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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 2 Issue N°20

Date: July 3, 1996
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE:   July 3, 1996
ISSUE:  20
Well, it would be foolish to start this issue off with anything less than the ***REALLY BIG NEWS*** of the past week, which of course had to break while I was away on vacation...anyway, much thanks to Michele Lellouche for first posting the following to reflector list:
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - ``The A-Team'' is set to become the latest television series to get a new life on the big screen.

Universal Pictures plans a big-budget version of the action-comedy show which starred Mr. T and the late George Peppard for summer 1998.

The series was about a group of outcast Vietnam veterans who secretly banded together to fight injustices around the country, using the skills they learned in the war, while evading capture by government officials.

Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz rounded out the case of the NBC hit, which ran from 1983-87 and is still in syndication with 100 episodes.

Producer Stephen J. Cannell said the movie would pit the A-Team against a group that is trying to take over the U.S. and that would adopt a more serious tone than the TV series.

He said he would look to give cameos to the three survivors but would recast the lead roles with feature stars.

``We will probably try to find parts for members of our series to pay homage to them,'' he said. ``But basically we're going to be recasting this with other people -- doing an updated version of the A-Team, circa today.''

Universal has hired Richard Hatem, who co-wrote ``Under Siege 2: Dark Territory,'' to pen a version of the picture for an initial $250,000.

As for the budget, Cannell said it will be on a par with any of the major action vehicles over the last few years.

`'The A-Team' had the biggest action elements of any TV series in the '80s,'' he said. ``I think that certainly the action elements in this piece have to be the equivalent to what you've been seeing.''

Movie versions of TV series have generally done well at the box office, with ``Mission: Impossible'' being the latest to accomplish a successful transition.

Other successes have included ``The Fugitive'', ``The Flintstones'', ``The Addams Family'' and ``The Untouchables.'' Flops have included ``Flipper'' and ``Car 54 Where Are You?''
Needless to say this announcement has caused quite a stir amongst us fans here - some people love the idea, some people hate it...of couse, this isn't a *lot* of information to go on but I must admit to being rather concerned about how this movie is going to turn out myself. I've never liked the idea of an A-Team feature film to begin with, unless it featured the original cast. But what really gets my alarms going off is this idea of "updating" show, "circa today," makes little sense to me. Is the Team still going to be a group of Vietnam veterans on the run from the military? If so, why *not* still use T, Dwight, and Dirk? And if not, who are they going to be?? Desert Strom veterans? Just a random group of military operatives? I can't see that having any of the same feeling as the original show.

If *I* was doing a movie on TAT, I would have tried one of the following 2 plot devices myself:

1. A Vietnam-era story, showing how the Team met, what happened in the POW camp they were in, and the real story about the Hanoi Bank Job. I think the real fans AND the general public could get into this, it ould make for a great war flick, AND it wouldn't seem as unreasonable o recast the parts with young actors, for obvious reasons.

2. The much-quoted & thought-about "Revenge of Hannibal" story, wherein the surviving Team members seek to revenge the Colonel's death. Again, this could have great appeal to the show's original fans, you could use the original cast, and get into a conspiracy story-line similar to what's so popular on tv and the media in general today. That SJC himself is involved with the project may be its only saving grace at this point, but by getting more "serious" they'll be missing most of the appeal of the original show (isn't that why the 5th season was such a bomb in most people's minds - because it tried to be too serious?) The sole credit quoted for the writer that's been hired does little to get my hopes up either.

At this point the only real good thing I see about this film is that, if it *is* a sucess (with the "real" fans or just the general public), it could help stir up the fandom a bit, get more people new & old into it. And maybe help get enough momentum going to do that A-Team convention one of these days!

Anyway, just my 2 cents on the issue. Of course, stay tuned here for more news on the subject, and PLEASE pass along any info/rumors you may hear about it in the future. And I'd be glad to hear from more people here about their thoughts on the project - either posted to the reflector list or send it to me for inclusion in the newsletter.

Just befre I left on vacation I received my video tapes from Con Rad last October. One of the tapes has the complete panel discussion Dwight Schultz and Robert O'Reilly did (about 1 hour long), and is quite funny. The video and sound quality is pretty decent, and I'm going to try to have one or two screen-shots from it on my AT web page this week for the curious. If you are interested in ordering the tape or the whole set of videos, contact [email protected] for more details.

