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11-05-99: Clay has switched management companies again. He has returned back to Erv Woolsey Management with Danny O'Brien. This is the management company Clay has been with since the beginning. He switched after being with Titley Spalding & Associates for a short time in 1999. Welcome back everybody at Erv Woolsey!!


  • Clay has a new road manager. Gene "the dancing maching" Johnson now has that job. Gene is taking over for Darrell Russell. (who previously took over for long-time manager Kyle Frederick). Gene is super cool so be sure to say "hey" to him if you run into him on the road! (Gene has been with Clay's tours for several years now).
  • Clay's Official Website WWW.CLAYWALKER.COM is reportedly going to be updated really soon; as reported by the Clay Walker Fan Club.
  • Clay recently spent his birthday (Oct.19) at home with friends and family. He was treated to a surprise seated dinner for 20 friends and family members, including 16 week old baby daughter, Skylor. The dinner was held in the wine room of the River Oaks Grill. The River Oaks Grill is owned by Tony Rao. Mr. Rao and longtime general manager John O'Rourke arranged the dinner. There was even a huge chocolate cake in the shape of a guitar!


  • Clay has a brand new tour bus and John Deere Tractor! Can't wait to see that new bus out on the road!
  • Kyle Frederick, Clay's previous Road Manager, is now working for Network, Inc.; which is Clay's Public Relations Firm!

09-28-99: CLAY WALKER OPENS HOME & HEART IN HALF HOUR SPECIAL. This will air on Wednesday, September 29, 1999 at 5pm and 10pm. Multi-platinum country music artist Clay Walker opens up The Clay Walker Ranch and invites WeekNight Edition host Ernie Manouse in for a very personal interview. During their conversation, Walker shares his views on success, faith and how he dealt with the news that he has Multiple Sclerosis. This 30 minute special presentation of WeekNight Edition, shot in September on location outside of Hempsted, TX, gives Walker a chance to show a more genuine, personal, thoughtful side than is usually allowed to come out in sound bite interviews or music television promotions. WeekNight Edition, Houston Public Television+s nightly entertainment and information magazine program hosted by Doris Childress & Ernie Manouse,airs nightly at 5:00 pm and rebroadcasts at 10:00 pm on KUHT - Channel 8, Houston. So, for all you Houston fans that can pick this up, turn on your TVs and tune in to Clay (PBS)!! (Thanks "Pop" for the info)

09-27-99: According to Katy Bee, a Nashville Insider, Clay is learning Spanish so he can do a whole album in Spanish. "The better to become an international artist", Katy states.

09-24-99: Don't miss out on! It's up and running to go and visit there today! The site has a lot of info on Clay!

09-16-99: The chat with Clay now has a posted transcipt for those of you who didn't get to log on and read it live. You can go there via my link The Green Room. I believe there were problems with's system; that being one of the reasons the chat wasn't very long.

09-11-99: TNN will be showing a special called "The Making of Ride With Bob" on Thursday, September 23rd at 10pm EST. As you know, Clay was apart of the making of this album by Asleep At The Wheel, so tune in! It will re-air on Wednesday, September 29th at 8pm EST. Here's a link, TNN Shows; just click on the link under "What's Happening On TNN".


  • Looks like a busy Nashville weekend for Clay coming up. He will appear on the Grand Ole Opry on September 18th. Then on September 19th, he will participate in the TJ Martell Golf Tournament. Following those two busy days, he will appear on Prime Time Country on the 20th!!
  • is set to go live on September 17th! So bookmark the site and be on the lookout as this new website takes off! (Thanks to Jean for info)!

09-08-99: I'm hearing that Clay will be at the Grand Ole Opry on September 18th. This is not confirmed; please check before going.

09-06-99: PBS will re-air Clay Walker's debut on Austin City Limits on October 23rd. Check your local listings of PBS to find the correct air-time. Trace Adkins also appeared on this episode. (This is from the original taping on 01-23-98; Clay's debut.)


