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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 1 Issue N°6

Date: November 14, 1994
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE: November 14, 1994
Hi again everyone,
A pretty quiet week, just a few things I wanted to mention and a question or two. First, my question for the week is if anyone knows what's happened to Eddie Velez (aka "Frankie Santana"). The only thing I remember seeing him in after the A-Team was a short-lived cops show set in New York City. I can't remember the name of it now, but I thought it was a pretty good show that died rather quickly for some reason. Eddie was one of the main cast members, and that was the last I saw of him. Has he done anything else since then?
I finally got to see Dwight's appearance on Weird Science from a few weeks back, and it was really hilarious. He supplied the voice and face of a super-computer that was sort of like a fast-talking, homicidal version of Holi from "Red Dwarf." Anyway, I got a real kick out of it.
That's all from me for now. The fourth season episode list follows along with posts for this week. This part of the list needs some serious updating as far as titles, writers, etc, so any help would be appreciated.

until later...
Season #4 (9/24/85 - 5/13/86): 22 episodes
09/24/85 Judgement Day (2 hours)
The fourth-season opener takes the team to Italy to rescue a judge's daughter from mobsters. But bringing her home via ocean liner is no joy ride once the mob catches up with the ship. Filmed partly in Mexico. Lori: LaGena Hart. Gino: Zack Norman. Joe: Robert Miranda. Nicky: Carl Strano.

10/01/85 Where Is The Monster When You Need Him?
While helping a friend who's filming a monster movie in Mexico, the team encounters some restless natives. Jerry: Michael Lerner. Jenny: Judy
Landers. Charles: Dennis Cole. Dunnigan: Mike Preston. White Angel: Walter Gotell. One Shot: Rick Garcia.

10/15/85 Blood, Sweat & Cheers [postponed until 11/19/85]
(Tom Blomquist; dir. Sidney Harris)
The team races to the rescue when Hannibal's nephew's chances of winning the regional stock-car race are threatened. Jack Harmon: Stuart Whitman. Kid Harmon: Ken Clandt. Kyle: Wings Hauser. Dana: Toni Hudson.

10/22/85 Lease With An Option To Die
Some goons are trying to force BA's mother out of her Chicago apartment. Mrs BA: Della Reese. Karen: Wendy Schaal. Phillip Carter: Ray Wise. Plout: Brian James.

10/29/85 The Road To Hope
(Stephen J. Cannel; dir. David Hemmings)
Hannibal poses a s awino to avoid an Army trap, and stumbles onto a racket that involves knocking off winos. Jim Beam: Elisha Cook. Scarett: Christopher Neame. Colton: Warren Berlinger. William: Bill Marcus.

11/05/85 The Heart Of Rock 'N' Roll
(Frank Lupo; dir. Tony Mordente)
Singer Rick James asks the team to help an old rock-and-roll legend whose time in prison has made life very dangerous for him. CJ Mack: Isaac Hayes. Devon: Eileen Barnett. Warden: Peter Haskell. Starger: Beau Starr.

11/12/85 Body Slam
(Bill Nuss; dir. Craig R. Baxley)
Hulk Hogan asks his old friend BA for the team's help against a mobster who's out to close down a youth club -- for no apparent reason. Dicki: Deborah Wakeham. Sonny: Michael Gregory. Papa Kotero: Titos Vandis.

11/26/85 Mind Games
The team's leery when Face suddenly recieves a government pardon, and when Face sets out on his own, it's all the team can do to keep an eye on him. Fowler: Shelagh McLeod. Vaugn: David Hedison. Pell: Barney McFadden. Chow: James Hong.

12/03/85 There Goes The Neighborhood
A rock star (Valerie Stevenson) under a kidnap threat hires the team to protect her until things quiet down -- which is exactly what doesn't happen when they move into a small suburban neighborhood. Skrylow: Walter Olkewicz. Juarez: Victor Campos. Stone: John Aprea.

12/10/85 The Doctor Is Out
(Richard Christian Matteson & Thomas Szollosi; dir. David Hemmings)
Murdock's psychiatrist is kidnapped and the team travels to South America to find him, accompanied by a woman claiming to be the man's daughter -- among other things. Betty: Jeannetta Arnette. Richter: Richard Anderson. Stoddard: Geoffrey Lewis.

12/17/85 Uncle Buckle-Up
(Danny Lee Cole; dir Michael O'Herily)
Hannibal auditions for a kid's show and gets a bugger role than he expected: the team discovers the show's fronting a heroin ring. Sydney: Arte Johnson. Kelly: Susan Scannell. Gretsch: Art Metrano.

Murdock wins big on "Wheel Of Fortune", and may lose big when he's kidnapped in a plot to steal a Soviet gunship. Pat Sajak and Vanna White have cameos. Joshua: George McDaniel. Jody: Lydia Cornell. Woods: Bernie Bock. Stein: Richard Evens.

The team is enlisted to stop the theft of an American satellite weapon that could start World War III. The team's employer -- the Soviets. Willis: David Kagen. Bertka: Daryl Anderson. Pedavich: Gene Scherer. Shasta Kovich: William Smith.

Face's attempts to join an exclusive country club are ruined when the team encounters a crooked bank president. McKeever: Kevin McCarthy. Adrian: Betsy Russell. Frank: Scott Colomby. Chuck: Barrie Ingham.

Face thinks he's booked country singer Cowboy George into one of the West's toughest dance halls, but his agent friend sends him Boy George instead. Culture Club performs. Danford: LQ Jones. Miller: Taylor Lacher. Herm: Ben Slack.

A case of mistaken identity involves the team in a battle over property rights and an oil well. Bobby: Moosie Dryer. Wayne: Jesse Vint. Kincaid: Barry Corbin. Julie: Gillian Grant.

