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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 3 Issue N°10

Date: February 18, 1997
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE:   February 18, 1997
ISSUE:  10

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Hey all, it's been a busy few weeks for me and a pretty slow news time, so this'll be pretty short this issue.

Vidcon mini-report
Dwight "spotting" at Bab-Trek 1
Sockii Press homepage
Spring Philly Party?

VIDCON REPORT: The weekend of Jan. 31st was Vidcon, and Rhonda, Liz, Laura, Michele and I were all there in Florida for the activities. It was a nice, small con, and it was a lot of fun actually getting to meet some list people I've known electronically for a long time. We had an A-Team panel Saturday, and Friday night we stayed up watching some A-Team vids and scheming up lots of strange stuff. I'll try to put together a detailed con report on my homepage if anyone's interested.
DWIGHT "SPOTTING" AT BAB TREK 1: Not so much a sighting as just an interesting mention, from Jerry Doyle of "Babylon 5". I reported the following on the message reflector:

...someone asked him[Jerry Doyle] if he had a favorite episode or a favorite person to work with on the show. After going on for a while about how he really couldn't pick a favorite - there were too many good ones and good people - he went ahead and said, "Well, just as one example, I was doing a scene with Dwight Schultz, who is a really gifted, incredible actor" and he went on todescribe the scene in "The Long Dark" where Dwight's character, Amis, describes to Garibaldi what happened to him on the listening post years ago. Jerry said how it was one of the few times he'd ever gotten so completely wrapped up into a shoot that he never even heard when the director yelled, "Cut!"

Now, we can only, only hope that JMS might decide to use Dwight again on one of the future Bab5 spin-off projects! Anyway, there will also be a detailed con report on the web page for anyone who's interested, check back in a few days...
SOCKII PRESS HOMEPAGE: Sockii Press now has its own homepage for information and guidelines on all our current and upcoming fanzine publications. Besides information on in-print titles, you can find out what projects we're looking for submissions for in the future (check it out besides A-Team we'll be doing some multi-media theme-zines, and hopefully even a RIPTIDE 'zine!) To see for yourself, go to:

SPRING PHILLY PARTY: Well, it's almost time to start thinking about doing another A-Team Philly Fest. I'll suggest sometime in April for it - anyone care to submit which weekends would work best for them, and advance RSVP so I'll know if there's enough interest for it? The drill will be the same as before - lots of food, lots to drink, lots of A-Team, perhaps an excursion out after the party if we can't take no more tv. Friends and A-Team newbies welcome. Information on getting to my place in the Philadelphia area via train, plane, or automobile available upon asking.

>From [email protected], we have the following suggested trivia question:
>Name an episode that BA climbs aboard to fly without saying a word about
>doing it ?
This comes to us courtesy [email protected], who sent this transcript along with the following note:

Hi Nicole,
I've managed to find an old G.P interview with Britain's Terry Wogan, so here is the transcript in case you want to put it in the newsletter. George was interviewed last on the program after Edward Woodward an Michell Letrice, who are all sitting comfortably together along the sofa. Please forgive typos!

T: Your looking terrific, very slim

G: Well, I work at it, yes er...

T: Do you have to work at keeping the old figure trim?

G: Well its more than that. On the series, because of er..exhaustion and giving up smoking I gained weight, gained about 30 pounds and lost 30 pounds, without exercise and on the schedule that we had - I don't know if you had as d a one as we were on ( to EW) - but I was up at 4 in the morning to do my exercises before I left at 5:30 or 7:00 and ten more pages the next day and I got into the habit of exercise and er.. since the series has been over about shooting about 90 days I have been exercising with a vengeance like a man who has been denied his rights.".my body is my own and I can do what I like with it"!

T: Did you enjoy making that series?

G: Well initially I had an awfully good time, I mean I got a chance, a rare chance for me, to do character parts, you know, wigs and false noses and at times... as a matter of fact we had a coprocduer of the series Frank Lupo who wrote a part as a two hour show as an opening to the season where I played - where the part of Hannibal took over - the part of a hood and he introduced the part of the hood first, so I played the hood and then I played the part of Hannibal putting on the makeup to play the hood and later the hood came back into the scene and I was talking to myself (laughter) and at that point I realised that I'd come to the end of the line..(more laughter) where I realised that I really wanted another actor to play that part, but I did manage in that part to fool some people who knew me, and there's a great joy in that. Different from a lot of straight parts as I've done most of my life.

T: Its an ensemble of course, I mean your play in with three other people, I mean how did you all get on together, we have a picture of all four of you together (shown) yes there you are, were you all one happy team, or are you gonna tell us the truth? (laughter)

G: Ah well the show is playing here in England I wouldn't wanna say anything to make it less pleasurable for the audience. We did have some difficulty, er.. because.. er.. Mr T got into a quarrel with the producers and executive producers and er her wanted to fire some of the crew, and that included a wardrobe lady, co incidently who was born and raised in Britain, a very nice lady, and the sound crew, the second camera crew (laughter) and the unit manager.