  • Don't miss the CMT Top 100 Labor Day Countdown. Clay's made the list! (Twice). You will find him sitting pretty at #42 for "Then What" and at #89 for "This Woman And This Man". (Of course, he's still #1 in our hearts).
  • Is that Clay I'm seeing on my TV? Yep, Clay has a commercial out for his new CD that's airing on CMT and GAC. Be sure to catch it!
  • What does Clay Walker and Christina Aguilera have in common? They share a People page. You can find a review of Clay's album "Live Laugh Love" on page 45 of the September 6th issue of People magazine. Clay's sharing the page with pop-teen sensation Christina. There is a color photo of Clay included. It's a great review!
  • I have a new site up and running. It's called Requests From The Zone. You can go there to find out radio station information from all over the place. You can also find other links and info there where you can request Clay's music. If you know of a radio station I don't have listed, or information on a radio station I don't have down, please email me and let me know. Also, if you find that a link is not working or is incorrect, please make me aware. I will continuously be making additions to this site as I find out new information myself. Thanks and enjoy the new site!


  • First of all, I want to apologize to all of you who've tried to sign my guestbook. Since Geocities merged with Yahoo (or whatever) it's been on the blink. So, I've fixed that problem I think. It looks different, but I think it's a bit easier to leave your message now; so enjoy & leave your mark in the Zone by signing my guestbook!!
  • Clay will be doing a live chat at on September 9th at 7pm EST. You can go to that site now and leave your questions for Clay to answer! Here's a link: Live Clay Chat.
  • also recently did an article on Clay. To take a peek at it in case you missed it, just click away. This article talks about the new album "Live Laugh Love".

08-30-99: Coming up, Clay & Lori Walker's 7th Wedding Anniversary. They will celebrate their 7th on October 24th!


  • Clay was on "This Week In Country Music" earlier this week. Seems he had a MS scare and went to get checked out. All is well and great though, I'm glad to report. He had to have blood work done and the blood tests showed that his body was building up antibodies to the medication that he's been on. He went in for an MRI and the MRI showed that he has had no activity since the original diagnosis. There will be more on Clay next week on the same show. It will air on "This Week In Country Music" on TNN on Saturday, August 28th at 6pm Central time. On this show, Clay will talk about his 30th birthday, his new baby girl Skylor and his new CD.
  • Clay's new CD debuted in stores this past Tuesday, hope you all went out and got your copy! It's awesome and the photos are wonderful! Great job Clay and all that worked on the album!!


  • Clay's birthday was yesterday, he was 30. We all wish Clay the best and hope it was an awesome day with his family!
  • You can listen to a snip-it of every song on Clay's new "Live Laugh Love" album by going to
  • TNN will be making program changes and Prime Time Country will no longer be on the air after the end of the year. But Clay will still be on the show on September 20th! This will be filmed at the Wildhorse Saloon. So set your VCRs.
  • Clay will be hosting the Country Countdown USA Radio Show for August 28th and 29th with Lon Helton of Radio & Records. He'll talk about several of his recent hits. Plus he has great stories about Brooks & Dunn, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, and Chely Wright. And he reacts to stories we’ve heard about him from Mark Wills and Mark Chesnutt. Lots of fun with Clay Walker so don't miss it! Check your local country radio station listings to find out if it's carried! If you'd like to email the Countdown and send an early Great Big Howdy to Clay, you can email them at [email protected].


  • Clay has matched up with Ray Benson in a new Asleep at the Wheel song called "Take Me Back To Tulsa". The song features Clay and Ray together. Also, Jason Roberts (former Clay Walker Band Fiddler is singing backup on the tune).
  • George Strait is letting the fans pick the artists/groups to perform on his tour next year. Clay is one of the picks to choose from. Go to the site today and cast your vote at You can also pick the cities you want the tour to visit!


  • Clay's new video for "Live, Laugh, Love" aired on CMT's Delivery room yesterday! Be sure to keep checking out CMT to see Clay's newest video hit! You can goto CMT at and find out when Clay's videos will air! ALSO, please request this new song and video!!! Fax in requests, mail them or call your local station!!
  • As you most know, Clay was not nominated for a CMA award this year. Please send positive feedback only letting the CMAs know how the fans would like to see Clay on the ballot next year. Here's the CMA's email address: [email protected].
  • Page 7 of the August 10th Country Weekly (has George Strait on the cover) includes a clip from Clay that reads: Clay Walker reveals his latest single, "She's Always Right", has the ring of truth. "I loved this song from the moment I heard it," admits Clay. "I love it when men are able to let their women be in control, because, to me, that's a sign of strength. I also love the lyrics. My favorite line is, "She likes chocolate about as much as she likes me.' In my case, that's probably true!"
  • If you would like to send Clay a birthday card or gift through the Crazy4Clay Gang, please contact me.


