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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 1 Issue N°20

Date: June 4, 1995
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE: June 4, 1995
Greetings everyone!

First off just a brief correction for the last issue, pointed out to me by Frank. I called one episode "Operation Watermelon," but the real title is "West Coast Turnaround." I dunno why, I always want to use that first title, it seems so much more appropriate...

Thanks to [email protected], I know have further info on the 10 A-Team paperbacks. Here's the titles of each and a brief description:

1. The A-Team. (based on pilot)
2. Small but Deadly Wars (based on `A Small and Deadly War` and `Black Day at Bad Rock`)
3. When You Comin` Back Range Rider?
4. Old Scores to Settle (based on `The Only Church In Town` and `Recipe for Heavy Bread`)
5. Ten Percent Of Trouble (based on `Steel` and `Maltese Cow`)
6. Operation Desert Sun : The Untold Story (original story of the Team`s 1972 escape!!!)
7. Bullets, Bikinis and Bells (based on 'Bullets and Bikinis` and `The Bells Of St. Mary`s`)
8. Backwoods Menace (based on `Timber` and `Children of Jamestown`)
9. The Bend In The River
10. Death Vows (based on `Till Death Us Do Part`)

They are apparently all available still, except #10, through mail-order via:

Sugen & Co.
Prospect House
5 Saunter's Way
York YO4 6NY

as well as 2 Plot-Your-Own-Adventure books and another desinged-for-kiddies-book-plus-cassette. (Actually I know someone here managed to find one of the Plot-Your-Own books at a Dollar Store in the States recently...). Peter says to ask for the "T.V. Tie-In's" catalog if you write to them, and send an include an IRC to insure a reply.

Now, time for part 2 of the Dwight Schultz interview from UFO magazine...

Sagan: 'McDonald's of debunkers'

Meanwhile, Carl Sagan appears to have become the McDonald's of debunkers--with "billions and billions" served. "He says the same thing over and over," groans Schultz. "He was on '48 Hours' the other night talking about the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and he was saying (again in his dead-on Sagan impression), 'Where's the concrete evidence? I'm not a scientist unless I have that in my hands.'"

Schultz was utterly outraged by another Sagan quote, evidently culled from a print source, that was read over the air on a recent 'Oprah Winfrey Show' featuring abduction author John Mack. Per Schultz: "It went something like, 'Well, if these abductions are real, why hasn't anybody come back with a photgraph of the interior of the ship or the abductors?'"

"It was so ludicrous I wanted to scream!" Schultz says, rising a few inches out of his chair. "Has one hostage from Lebanon come back with a photgraph of his abductors? Has any hostage *ever* come back with a photgraph of his abductors smiling? I mean, this was so incredible! This is a scientist, but he wasn't making an inquiry. This was an attempt to debunk. But why debunk something that is so patently stupid?"

Schultz also feels it is significant that, even with the books written on the period, the general population is largely ignorant of what occurred in the late '40s and early '50s. "It sort of filtered into their subconscious through motion pictures, but it's an historical secret," he insists. "This--whatever *this* is--needs to be studied and, in a kind of definitive way, talked about. The Roswell incident, for instance, had over three hundred witnesses some describing the bodies, some the craft, some the military procedures. Were they all perpetuating their own lives in a myth? It could be that people just want to be connected to something that's bigger than they are that can't be proven. I don't know, I don't think that's it."

Troubled by endless secrecy

That the government is still maintaining top secrecy over 50-year old evidence is particularly troublesome to Schultz.

"Politically speaking, you don't necessarily give away information that allows your enemy to get an upper hand. But at the same time you don't keep reality from the population. We all have a right to know, and if the government has been suppressing information about other life forms, that's the cruelist hoax of all. It's horrible to think that a small cadre of people would manipulate that information. I mean, for God's sake, we've admitted that we were experimenting on our veterans with mustard gas. So there is no security question. It can't possibly be the reason."

Schultz is suspicious of certain authors and investigators in the field as well, many of whom have CIA and other government connections. "It's like the old joke about there were more members of the FBI in the Communist Party than there were Communists," he says. "It's laughable, because most ufology is junk. So why are they keeping on it? Do they think the hoaxers and charlatans are so fanatical that they might cause a counter-revolution? It's got to be something else. They're simple afraid that somewhere along the line something is going to slip through."

Informed speculator

At first glance, Schultz seems no more qualified than the rest of us when it comes to speculation: His sense of wonder was instilled when he stared at the sky as a child. But as he reels off some of his favorite books as an adult--including Timothy Good's 'Above Top Secret,' Heinz Pagels' 'The Cosmic Code,' and Michio Kaku's 'Hyperspace,' --it is clear that he is better informed than most. "The more I read, to me the more incredible everything is," he says before setting forth his thoery of how the atom bomb may fit into the UFO picture. "Based on what I've read, there are all these other dimensional planes and spaces, mathematically proven. The atom was unleashed in 1946, right when all this stuff was occurring. And the bomb's incredible release of energy and light may have signalled somebody in a dimension which is sharing space with us very closely. Today's particle physics describe light as a crumple in space, and we may have deformed space in such a way that *they* noticed something peculiar--and they had the ability to investigate it."