T: There wasn't a chance he was getting too big for his necklaces was there?

G: Well you know, nobody likes to rock the boat in televeision anm er.. Steven Cannell who was the owner and co creator of the series was prepared to replace thee people. We were all in a boat in the Mexican waters and when we got back, They told me about it and I'd heard about it, He'd refused to shoot, and um I went into Mr Cannell's office and said "If you have a list of 6, you may put George Peppard's name down as number 7, if your going to fire them. He elected not to do that and er..that er, that was the right thing to do because, as you know and as we all know, the power of stardom is really a load of crap - and should be dealt with, properly and as a fellow worker. It did irritate me, um, I didn't speak to him for 16 weeks.

T: He doesn't say a lot anyway.

G: No. there's not a lot to say, but we got over that and we went about the show. The show comes first.

T: There's obviously criticism with children watching the show, the violence..

G: Yes..I don't think so, I think ..the A team are either the worst shots in the world... they take a macninhe gun and blow everything up..but its good because it tells everyone to begin with "We're out for fun.. there' sgoing to be no blood, there's going to be no horror here" er, you know what we intend, you know we don't like the bad guys, and we do defeat them, I think its good. It also gave us some leeway into farce, because bascially, the best thing about the A Team to me was when we came close to what I just think is the funniest people in the world - Monty Python --...when you have something that is utterly ridiculous that's treated with absolute seriousness, and when we did that well, I thought we were very funny.

( here EW comes in with his own ideas on TV vioence and agrees with G's assesment of the A team)

G: yeah there's a strange rule NBC has, that if you have a pistol in your hand and your gonna point it at somebody, you may point it at their heart, but you may not point it at there head; now there is a piece of network logic. There's a joke in Californaia, I don't know if you have it on this side of the ocean but I'll repeat it quicky: The difference between a dead cat in the raod and a dead Televison Executive are there are skid marks in front of the cat.

(everyone laughs, T. thanks all three guests)

Hope this is one you haven't seen before!

Rachael Jenna

All times Eastern Standard.

MOVIE: Ruckus
Drama, 1980 Feb 25 2:00am TNT
A Vietnam vet (Dirk Benedict) can't adjust to civilian life. Linda Blair, Ben Johnson, Richard Farnsworth. Max Kleven directed. Rated PG : strong language, adult themes, violence.
Banacek 03:30pm Tue, Feb18 A&E
Out of sight: a set of engraved stock certificate plates. Banacek: George Peppard. Erika: Jessica Walter. Cap'n Jack: Andrew Duggan. Penniman: Linden Chiles. Morgan: David White. Osburn: William Schallert.
Banacek 03:30pm Tue, Feb25 A&E
A 3-ton, 10-foot marble sculpture vanishes before its unveiling. Banacek: George Peppard. Collier: Scott Brady. Russell: Gary Lockwood. Carlie: Christine Belford.
04:00pm Wed Feb-19
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram "Champ!". To stop a mobster's takeover of local boxing events, Hannibal sets up a syndicate with B.A. fighting as Volcano Johnson.
08:00pm Wed Feb-19
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 8-9pm ...... Ser/Dram "The Doctor Is Out". The team journeys to a South American jungle to rescue Murdock's kidnapped therapist (Richard Anderson). Guest: Jeannetta Arnette.
04:00pm Thu Feb-20
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram "Skins". Infatuated B.A. volunteers the team to help a Kenyan game warden (Daphne Maxwell) find the poachers who killed her brother.
08:00pm Thu Feb-20
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 8-9pm ...... Ser/Dram "Wheel of Fortune". Agents detour Murdock to South America when he embarks on a Hawaiian trip he won on ``Wheel of Fortune.'' Guests: Pat Sajak, Vanna White.
04:00pm Fri Feb-21
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram "Road Games". As payment for a debt, the mob demands a reformed gambler (Jason Evers) sign over a foster home he and his daughter run.
08:00pm Fri Feb-21
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 8-9pm ...... Ser/Dram "The A Team Is Coming, The A Team Is Coming". The team works with the Soviets to prevent an insane Soviet general from triggering World War III. Guest: William Smith.
04:00pm Sat Feb-22
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram "Knights of the Road". The team confronts a greedy towing-service operator (Don Stroud) pressuring a one-truck competitor to fold.
08:00pm Sat Feb-22
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 8-9pm ...... Ser/Dram "Waiting for Insane Wayne". The team pretends to be mercenaries to protect a teen-age squatter (Moosie Drier) from an unscrupulous landowner.
04:00pm Sun Feb-23
FX ..... A-TEAM ............................... 4-5pm ...... Ser/Dram "Waste 'Em!". The team battles a garbage-disposal company sabotaging its competitor and dumping toxic waste into city sewers.
That's all for this issue - I said it would be a brief one! Sometimes schoolwork gets to be too much of a timesink.

Until next time, stay on the jazz!

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