  • Don't forget that Clay's birthday is August 19th!! He will be 30 years old!!!
  • Clay's next single is confirmed to be "Live Laugh Love". Even though there has been radio response to "Once In A Lifetime Love", the title track is the next spin-off. Look for a video soon. This song goes for Airplay on August 9th, but you may hear it sooner on your local country station; start requesting it now!!!
  • During Clay's performance during the 1999 ACM awards show this year, some CMA reps were in the audience watching and guess what? They are considering Clay for an Entertainer of the Year nomination for next year!

07-20-99: Clay's new single is more than likely going to be "Once In A Lifetime Love". As a matter of fact, it debuted at #74 on the Billboard charts for the week of 7/24. Clay co-wrote this song along with M. Jason Greene. You may remember that Clay paired up with Jason on a past hit, "Rumor Has It". I believe this is a winning combo! Start requesting this song now, even if your local country station doesn't have the single!


  • Just to make you aware, a new website is under construction. It will be for the Nashville branch of Giant Records, Clay's label. You can see for yourself with this link,
  • Also, I want to welcome Clay's new label mate, Keith Harling to the Giant Records Family!! Keith recently signed to Giant Records in June and is currently in the recording studio working on his next album with producers Doug Johnson & John Hobbs.

07-12-99: The new album will definitely be out on August 24th; not August 10th. So, be looking to wait 2 more weeks. But as we all know, Clay is worth the wait. And I'll tell ya, this album is awesome!!!


  • I am hearing a lot of fans tellings me their local radio stations are reporting that Clay's new album will be released on August 24th. So, for now, I'll keep the 10th posted (as the Fan Club reported), but don't be surprised if it does in fact turn out to be the 24th; but let's hope not!
  • Clay has made the 2nd cut for the nominees for Entertainer of the Year for the CMA's this year. The list includes 23 other stars, so it looks like there will be more cuts; so keep your fingers crossed!
  • Vote for the CMT LABOR DAY COUNTDOWN!!! The voting began on Monday, July 5th, but you have until Sunday July 18th to cast your vote as many times as you can!! You can do this two ways. Either call 1-900-454-VOTE, or take the cheap way and email them your vote by going to Either way you can make your request known! Try to vote for "SHE'S ALWAYS RIGHT" and help make that CURRENT video rise up the regular weekly countdown at the same time!! (But if you'd rather vote for another Clay video, it's all helping the Clayman). You'll be able to watch this countdown on Saturday, September 4th when it will premiere at 7am and run till 4:30pm. It will repeat the same day at 5:30pm-3am; Sunday, September 5th at 12noon-9:30pm; and Monday, September 6th at 1pm-10:30pm. Cast your votes and cast them as many times as possible!

06-21-99: Here's the latest on the Clayman:

  • Most of you know that Clay did not appear on PrimeTime Country on the 16th. I do not know of a rescheduling date.
  • Clay also did not participate in Fan Fair this year. He also did not put up a Fan Fair booth in his normal spot in the "G" Hall this year. This was all because of the new arrival of Skylor and Clay wanting to be home with his family. As of next year, Clay plans to be there.
  • Correction: I had earlier reported that Gene Johnson was Clay's new Tour Manager; however, the Fan Club is reporting that Darrell Russell is now the new tour manager; taking over for Kyle Fredrick. So, welcome aboard Darrell, we hope to see you on the road sometime! Thanks for keeping up with Clay!
  • As I have heard it, Clay and Lori plan to enroll MaClay into a Christian school once she is old enough to attend. She is now 3 and a half years old. Her birthday is January 14, 1996.
  • Clay welcomed his girls home in banners and bows. When Lori came home with new Baby Skylor last month, Clay was ready. He had the bridge leading to their home decorated with a banner that read "Welcome Home Daddy's Girls: Lori, MaClay and Baby Sky". The banner had pink bows and streamers attached! Happy Father's Day Clay, now it's twice as sweet!
  • Clay performed to a packed "outdoor house" this past Saturday in Monroe NC. Almost all of the crowd stayed through the preceeding 4 other artists (The Kinleys, Mark Wills, Ty Herndon & Joe Diffie) to see Clay, despite it raining nearly the entire time. Clay still wowed the fans with his entertaining ways and was amazed that so many people stayed to watch the shows through the rainy weather. Clay performed four songs off his new album, "She's Always Right", "Cold-Hearted", "Holding Her & Loving You" and "Live Laugh Love". As always with Clay's concerts (and even through a downpour), Clay was right on the money.
  • Those of you who were familiar with Clay's past steel guitarist, Tim Sergent, have probably wondered where on earth he is; since we miss seeing him in concert with the rest of the guys...well, guess you can say he's found some wide open spaces to place in. He's the new steel guitarist for the Dixie Chicks. Good Luck Tim, we miss ya!