Schultz is similarly intrigued by space-and physics-related developments reported recently in the press. "For instance, they've discovered that, where all the other galaxies are moving in one direction, ours is going in another. Now, the Big Bang theory says that we're all moving outward."

Could that possibly mean that something, or someone, is steering us? "Well," says Schultz, "'The New York Times' was enigmatic: 'Some unimaginable gravitational force is pulling our entire galaxy in the opposite direction.' End of article. If you stop and think about that..." He flashes a look of amazmement.

...conclusion of this interview will appear in the next issue.

Finally this week I'd like to pass on a little news tidbit from the on-line Galactic Enquirer Vol 1 #7:

Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith (HannibalSm) announces the engagement of his daughter, Miss Hanna Colleen Tracy-Smith (HannaSmith) to Lieutenant Templeton Peck (TempletonP) of Los Angeles, CA. The bride-elect is also the daughter of the late Lieutenant Colleen Tracy. A June wedding is being planned. However, the exact time and place are being withheld due to the wanted status of the wedding party.

Miss Tracy-Smith, whose mother is formerly of Chicago, IL., is a graduate of St. Mary's Catholic Orphanage. She is the co-owner and manager of All That Jazz Costumes and Magic both on Earth and on Rhydin.

The prospective bridegroom is also a survivor of St. Mary's, where he was captain of the football team. He also served in a crack commando unit in Vietnam under the command of Colonel Smith.

The details of the honeymoon destination and the location of the couple's new residence will be kept a secret for obvious reasons. Submitted by HannaSmith
For further details on the impending wedding, those of you on AOL can check out the FFGF Bulletin Board (Keyword RDI), in particular the "team for hire" and "All that jazz" folders in the Stars End Bar and Rhydin Town Center areas, respectively. Also check out the continuing saga of the "USF Rustbucket" in the Dreamweaver's area (I think) for details on Hannibal's rescue and return from captivity in outer space...yes I'm not kidding.

On to this issue's messages...
Date: Mon, May 22, 1995 8:04 PM EST
From: [email protected]
Subj: Hi!
To: Onthejazz

Hi, everyone!
Sorry I haven't contributed before this, but I was catching up on the old newsletters... Don't have much to say right now, just wanted to send in some of my favorite quotes: "Lately I've started packing a helicopter with my underwear" -Murdock, "Dishpan Man" "The slinky of destiny has made it's way back to the top of the stairs" -Murdock, can't remember the ep. title. :) The quote "I hate this movie!" -Faceman, "Bend in the river", has already appeared in this newsletter but it has special meaning to me now...I had to shoot some short segments for a television production class that I was in this past semester, and convinced (okay, bribed) some of my friends to help. These friends are also fans of the A-Team, and everything went wrong, so that by the end of the day, the "I hate this movie" quote was being flung at me from all sides....it was espically funny because I'm the Murdock of the group! :-D Got an A on the project though, and in the closing credits it's dedicated to the memory of George Peppard....(sigh.) Gonna miss him. Well, sorry to bore everyone, Liz (aka HM "Howlin Mad" Murdock)
Hey HM,
The movie didn't happen to be called 'Closed For Remodeling', did it? I had to ask...

FYI, the slinky quote is from the "Mission of Peace" episode.

Subj: Re: got something to say
Date: Tue, May 23, 1995 10:10 AM EST
From: [email protected]
X-From: [email protected] (dulcinea)
To: [email protected]

I enjoy the newsletters so much!!! Keep them coming! Here is an entry to your question when have Face and Hannibal sang "You are My Sunshine". In the episode BLOOD, SWEAT and CHEERS- Face and Hannibal sang the song while bound up in the back of a trailer pulled by Decker's men. They were waiting for Murdock's inevitable rescue. Here's my favorite quote (if you want to use it). Frankie: (worrying, after he and Murdock were exposed to radiation) I wanted to have a family. Do you think we can still have children, Murdock? Murdock: I don't think I know you well enough
>From the episode, Point of No Return.

Thanks for letting me express myself:) Oh, here's a question to throw out: How many episodes can everyone identify where the poor pitiful Lt. gets blamed by Decker for their escape?

See ya later!
[email protected]
Jeez, that's a good question...off the top of my head I can only think of "Where's the Monster When You Need Him?", when the Lt. supposedly "moved too fast" and cost Decker the grab.

And yes, that was one of the "You Are My Sunshine episodes." The other 2 were:

"Holiday in the Hills" Face and Hannibal sing to keep B.A. from hearing the airplane approaching.

"Beast from the Belly of the Boeing" Face & Hannibal sing while being held captive by the hijackers while Murdock tries to send them a message via Morse code.

Here's the trivia question for this issue:

What is "Lou's Delivery"?

...that's all for this time. Stay tuned, 'cuz later this month I'll have further details on and previews from the upcoming A-Team 'zine I'm editing, "Plans Scams & Vans," which is almost ready to print.

until next time...
Quote of the week:

Murdock: "B.A., I'd like to take this opportunity to say 
  that I'm real sorry they took your gold back at the

B.A.: "That's all right. If I don't get it back I'll just 
have to kill you."
                                         from "Breakout"
-------------------------* End *--------------------------

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