Someone told me they had already seen trailers for Dirk's upcoming movie, "Alaska," in theaters (was it you, Frank?) Anyway, I still haven't heard what the actual release date is, but if anyone knows please pass it along. It should be out sometime this summer.

Also about Dirk, it's been confirmed that he is appearing at some upcoming convention in England. The following info was passed on to me from one of our subscribers:

>There's a convention taking place in Norfolk , England the weekend around
>the 27th and it features Dirk Benedict as a guest. It's called CULT TV and
>taking place the third or fourth time this year - I can't remember exactly.

VCR ALERT: HBO is replaying a TV movie Dwight did in 1992 called "Woman with a Past", first this Thursday at 11 am EST, then next week on Monday at 5 pm and Friday at 11:30 am. This is an above-average TV movie and Dwight has a pretty big part in it, so if you're a big fan you probably should check it out.

I got this information a little while back but kept forgetting to pass it on here. Anyway, one of our members found this flyer at MediaWest Con in May, and it looks like this should be of interest to some of us here. Thanks to Robin for typing it all in:

The Cannell Files

FANDOM: All Stephen J. Cannell Shows
SUBMISSIONS: Continuously Open
DEADLINE FOR #23: July 20, 1997
[note from Robin: yes, it does say 1997, but other text in the flier leads me to believe they mean 1996]
PRINT DATES: Bi-Monthly, beginning in June 1996
PRICE: Available as single issues or up to three in advance $3.00 each (U.S.), $4.50 each (Canada), $5.50 each (Overseas)

Attention: Stephen J. Cannell Fans!

In an effort to encourage fan involvement with the newly revived *Cannell Files* letterzine, Orion Majoris Publications is pleased announce the following incentive offer.

Thanks to *The Stephen J. Cannell Fan Club*, we were able to get 10 hardback copies of Cannell's est-selling 1995 novel, _The Plan_, which will go to the first ten fans to send Letters of Comment in to *The cannell Files*. Issue #22 of TCF will be published in June 1996, and will be a non-LoC issue, filled only with articles, episode guides, and the standard non-LoC features *Cannell Files* fans had grown to expect from the zine. Issue #23, scheduled for prin in August, will be a rturn to the Letter-of-Comment filled days of yesteryear--but only if you send your comments in.

Two hundered copies of *The OMP Update* [note from Robin: the multi-page flier in which this ad is appearing] are being distributed at MediaWest*Con 16 on Memorial Day weekend. Immediately following the convention, another approx 150 to 200 copies will be sent thru the mail to the individuals on the OMP mailing list. Since most con attendees won't actually start looking at the flyers they've picked up until after the con, you've all got an equal chance. To give ou foreign fans a chance, the book-winning 10 will be divided up into the first 8 U.S. letter-writers, and the first 2 Canadian or overseas LoCers. And not only will the first 10 LoC contributors (determined by postmark dates) rec free copies of Stephen's first novel..._all_ LoC contributors will rec issue #23 of TCF free of charge as well. For those w/ existing TCF subscriptions, an extra issue will be added to your sub.

To get you started, here's the suggested Topic For Discussion which will appear in TCF #22 for use in TCF #23: _With the recent wave of reunion movies based on Cannell shows (*Hunter*, *Rockford Files* and *Wiseguy*), which other Cannell series would you like to see brought back as a one-shot or series of TV movies, and why? And what do you think would have happened to the characters on that show in the intervening years since it went off the air?

We look forward to hearing from all you Cannell fans still active in fandom. The 10 winners will be notified by postcard, and their copies of the book will be sent w/ their copies of TCF #23. Please send your LoCs to:

The Cannell Files Promotion
Orion Majoris Publications
5100 Emerald Dr. #16
Lincoln, NE 68516
Okay everyone, lets write in and make sure there's plenty of A-TEAM coverage in the Cannell Files!

Last issue's question was:
>What monster was Hannibal playing in the 4th-season episode, "Where
>Is the Monster When You need Him?" And for bonus points, what color did
>his 'agent' Jerry keep insisting the monster suit should have been?

As Gina ([email protected]) correctly pointed out:
The monsters name is Gatorella and the color Jer insisted on was
irradecent purple.

Also, Tracey ([email protected]) deserves mention for getting the bonus part of the question right, even though she couldn't remember Gatorella's name.