  • According to PrimeTime Country, Clay is still scheduled to appear on the show on June 16th. Still no word if the June 12th Grand Ole Opry appearance has definitely been cancelled. But as of now, your PrimeTime tickets are still good. More later.
  • Kyle Fredrick is no longer Clay's tour manager. Kyle has been with Clay for a long time and we hate to see him go and we sure will miss him. Kyle wanted to pursue other avenues and be with his family. Taking over the job with be Gene Johnson (known to some as "Mean Gene The Dancing Machine"). Gene has been with Clay's crew for a while too and he's a great man for the job. Congrats to Gene!
  • I'm hearing Clay's album is great! (Of course, didn't we all kinda figure that would be the case!) Come on August!!

06-01-99: Thanks to Lori for the following info.

  • Clay has officially changed management companies. Clay was previously managed by the elite Erv Woolsey Company, but has since changed. The new managers are Titley, Spaulding & Associates. They manage such stars as Brooks & Dunn and Kathy Mattea. I want to say thanks to Erv Woolsey & the gang for all their past work and efforts in helping to manage Clay. Job well done. And now I welcome the newcomers; You're managing the best!
  • If you haven't emailed or wrote already, please take the time to write to the Academy of Country Music and Buddy Lee Attractions. Buddy Lee is Clay's booking agent which booked his performance on the May Academy of Country Music Awards show. Please take the time to write a letter (even if you've already emailed the ACMs) and let them both know how much we appreciate it. The addresses for both are listed for you.
    • (Please write the ACM's and thank them for having Clay on this year!)
      Academy of Country Music
      6255 West Sunset Blvd. #923
      Los Angeles, CA 90028
    • (Please write to Buddy Lee and thank them for booking Clay on the ACMs!)
      Buddy Lee Attractions
      Attn.: Joey Lee & Tony Conway
      38 Music Square East #300
      Nashville, TN 37203
  • The reason for the August delay for the new album was because the photo shoot for the album photos wasn't complete. Clay was scheduled to complete this the last days of May, so everything should be cleared up for the album to be releaased on the current August date of either the 10th or the 17th without additional delays!
  • I've heard that Clay's apprearance on the Grand Ole Opry & Primetime Country have been rescheduled for different dates. Soon as I find out the new dates, I'll post them. If you've already gotten tickets for the Grand Ole Opry, I believe you can get your money back up until the day before the show was to be held. Thanks!

    05-24-99: I was hearing different dates circulating about Clay's album release date, so I faxed the Fan Club to ask for myself. Cindy with the Fan Club has told me that Clay's album has again been pushed back. It will release around August 10th, if not on that date. The reason for the delay is the new Walker arrival. Photos could not be taken of Clay for the album and the album could not be finished in time for the earlier given dates. The good news is this gives Clay more rest time so that when he's out in the public eye he will look even more refreshed. We hate the delay, buy hey, Clay's music is worth waiting for!

    05-21-99: You can vote for Clay's songs each week for the Roughstock Country Countdown. Your vote determines this chart! So, take the time each week to vote for Clay's current song by clicking HERE. I will also put this link on my main page under "REMINDERS" so that you won't forget week to week! "She's Always Right" is currently #22 on this chart for the week of 5/23/99, moving up 2 spots from last week! A glimpse into next week's chart reveals that it could get as high as 19, so place your votes and make a difference! Goto my Charting The Hitmaker page for the rest of the countdown information.