02/25/86 The Duke Of Whispering Pines
One of BA's old girlfriends has a problem: her husband, BA's college rival, is missing. Debra: Sheila DeWindt. Sheriff Hopkins: Gary Grubbs. Rusty: Michael Bowen.

Face returns for a reunion at his orphanage and encounters an old friend's sister, who's worried about her brother's whereabouts, and an old girlfriend, who wants to turn Face into the Army for a reward. Guest stars: Tom Villard, Jack Ging, Paxton Whitehead, Kim Ulrich, Nancy Everhard.

3/11/86 Mission of Peace
The team is hired by a group of senior citizens to protect the Texas tourist attraction they run. Guest stars: Ann Doran, David White, Ric Mancini, Jason Evers.

3/25/86 The Trouble With Harry
Hulk Hogan's visit to B.A. is interrupted when the team tries to help a troubled youth save his alcoholic father from mobsters. William "Refrigerator" Perry appears as himself. Guest stars: Paul Gleason, Billy Jacoby, John Hancock, Carl Strano.

5/6/86 A Little Town With an Accent
The team comes to the aid of gas-station owners who are being forced to sell out by thugs,and uncovers an organized-crime kingpin who was supposed to be dead. Guest stars: Noble Willingham, Rex Ryan, Robert Vilnaro, Mark
5/13/86 The Sound of Thunder
General Fullbright persuades the guys to return to Vietnam with him on the pretext of finding the one man who can clear them. Guest stars: Tia Carrere, Havnan Mina, Lena Pousette.
Quote of the Week:
"Another common area bites the dust!"
                          -BA in "Recipe for Heavy Bread"
I N T E R O F F I C E      M E M O R A N D U M


TO:   Remote Addressee
Date:   1994-Nov-09 03:30pm CDT
From:   Jasper Molenmaker
Dept:   Inf. Systems & Process

Tel No:
( _INET"""[email protected]""" )

Subject: A-team overseas

Hello A-team fans,

It's about time a made a little contribution to Nicole's wonderful initiative.

Reading all these articles about my idols from a few years ago, really brings up some memories.

The A-team was broadcast in The Netherlands starting 1983. After the first season the series was enormously popular. Every kid watched the show and I know we used to replay whole episodes, on the schoolyard during playtime at elementary school.

I think the most important reason for the A-teams popularity, besides being a wonderful series, was that in 1983 there were only two Dutch t.v. channels, so you had two options 1 watch the A-team or 2 don't watch anything.
At this moment we have 3 public t.v. stations and 2 commercial t.v. stations and a whole lot of foreign stations. So now it would be impossible for a series to have the same popularity.

I don't think they showed all seasons, usually the Dutch station only buy the best seasons and show them, which I think is for the best because your idols will never disappoint you. (They just finished showing all episodes of Mac Gyver of whom I also was a fan, but the last seasons really suck)

But I'm wondering off. My favourite character is H.M. Murdock. The episodes where he had a doll made out of a old sock are my favourites, the plot of these episodes didn't matter very much, as long as he had that funny sock.

Unfortunately I don't remember much of the story of most episodes, that's because it's already been a few years since they cancelled the show on Dutch T.V. But on German television the show is still running, so last saturday I watched the episode called 'Black day at Badrock' again. It was a really good episode. Only thing is that the voices are dubbed (I hope this is correct English) to German, so it's not half the fun as it is in English (in Holland they use subtitles).

The whole team visited Holland a few years ago, when the A-team was at the top of their popularity. It was big news for a small country as ours. I will try to find some newspaper articles about that event, so maybe I can report you about that later on.

Tony wrote in issue 5,
that he saw the A-team van at the Universal Studio's. I was also in Hollywood last year and also made the tour with the tram. But at that time the A-team van was standing behind some sort of fence so we could only see half of it, but I managed to take a picture of it.

While reading your 'BTW' question in issue 5 about T&T, I suddenly remembered that it was also shown in Holland. I totally forgot it's existence. I think that speaks for the quality of this series. If I remember correctly it's about two lawyers, one played by Mr. T. and the other by a girl of whom the name also begins with the letter T (hence the title). Together they fight the bad guys. And if legal means bring no solution, Mr. T. changes into his streetfighter outfit and goes helping the law, A-team style. Only one season was broadcast here because it wasn't such a success. I think it was too sentimental.


Jasper Molenmaker ([email protected])
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Back in elementary school, me and my friends used to play like we were The A-Team too. I was 10 when it first came on, so that was like 5th grade...I remember parties where we'd get all the kids in the neighborhood to come out and stage some huge battles, it was lots of fun :-) My best friend Wendy and I were the biggest fans of the bunch though, we used to memorize dialogue especially Murdock bits-and act them out over and over again, much to our teachers dismay. I mean, just picture two little kids running around the halls hollering out "TRASH BAGS! I WANT TR-ASH BAGS!" all day long.

I remember reading a little blurb in the TV Guide about that trip to Holland by the cast. I might still have that article somewhere, if I can find it I'll post it but if you can find any newspaper clippings on it that would be cool.

On the subject of Mr. T, someone brought to my attention that there was also a short-lived cartoon series called "Mr. T," which I now vaguely remember. Does anyone have any more info on this series or possibly know where there might be some videos of it floating around?

Subj: Dwight Schultz update
Date: Fri, Nov 11, 1994 7:03 PM EST
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Dwight Schultz will apparently be guest starring in the syndicated program Bablylon 5, in the upcoming episode entitled "The Long Dark."

Just thought you'd like to know!

Karla in Chicago
Now THAT is beyond cool-my favorite actor guesting in the favorite currently-running tv show! Can't wait to see it, hope there's some potential for this to be a recurring character.


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