This issue's question is:
>What was the name of the rock star the Team was protecting in the episode
>"There Goes the Neighborhood", and for bonus points name one of her albums.
Well, finally, here are the results to the last survey I conducted. We had 21 responses which is pretty good for the middle of summer...quotes from survey responses are listed after the ">"'s or in parenthesis.

1. Which character on the A-Team do you identify with the most?
1st place with 10 votes (48%): MURDOCK
>When people keep asking what planet I'm from, it's easy to see why I might identify with Murdock
>I'd have to say Murdock. I like Face the best , but I identify with Murdock more then any other character.
>we're both cookoo
>because I'm similarily crazy (that's what my friends say, anyway).I have his immagination (which can be problematic sometimes) and the most rediculous (i.e. genious) ideas,and, just like him I'd do anything for my friends (and the golfballs!!!)
>I identify with Murdock because I usually do crazy things and try to liven things up a bit.

2nd place with 5 votes (24%) TIE: FACE & HANNIBAL Hannibal
>He's very openminded, creative and confident.
>I love his ability to be cool under pressure and his confidence.
>has to come up with plans; holds team together Face
>Face because I like to worker smarter, not harder.
>I identify to Faceman the most because people already tell me I'm a liar!

3rd place with 1 vote (4%): AMY
>Amy, oddly enough. She's the normal, run of the mill person who gets involved with this bunch of wackos while still trying to hold down a regular job. She manages to grit her teeth and pull off some pretty macho stuff despite not having formal commando training or fifteen years of combat experience(I'm thinking of holding the air traffic controllers hostage during Beast from the Belly of a Boeing, and defending herself and a pregnant Trish Brenner from the lunatics in Nice Place to Visit). Though she does flake out occassionally, which I prefer not to identify with.
2. Would you be want to see a Hollywood-style A-Team movie produced? If yes, who would you cast in the main roles (if you couldn't get T, Dirk, and Dwight, etc)?

No - 7 votes (33%)
>No way to recapture the original, not the way Hollywood is today.
>No!! I don't think that anyone could do justice to the roles. Besides, I think the A-Team works best on the small screen.
>if i couldnt get them, whats the point?
>NO! The A-Team should never be recreated w/o the original cast. It would just take away from the greatness of the show. Can you imagine someone else attempting to recreate the special craziness of Dwight Schultz's Murdock w/o ruining the character? Or someone else attempting to play the legendary Colonel Smith w/o taking away the qualities that make him legendary? Anything but the original would be a cheap imitation. The A-Team doesn't deserve that.
>Ick. Not without the original cast--I don't think I could take it; besides, can *you* think of anyone other than Mr. T who could be Mr. T enough to play BA? Perhaps Shannen Dougherty in a bizarre alternate universe, but I really don't want to go there........
>Probably not, because nineties style and sensibility are incompatible with the good-natured, all-american hero style of the A-team, so I don't think it would be any good.
>No - it would proably spoil the image of the original team unless it was a really big hit, was well written and had some good actors. The only good thing to come out of it would be that more people would then be more aware of the original series which may encourage TV companies to show it more.

No answer/unsure - 3 votes (15%)
>Tricky question. On one hand I would love to see an A-Team movie, but on the other hand I think I would only enjoy it with the original cast.

Yes - 11 votes (52%)
>Yes, but only with T, Dwight, and Dirk. Hannibal could be played by......Harrison Ford, he has the age, the humor and the action, but I don't know if he smokes cigars.
>if we "OTJers" did the script!

HOW PEOPLE WOULD CAST THE ROLES (Note: some poeple who said they didn't want to see a movie still picked actors for the roles. One common trend to note was that often a person would indicate that their favorite character's role was "irreplacable" by anyone but the original actor.)

3 votes: Sean Connery
2 votes: Jack Nickolson, Patrick Stewart
1 vote each:
John Cleese, James Coburn, James Garner, Kesley Gramer, Gene Hackman, James Earl Jones, Leslie Nielsen, Leonard Nimoy, Jerry Orbach, Robert Redford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Walken, David Warner,
"The guy who plays Hayden Fox on the series 'Coach'."