    05-19-99: New Arrival For Walkers! Lori gave birth to their second child on Friday, May 14th, 1999. Skylor ClayAnn Walker weighed in at 6 lbs and 7 oz. And on a side note, This makes two girls for the Walkers, both born on the 14th. MaClay was born on January 14th, 1996. Congratulations to Clay, Lori and MaClay on their new arrival in the family! We're proud fans!


    • Clay's album will be on sale on Tuesday, June 8th. Right in time for the summer!
    • You can pre-order Clay's album Live, Laugh, Love at You can also view a list of the tracks there.
    • has Clay Walker items up for bid. Go there today and take a peek!!

    05-10-99: I'm getting a list of the possible titles to the new songs on Clay's upcoming album. So, like always, I'm here to report. I had mentioned that a possible song was "That's That", but it doesn't appear on this new list I'm getting. We'll have to see when it comes out, but here's the list...

    • 1. She's Always Right
    • 2. If A Man Ain't Thinking ('Bout His Woman)
    • 3. It Ain't Called Heartland (For Nothing)
    • 4. Holding Her and Loving You
    • 5. Lose Some Sleep Tonight
    • 6. Once In A Lifetime Love
    • 7. Cold Hearted
    • 8. Woman Thing
    • 9. The Chain of Love
    • 10. Live, Laugh, Love
    • 11. This Time Love
    In about another month, we'll find out for sure : )

    05-06-99: Hope you didn't miss the 34th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards! Clay came on about 10:30 pm EST. He was announced by Top New Female Vocalist Jo Dee Messina. And once Clay hit the stage, he let 'er rip! He was just awesome singing "Cold Hearted", a song I hope will be his next single. You may have also caught Clay sitting behind Garth Brooks when Garth was awarded the Entertainer of the Year award. Clay gave Garth a congrats squeeze on the shoulder before Garth headed up on the stage. Hopefully next time, we'll see Clay walking up on the stage to accept an award!


    • Clay will be performing "Cold-Hearted" on the ACMs tonight. Thanks to Sharity for the info. Be sure not to miss it or set your VCRs!
    • Just to thank the ACMs for having Clay on the show this year, send them an email. Thank them and ask to have Clay back next year to perform! Let's knock 'em out with all our emails! Email them here [email protected]. Or you can go to the website for the ACMs at Thanks to Lori for this idea.
    • Also from a friend, I'm hearing that there may be a song on Clay's new album called "That's That" written by Shane McAnally. Can't wait to find out!
    • And just for your info on a past subject, you can goto this link to read a comment from Clay himself about when he was diagnosed with MS. Just click HERE.


    • ALBUM PUSHED BACK. Clay's upcoming "Live, Laugh, Love" album has again been delayed, but this will be the last time. It is now scheduled to be released the 2nd week in June. Come on June!
    • Clay will be performing on Primetime Country with Gary Chapman on June 16th. The show will air at 9pm and 1am EST.
    • Also, just to remind you, you'll need to set your VCRs 'cause Clay will be on the tube in a few other places. On May 5th you can catch him on the ACM awards show PERFORMING. This will air on CBS. And on June 12th, you can catch him on the Grand Ole Opry. If any new information becomes available about these performances, I'll be sure to pass it on.
    • My good friend Lori Steuart runs a cool club called "THE CLAYGANG". This is a club that is joined together by one tie, The Clayman himself. Lori sends out regular updates about any news and information on Clay. If you would like to become a part of this great and awesome group, just email Lori Here. There's no cost to join, you just have to be a Clay Fan!!

    04-19-99: The new album will be entitled "Live, Laugh, Love". You can find this same phrase already on some of Clay's current tour t-shirts. The album is due out on May 25th.


    • April Fool's? Yep,Clay pulled off a very great April Fool's Joke. For the entire day of April 1, 1999, Clay and Aggie 96 fm had the entire listening area of College Station, TX fooled. They were made to believe that Clay had bought Aggie 96 and rename is KLAY 96. And that Clay songs were played every few minutes or so. Clay got on the air himself that day and said, "Hi folks, this is Clay Walker and you're listening to the station which plays the most Clay, Clay Radio, KLAY 96". The station actually played Clay songs throughout the day as part of the "new format". The station assumed normal airplay on April 2nd after the joke was over. Boy was a lot of people fooled. I can still hear Clay laughing....
    • I'm hearing that Clay will be appearing on the Grand Ole Opry on June 12th. More to come later.


