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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 1 Issue N°3

Date: October 23, 1994
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE: October 23, 1994
Hey again...

Ok, I think I've got the great mysteries of AOL's mail delivery peculiarities figured out, so *hopefully* there won't be any more problems with people not getting mail delivered. Thanks to everyone who got back to me this week during my mail experiments as it helped me locate the problems.

The 2nd season episode list is attached below...lots of good ones in there, a lot of them written by the "masters" Lupo and Cannell, also Babs Greyhosky who wrote some of my faves from the 1st season. Still wish I knew what happened to Amy and why she got dropped. She was, IMO, a helluva lot better a character than Tawnia, who never got to do anything but pout and whine ("But Hannibal! Pleeeeeease can I go on the mission? Please? Please? Pleeeease?" blech!). Still, we got the introduction of Decker as the bad guy in season 2, who was just so damn mean it was great!

Standard reminders: for copies of old issues email me... preferrably at my [email protected] account but here is ok too. And submit!...it doesn't have to be any great insight or anything, but it's gonna get boring fast if I'm the only one talking :-P A couple of people wrote me this week asking how they could help out, and really, just submitting posts is help enough. I created this group to hopefully stir up some discussions and not just spew trivia--though trivia is also always welcome. Valerie's post below about "life on the lam" brings up some interesting ideas which I'd comment on now if I didn't have a problem set to get back to :-)

So anyway, that's all for now...oh, I did yesterday catch the tail end of a commercial for some upcoming wrestling or strong- man event on tv that's supposed to have Mr. T as one of the hosts. Those of you in the states might want to check your TV Guides the next week or so to find out when it's gonna air. And, while watching the episode "Incident at Crystal Lake" this week, I caught that the license plate on Face's corvette was IHJG851. Thought you might like to know :-)
Quote of the Week:
"Sounds like World War 5 out there." - Face
"Hey man, sounds like Hannibal!" - BA
                                  from "Deadly Maneuvers"
The A-Team Episode List: Season #2 (9/20/83 - 5/15/84)
22 epsiodes

09/20/83 Diamonds N' Dust
(Patrick Hasburgh; dir. Ron Satlof)
The second season gets under way with a bang as the team transports explosives to a Zimbabwe diamond mine whose owner was killed trying to make the delivery himself. Toby Griffith: Kristen Meadows. Schekter: Michael Halsey. Fletcher: Albert Salmi. Landers: Sam Scarber.
09/27/83 Recipe For Heavy Bread
(Stephen J. Cannell; dir. Bernard McEveety)
The cook from the team's POW camp serves them a tip about a drug deal between the camp's ex-commander and a man who sold out to him as a prisoner. Tom Anderson: Marjoe Gortner. Lin Duk Coo: Mako. General Chow: John Fujioka.
10/11/83 The Only Church In Town
(Babs Greyhosky, dir. Christian I. Nyby, II)
Face is convinced there's a case for the team after receiving a package from Ecuador containing his fraternity pin, given 15 years earlier to the woman who disappeared from his life. Leslie: Markie Post. Mother Superior: Elizabeth Hoffman. Salvador: Ismael Carlo.

10/18/83 Bad Day On The Border
(Richard Christian MAtheson; dir. Bruce Kessler)
Hannibal goes undercover as an alien seeking border passage as the team searches for an ill woman left behind by illegal-alien smugglers. Taggart: Jack Ging. Prince: Dennis Lipscomb. Presley: Joey Aresco. Cooper: David Graf. Maria: Edie Marie Rubio.

10/25/83 When You Coming Back, Range Rider? (2 hours)
(Frank Lupo; dir. Christian I. Nyby, II)
While the A-Team tries to corral wild horse rustlers, a dauntless army trouble-shooter tries to lasso the A-Team. Daniel: Richard Yniguez. Decker: Lance LeGault. Bus Carter: Morgan Woodward. Lane Carter: Dana Kimmell. Stryker: Mills Watson.
11/01/83 The Taxicab Wars
(Stephen J. Cannell; dir. Gilbert Shilton)
A small cab fleet hires the team to hack away at a rival company that sabotaged its operations and forced it out of business. Crane: Michael Ironside. Strike: Edward Lynch. Cal: Ernie Hudson.

11/08/83 Labor Pains
(Thomas Szolski and Richard Christian Matheson; dir. Arnold Laven)
The team helps migrant workers unionize against a landowner who's forcing them to work under slave-labor conditions. Jarrett: John Vernon. Cross: Charles Napier. Laura: Penny Peyser. Gary: Alan Autry. Giddings: Ted Markland.

11/15/83 There's Always A Catch
(Richard Christian Matheson and Thomas Szolski; dir. Ron Satlof)
Decker hooks the A-Team just as they're reeling in an extortionist at a fishing village. Garber: John Quade. Shana: Tracy Scoggins. Doug: Robin Strand. Cal: Len Wayland.

11/22/83 Water, Water Everywhere
(Stanley Ellis and Jo Swerling from a story by Stanley Ellis; dir. Stanley Ellis)
A land developer is trying to run three disabled Viet vets off the desert property they're renovating. Jaimie: Jim Knaub. Gaines: Alan Fudge. Amanda: Robin Riker. Bump: Jon L Feather. Les: R David Smith.

11/29/83 Steel
(Frank Lupo; dir. Gilbert Shilton)
Hannibal discovers a grave motive behind the sabotage of a construction site by the contractor who lost the bid. Mickey: Norman Alden. Randy: Mary-Margeret Humes. Denham: Ray Giradin. Tommy Tillis: Michael Baseleon. Boyle: Tim Rossovich.