2 votes: Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson
1 vote each:
Alec Baldwin, Scott Bakula, Bruce Boxleitner, Chevy Chase, George Clooney, David Duchovny, Michael J. Fox, Hugh Grant, David Hasselhoff (the irony), Rick Mayall, Mathew Modine, Christian Slater, John Travolta,
'The guy who plays Joe on the show "Wings"
6 votes (ack!): Jim Carrey
2 votes: Adrian Edmonson, Brent Spiner
1 vote each:
Dan Ackroyd (if he lost 50 pounds), Tim Allen, Brad Dourif (he already has the psycho roles down and could pass as Dwight's long-lost brother...), Anthony Edwards, Mark Hammill, Keanu Reeves, Michael Richards, Robin Williams
5 votes: Samuel Jackson
2 votes: Michael Dorn
1 vote each:
Laurence Fishburne, Eddy Murphy, William "The Refridgerator" Perry. 'List member Holy Schera', Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reggie White
>Tough one. Probably some professional wrestler.

1 vote each: Sandra Bullock, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Patricia Tallman

1 vote: Daniel Benzali
3. Do you think there is anyone out there (real, cartoon, or TV/movie character(s)) that could take on the A-Team?

Yes - 8 votes (38%)
2 votes to Mission: Impossible Team
>The REAL Mission Impossible team NOT the tom cruise Crap
2 votes to MacGyver
>provided he has his knife and a role of tape.

1 vote each to:
Dr Who
The Terminator
>The teams I think that could give the A-team a good run for their money would be either Robert DeNiro's team in Heat, or the dudes from the Usual Suspects.
>Plenty: Galactus, Hulk, superman, the Babylon 5 Shadows, Death itself, Phoenix, ...
The Shadows on Babylon 5

No - 7 votes (33 %)
>That's the beauty of the show; no one can beat them.
>take on, but not win right? :)
>If the rules of the game would not change, I�m sure NOONE could take on the A-Team - not even Superman, because I�m sure the A-Team would invent some Kryptonite device. But, and this is a big but, if the A-Team would suddenly be transfered to the real world they wouldn�t stand a chance. Some of the heavies would certainly shoot them all in the back and done over with.

UNSURE/NO ANSWER - 6 votes (29%)
4. Who would you have loved to see the A-Team "team up" with (as in other TV characters like Knight Rider, Airwolf, Blossom, whatever)?

4 votes: Scully and Mulder (X-Files)
3 votes: Magnum PI
2 votes: Airwolf, Hardcastle & McCormick
1 vote each to:
American Gothic
Babylon 5
>I don't know how far America is with Babylon 5, but we are just where the earh government want to sign an anti- war-treatywith the Centauri, so if the B5 crew and their various friends teamed up with TAT, the Shadows or whoever would stand no chance against them!
Bruce Willis in a Die Hard-style action-thriller-type film.
Dukes of Hazzard
The Equilizer
Get Smart
Ralph Hinkley(sp?) and Bill Maxwell
Knight Rider
Louis & Clark
Melrose Place
Mission: Imposssible
Quantum Leap
The Riptide Boys
Simon & Simon
Sledge Hammer
Remingtion Steele and Laura Holt.
>Any Stephen J Cannell show from the 80s.

No one - 2 votes
>NO, NO, NO!!! I usually hate these kind of series. The A-Team is very special as all of you know. If you would just picture our beloved team working with a character like D.Hasselhoff, you wouldn�t ask such a question.
>I kind of like them solo.
5. Who would you have loved to see the A-Team take on and beat the crap out of (real or media characters)?

2 votes: Power Rangers
1 vote each to:
Anyone who picks on people who can't defend themselves.
Mayor Marion Barry and crime infiltrated city government.
Pat Buchanan
Jim Carrey and anyone he plays, and most of the city of Kitimat
Nick Cave (and the bad seeds) (its a band)
President Chirac of France.
Dirty Harry
Fran Drescher "The Nanny"
>The episode ought to be called "Shutting Up the Whiner".
Saddam Hussein
Kato Katlin
Rush Limbaugh
Maybe they could blow up Melrose Place...........
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tobacco Executives
The Conspiracy on Nowhere Man
The whining idiots in "the real world"
>I would love to see them beat up all the other smug heros featuring in the other series (except Star Trek perhaps)
>Anyone or anything that has to do with Star Trak. I hate that show with a passion. Apologies to like 90% of the the onthejazz list. I would rather watch 90210 than that.
>The list is too long!
6. What was the coolest thing the A-Team ever built?

