatic readings are created. Have a ball and let your mind roam freely."

Creation advised the tape will be available at bookstores, but could not say when. Other Alien Voices productions are available as Audio Books published by Simon & Schuster.

Cast for "The Lost World":
Roxann Dawson
John de Lancie
Richard Doyle
Marnie Mosiman
Leonard Nimoy
Ethan Phillips
Dwight Schultz
Armin Shimerman

The show program noted: "In preparing this Alien Voices event, director Leonard Nimoy and writers Nat Segaloff and John de Lancie took their production clues from the original book. Like the author, this 'Lost World' stresses Doyle's themes of evolution and cultural imperialism. It also explores the subplot of ape-men and Amazon Indians fighting the battle for the Lost World. Additionally, we have added a twist that we feel reflects another kind of evolution: Professor Summerlee is now [a woman].

"After years of being associated with other people's projects we wanted to enter the next century at the helm of our own," said Nimoy. "Alien Voices gives us a chance to work with other artists who also want to branch out, yet still provide audiences with the quality they've come to expect from us."

Adds de Lancie, "I was raised on the classics - Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and others. Now we can bring these to even wider audiences by means of new technologies and old friends."
STEPHEN J. CANNEL NEWS: More pulled off the internet, looks like SJC has a new book due out soon, and will be making some public appearances:

Subject: Stephen J. Cannell book signing in Dayton, Ohio
From: Andrew Kaplan
Date: 1997/04/10
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
Newsgroups: alt.tv.wiseguy,alt.tv.rockford-files,alt.tv.silk-stalkings

Stephen J. Cannell, creator of Wiseguy, Rockford Files, Silk Stalkings, Renegade, The A-Team, and many other TV series, will be signing his new novel, _King Con_, at Books & Co. in Dayton, Ohio.

When: Tuesday, June 3, 1997, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Line numbers will be given out starting at 6:30 p.m.

Where: Books & Co.
350 E. Stroop Rd.
Dayton, OH 45429
Phone: 937-298-6540 In Ohio or Indiana: 800-777-4881
Fax: 937-298-7895

Mr. Cannell's schedule permitting (gotta have that disclaimer, just in case), it is possible to order a copy of the book and have it signed and shipped. If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to call us or e-mail me.

As an aside, I've read the first 150 pages of the book, and it's great. Would have read more, but that's all the teaser excerpt the publisher sent out. Cannell has created another charming rogue in Beano X. Bates, a con artist working with New Jersey Prosecutor Victoria "Tricky Vicky" Hart to bring down mob boss Joe "The Dancer" Rica. It's like The Sting as rewritten by Quentin Tarantino if Tarantino was anywhere near as good as Stephen J. Cannel.
All times are Eastern Standard

04:00pm Sun Apr-13
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-6pm ...... Ser/Dram "Pilot". Reporter Amy Allen (Melinda Culea) hires framed, fugitive soldiers-of-fortune Hannibal, B.A., Murdock and Face (Tim Dunigan), to rescue a kidnapped colleague near Acapulco.
04:00pm Mon Apr-14
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram "Say It With Bullets". A woman hires the team to investigate an arms-theft that has already cost the life of her brother. CC.
04:00pm Tue Apr-15
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram "Pure-Dee Poison". The team helps a Southern minister (John Amos) break a ring selling poisonous moonshine. Guests: Bo Hopkins, Tracy Reed. CC.
08:00pm Tue Apr-15
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 8-9pm ...... Ser/Dram "Diamonds 'n Dust". A mysterious woman (Kristen Meadows) wants her slain father's South African diamond mine freed from unscrupulous businessmen. CC.
04:00pm Wed Apr-16
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram "It's a Desert Out There". The team fights robbers, led by a bandit (Jeannie Wilson), who ambush tour buses leaving a run-down Nevada casino. CC.
08:00pm Wed Apr-16
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 8-9pm ...... Ser/Dram "Recipe for Heavy Bread". The team members aid their former POW cook (Mako), an unwitting participant in drug smuggling. Guest: Marjoe Gortner. CC.
04:00pm Thu Apr-17
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram "Chopping Spree". The team investigates a used-car dealer (Dennis Franz) marketing stolen auto parts. CC.
08:00pm Thu Apr-17
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 8-9pm ...... Ser/Dram "The Only Church in Town". Face's former girlfriend (Markie Post), now a nun, hires the team to rescue nuns and orphans held in an Ecuadorean monastery. CC.
4/18/97, 16:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Harder Than It Looks) - A wealthy man hires the A-Team to free his kidnapped daughter. ( )
4/18/97, 20:00 (FX - GEN)
A-Team (Bad Time on the Border) - A lost Mexican girl leads B.A. to a smuggling ring responsible for illegally transporting aliens across the border. ( )
12:00pm Mon Apr-14
MAX .... THE BLUE MAX (1966) *** (NR) ......... 12-2:45pm .. Movi/War A lowborn World War I German ace covets a medal of honor and his highborn commander's wife. With: George Peppard, James Mason, Ursula Andress, Jeremy Kemp, Carl Schell, Karl Michael Vogler, Loni von Friedl, Anton Diffring, Peter Woodthorpe, Harry Towb. Stereo. NR: Adult Situations, Violence
09:30am Tue Apr-15
A+E .... BANACEK .............................. 9:30-11am .. Ser/Crim "Now You See Me -- Now You Don't". A securities thief (Jay Robinson) disappears with $1.75 million during his amateur magic show; with Gretchen Corbett, Pat Harrington, Peter Marshall.
12:00pm Mon Apr-14
TNT .... CHIPS ................................ 12-1pm ..... Ser/Crim "The Hawk and the Hunter". After his father is injured, Baricza considers leaving the CHP to run the family flying business. Guest: Dwight Schultz.
08:00pm Wed Apr-16
CBS .... THE NANNY ............................ 8-8:30pm ... Ser/Sitc "Me and Mrs. Joan". Fran tries to reunite Maxwell with his estranged father and stepmother (Robert Vaughn, Joan Collins). CC, Stereo, Rerun.
Things to look for soon in the newsletter or from one of our related A-Team projects:

1. FICTION FROM LORRAINE BEATTY. Lorraine gave me permission this week to reprint her A-Team fiction from the now out-of-print 'zine series CLOSED FOR REMODELING. Once I get some time on the lab scanner, I'll have it here for your enjoyment.

2. UPCOMING SOCKII PRESS 'ZINES. If we stay on track, Sockii Press will have two new 'zines available next month, in time for Media West. First, the FOURTH issue of PLANS SCAMS AND VANS - our A-Team fan-fic & information 'zine. This will be the biggest issue to date, with great stuff and LOTS of crossovers. Also available will be WHATEVER GETS YOU THROUGH THE NIGHT #1 - our first multi-media, adults-only 'zine. This first issue will include fiction in the A-TEAM, X-FILES, ST:VOYAGER, and BABYLON 5 universes. To put in an advance order, or receive more information, on either title, email me ([email protected]).

The electronically downloadable version of PLANS SCAMS AND VANS #2 is also almost ready for distribution. Annoucement next issue, hopefully...

sockii, aka nicole (http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~pellegri/)
Been there, done that, saw the movie, got the limited-edition trading cards.
Proud member of the Narn Bat Squad <Whack!> and the C.o.M.

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