12/06/83 The White Ballot
(Jeff Ray; dir. Dennis Donnelly)
The plan to block a corrupt sheriff's reelection involves running Face as a candidate, the last of whom was murdered. Sheriff Dawson: Clifton James. Rance: Andy Robinson. Baker: Joshua Bryant.

12/13/83 The Maltese Cow
(Thomas Szolski; dir. Dennis Donnelly)
Murdock mugs as Philip Marlowe as the team infiltrates a Chinese tong trying to extort money from a restaurant they helped to build. Wan Chu: James Hong. Chris Thomas: Paul Mantee. Tommy Chen: Peter Kwong. Sam Yeng: Keye Luke.
01/03/84 In Plane Sight
(Babs Greyhosky; dir. Tony Mordente)
The team employs a new method to prepare BA for a flight to South America, where drug smugglers are responsible for the imprisonment of an innocent man. Judy: Judy Strangis. Corliss: Anthony Charnota. Jes Hicks: Rod Colbin. Carrie Hicks: Lesley Woods. Dalton: Lance Herrickson. Sanchez: Carmen Argenziana. Jackson: Bruce French.
01/10/84 The Battle Of Bel-Air
(Frank Lupo; dir. Gilbert Shilton)
An air battle with a high-tech chopper climaxes a probe of a security firm's kidnapping of its own employee (new regular Marla Heasly), who warned the team of an ambush by Decker. Raymond: Michael Fairman. Carson: Kurtwood Smith. Ron: Randolph Roberts. Fatasi: Edward Ansara.

01/17/84 Say It With Bullets
(Richard Christian Matheson and Lee David Zlotoff; dir. Dennis Donnelly)
A WAC (Lauren Chase) asks th eteam to investigate the murder of her brother, who was involved with arms trafficking on a military base. But the team is unaware of her prior deal with Decker: The A-Team for her brother's murderer (Monte Markham). Shaw: Sam Melville. Noche: Miguel Fernandez. Crane: Carl Franklin.

01/31/84 Pure-Dee Poison
(Chris Bunch and Alan Cole; dir. Dennis Donnelly)
A southern minister (John Amos) wants to put the cap on a moonshine distributor (Bo Hopkins) whose product is lethal. Stephanie: Tracy Reed. Burt: Steve Sander. Frank: Tony O'Neil.

02/07/84 It's A Desert Out There
(Bruce Cervi; dir. Arnold Laven)
The sophisticated commando tactics that a gang uses for petty holdups suggest they're practicing for bigger game. Lila: Jeannie Wilson. Flagg: Anthony James. Burke: Tony Burton. Driscoll: Robert Dryer.

02/14/84 Chopping Spree
Face's prized Corvette is used as bait to nab car thieves, who instead steal BA's van, giving the big man a very Bad Attitude. Sam Friendly: Dennis Franz. Tony Victor: Lee Patterson. Tiny Roscoe: Nick Shields. Cindy: Liberty Godshail. Davey: Joe Colligan.

02/21/84 Harder Than It Looks
(Frank Lupo; dir. Ivan Dixon)
Rescuing a kidnap victim is "a piece of cake", except when the ransom money is left behind, and the victim insists on having one of her kidnappers rescued as well. Jennifer Teasdale: Lori Lethin. Marcus: Kevyn Major Howard. Roman: Steven Keats. Kathryn: Cherie Michan.

02/28/84 Deadly Maneuvers
(Richard Christian Matehson and Thomas Szolski; dir. Mike Vejar)
Revenge is the motive as, one by one, the team falls victim to mercenaries hired by foiled criminals. Kyle: Ed Lauter. Sharphook: Ed Johnson. King: Michael Cavanaugh. Hoffer: John G Scanlon. Maggie Sullivan: Tricia O'Neill. Harper: Richard Kuss.

05/08/84 Semi-Friendly Persausion
(Danny E. Cole; dir. Craig R. Baxley)
The team is hard pressed to meet the demands of their clients, pacifists who won't allow violence despite the ruthlessness of bigots trying to run them off their property. Kale Sykes: Geoffrey Lewis. Kerl: Tim O'Conner. Eric: Sam J Jones. Ollie: Robby Kiger. Traynor: Frank Luz.

05/15/84 Curtain Call
(Stephen Katz; dir. Dennis Donnelly)
With Decker closing in fast, flashbacks recall Murdock's contributions to his teammates as they struggle to keep him alive after he stops a bullet. Crane: Carl Franklin. Richie: George Wyner. Artie: Danny Wells.
Date: Fri, Oct 14, 1994 10:51 PM EST
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Hello! I'm going to make a radical move and introduce myself as Valerie. (that's good, 'cause that's who I am :) It is wonderful to hear of others who love this show, too! (My friends tended to tease me about it. I can't imagine why...)

I have to agree with everyone who has put "Black Day at Badrock" at the top of the list of favorite episodes. There are just TOO many great lines in there to not put it at the top. In general, I have to agree with most of the named favorites. (Golfball liberation, watermelon sales, etc.) I'm afraid I don't remember much of the beginning of the fifth season. I started taping the episodes right after those aired, and it has been 6 years.

Hmmm... I have to say that Nicole was lucky not to find out about George Peppard's death for a while. I found out about it 2 days after the fact, right before exam week started. Did wonders for my studying, sending it right down the tubes. :)

Whenever I watch these, (which is often, and my roommate can attest to that, much to her dismay) I have to wonder what it would be like to live like that. Granted, it is all fictional, but still. They live, seemingly making the best of their situation, facing unbelievable odds. What I like most about it is that they are what the title says- a team. Which draws to mind a quote from Hannibal- "Next time you want to take someone out, don't hire yourself a good squad, get yourself a team."

(As someone pointed out for another tv show, it is bad when you start thinking in terms of quotes from that show 8)


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