4 votes:
Amy's Le Car in "West Coast Turnaround"
>The coolest thing TAT ever built was that metal/iron thing they made out of Amy's Le Car and it got all smoky inside when they tried to start a fire.

3 votes:
The two seater flying machine that Murdock built in "Holiday in the Hills".

1 vote each to:
>The best time was when Hannibal just got a message through to the team, and said, "Build it"
>the armor plated chia-pet. (No fair - that's from a fan story! Nicole)
>soooo many...but i thought the airplane murdock built in woodshop while in the va hospitol, especialy the Team's reaction, was funny (*Dishpan Man*)
>Difficult to say, they were all very cool. But the one thing I love best (although I'm not sure it fits in the category of "things built") was Murdock hidden as a scarecrow in the episode where M. and B.A. are arrested and flee from prison and from the M.P.s (*Breakout*)
>I loved the truck with Murdocks pan attached to the enormous spike in front of it. (*Cup a Joe*)
>The coffin rising out of the hearse with Murdock in it. (*Chopping Spree*)
>The cabbage cannon (*Labor Pains*)
>Gosh, hard to pick. For creative inspiration, I was partial to the whole "war toy" sequence from "Uncle Buckle-Up"
7. Do you think TV programs today are, in general, better today than they were in the 80s, or worse?

Worse - 10 votes (48%)
>I miss all the cheese
>I think they are not better than in the 80's. Besides the X-Files and Renegade there hasn't been a series that kept me on the hook that way the A-Team did. And I believe Renegade is very much the style series had in the 80's. I began to watch it because of the similarities to the A-team. In general there are more 80's shows I like to watch than new ones.
>When it comes to action shows, which are my favorite, the 80's had the best.
>I think programs today are more cynical; that's why I enjoy old 70's and 80's series.
>While there have a number of improvements on the techical side in the past ten years, I have to say that the story telling was better in the 80's. And that is why I watch. There are some good shows on today, but over all I think the best shows are the ones that were on in the 70's and 80's.
>That is a no-brainer. The 80's kill the 90's when it comes to TV.
>in general, worse - but with a few exception like xf, homicide: life on the streets & mwc (but then again, it started in the 80's).
>I think most of today's shows are junk because of lack of content. The events are stretched out over three or four episodes when they could easily be put into one episode. They do it by filling the scripts with dull or unfunny lines. The A-Team and shows like it (Hardcastle and McCormick etc) were full of content and reasonable script but maybe lacked a bit in acting quality. Maybe this was because it was a fun show and shouldn't be taken too seriously for it's acting anyway. I'd say the 80s were far better though.

Better - 4 votes (19%)
>In some ways better. We get great programs such as Seinfeld but terrible programs such as Married With Children.

Mixed/unsure - 7 votes (33%)
>The SCI-FI programs are much better, because of the advanced computer graphics. We have some good action series, but all so serious, we need more humor. And we have to many shows like BH90210, Melrose Place and babe-watch.
>action shows are worse (except star trek), comedies (sienfeld friends) are equal or better
>There is no simple answer to this question. There are many aspects which have to be considered. Are we talking about violence, intellectual challange or humour?
There are very good comedians in England these days (like R,Mayall&A.Edmonson [Bottom] and French&Saunders), but due to my ignorance of American Television programms, I can not compare any series regarding yesterday and today.

Maybe there are two different trends that can be observed:
- The concepts of quality-shows are getting *brainier* and less violent
- There is an increase of tear-arousing *real-world* drama - which I absolutely despise - but there is demand for that sort of thing obviously.
8. What current TV show would you love to see each of the guys appear in today?

>All of them in the shows I like (they shouldn't be typecast, should they?), e.g.:Due South, the Star Treks, Babylon 5, Northern Exposure, Blossom,...
>they would all be great in 90210 or melrose
>Their own

5 votes: X-Files
2 votes: Babylon 5, Star Trek
1 vote each to:
90210 (as someone's father/uncle), Cybil, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Fraser, Homicide, JAG, Murder One, Nowhere Man,
Profit (Might be interesting to put him on as a rival), Renegade, Sliders

3 votes: Star Trek (in one of his monster costumes), X-Files
2 votes: Babylon 5
1 vote each to:
Coach, Fraser, Homicide, JAG, Renegade, Sesame Street, The Single Guy,
Sliders, "One of those comedies on NBC", "Anything!"

9 votes: X-Files (I guess he's just made for a role on that show...)
3 votes: Star Trek
1 vote each to:
American Gothic, Fraser, Homicide, JAG, Late Show with David Letterman, Police Squad (or the Naked Gun 4 1/4 I heared there is a role free....), Renegade, Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld (Kramer's long-lost brother!)

MR. T: 4 votes: X-Files
3 votes: Star Trek (He'd make one bad ass Klingon)
2 votes: Lois & Clark (to fight Superman as BA)
1 vote each to:
ER, Fraser, Friends, Hercules, Homicide, JAG, Late Show with David Letterman, Married With Children (I'm sure they'd all have fun with the do), Renegade, Second Noah, This Old House
9. Do you think Stockwell ever would have gotten the Team their pardon?Yes - 8 votes (38%)

>Yes. That is how the show should have ended. They really messed that up.
>I think he would have. The man had his faults but he struck as a man of honor. That meant his word is very important to him. Besides, I think he wanted to get them out of the guest house. They were costing him a forturne in securtiy cameras. I just wonder how many missions the team had to perform to get that pardon.
>I think Stockwell would hold on to the Team for as long as he could before they threaten to leave. Then knowing he can't make them to stay, he'll offer them one final mission. (Of course it would be harder then any other of thier missions.)

No - 8 votes (38%)
>I don't think so, I never trusted him. :-)
>Maybe I've watched too much X-files, but no. I think they would have had to kill him.
>No, he liked having a private army too much.
>they were too "convenient" for him
>He would weasel his way out of it until they got killed.

Unsure/no answer - 5 votes (24%)
10. What do you think really happnened to Colonel Morrison? If he was murdered, who did it?

>It was one of those freak accidents of war, like two soldiers shooting at one another simultaniously from 10 feet away and the bullets coliding in mid air and fusing together in a lump of lead half way between them both.
>Very hard question. If Stockwell was in Vietnam, maybe he had something to do with it?
>I think Curtis did it for the reason Stockwell gave, why else would he pretend to die in the artillary barrage and disapear to trade guns abroad.
>I think Captian Curtis did it. Colonel Morrision probably found out about Curtis's illegal gun smuggling operation or was about to and Curtis killed him. Or Captain Curtis found out Morrison was a traitor and killed him. Either way I bet he did it.
>Didn't they say he was a spy? I think he probably committed suicied before he was found out. I don't agree with Hannibal's theory of Murdock kiling
him, that's not his style.
>Don't really know the whole story but...Morrison told the team to rob the bank of Hanoi - he could have possibly been a traitor. He could have been murdered, or if not, he's hiding in the Vietnamese underground with all that loot!
>He was killed. I think Murdock did it, when he found out that Morrisson was a traitor and had sent the ateam into a trap to be killed.
>I don't know. I think that it is entirely possible that Murdock killed Morrison in a fit of rage. In "Without Resevations'" Frank had to pull him off the guy that shot Face so we know that he has a temper. And he is very protective of the Team. If learned that Morrsion had set up the team.... I think he very easly kill the man. After he did it he wold feel a termenous amount of guilt over what he did so he wiped the event from his menory
>I think it's very possible it was Murdock, too bad we never really learned the details about what happened...
>Someone higher up in the ranks. Morrison probably knew too much.
>Again, the paranoiac in me points to a giant conspiracy, the truth of which may never be uncovered
>i could tell you, but then i'd have to kill you
Well, that's all for the survey and all for this issue. Interesting results, I think. Looks like, if we were to take the highest votes, 'our' cast for the movie would be Sean Connery for Hannibal, Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise for Face, Jim Carrey for Murdock, Samuel Jackson for BA. Kind of scary if you ask me! :-) Also, looks like we have a lot of peple itchin' to see the guys in the X-Files...well, I can't promise you that, but I *can* promise that some time later this year you can all get a copy of our A-Team/X-Files fanzine (yes, that's a shameless promotion, what can I say...). You can find out the latest on how that project is going by going to http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~pellegri/afiles.html.

That's all for now. For next time, you can look forward some more fanzine reviews, and also a return of some original A-Team fiction, this time the first of two great stories I've gotten permission to reprint from Rita Ractliffe. Stay tuned!

Quote of the Week:
"If your real good I'll let you try on one of my rubber
                            - Hannibal in "Road to Hope"

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