    • Clay will not be a Fan Fair 1999. He is taking time off for the new arrival on the way. The Fan Club will, however, have a fan club booth in the exhibits hall. Also, Clay will not be having a Fan Club party at Fan Fair. He will not be in Nashville this week at all.
    • Clay has been playing a lot of golf lately. He was recently in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tournament. He played in the "Celebrity Shootout" participating right along side other stars including Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Bill Murray, Michael Bolton and Samuel L. Jackson.
    • Clay's was only one of two sold out performances during the Houston Livestock Show in Houston TX back on March 7th. Only Shania Twain shared the same feat selling out the Astrodome.
    • Clay will be featured in the April issue of "Cowboy Sports and Entertainment Magazine". This is a Houston TX based magazine sold regionally. If you would like a copy contact them either at:
        Cowboy Sports and Entertainment Magazine
        16360 Park Ten Place #117
        Houston, TX 77084
        Or Via email:
        [email protected]
        Or by Phone:
    • Clay has new T-shirts and items that you can buy through the Fan Club or at the concerts. They are:
      • A new white Greatest Hits T-shirt with a photo from the Greatest Hits album
      • A Rose colored one that says Live, Laugh, Love and has Clay strutting his stuff
      • Another white Greatest Hits shirt with all of Clay's albums on the front and back
      • New slate colored T-shirt with Clay on the the front
      • A Khaki shirt with photos of Clay that say's "She's Always Right"
      • A new orange sherbet babydoll T-shirt
      • New white babydoll T-shirt
      • New 1999 photo magnet
      • New 1999 photo keychain
      If you want to order some of the new items, go to my fanclub section to write the Club. There are also lots of other items you can purchase.

    03-24-99: Clay's new video for "She's Always Right" premiered today. Be sure to notice that Clay is sporting a new haircut. Also, if you missed it the first time, you can read the complete live chat from from 10-01-97. Just click HERE.


    • Clay will be performing for the first time on the Academy of Country Music Awards since he was nominated for New Male Vocalist. The show will air on CBS on May 5th. Don't miss it!
    • Clay is doing a new song live in concert called "Cold Hearted". The chorus goes like this,
        "I feel the heat, and it's getting harder and harder to breathe, I feel the sweat, rollin' down the knap of my neck, It's burning me up, Just look at this raging fire you started, don't stop now, Baby that's cold hearted".
      It's an awesome song that Clay co-wrote. And hopefully it will be on his new album. Clay said he wanted to write a rocking country song that made him think of "Sweet Home Alabama" and songs like that. This one will definitely get you on your feet and tapping your toes, and short of passing out if you see Clay dancing to it!
    • Clay has a new steel guitarist. I'm not sure if he's permenant or temporary, but Ray Wiseman is up on the stage for right now. If I hear of any news on what happened to Tim Sergent, I'll pass it on.
    • If you've seen Clay perform "Then What" in concert in the past, you may have seen some flying beach balls in the crowd. Well, I've recently seen those balls being autographed, so catch one next time one bounces your way. Also, there's a new addition to the stage show when Clay performs this song live. You'll be seeing some giant palm trees take shape on both sides of the stage. They inflate and deflate at a fast pace and sway like they're dancing right along with Clay!

    03-22-99: The world premiere of Clay's new video for "She's Always Right" will be on CMT's Delivery Room Wednesday, March 24th. The show will air at three different times; 10am, 3pm and 10pm. Clay's world premiere will be right along side the world premiere of "Boy Oh Boy" by the Wilkinsons, a label-mate of Clay's. So, looks like it will be a Giant night!


    • Clay's new album will be out on May 25th. Clay revealed this to his audience at a recent concert!
    • Clay's Fan Club has already reserved booth space for Fan Fair 1999, so he will definitely have an exhibit this year! For more information about Fan Fair 1999, just click HERE.
    • Speaking of Clay's Fan Club, get to know the Club on a first name basis. The gals now running the show are SHONDAE, MELISA and CINDY. Also, the next Fan Club newsletter should be sent out sometime this month.
    • Clay will be a featured guest on The Golf Channel's "Golf Talk Live". This show allows the guest to talk about their golf game. Viewers can call in with questions. The show is scheduled to air sometime in 1999. I don't have a date yet, when I do, I'll pass it on.
    • The 34th annual Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM's) will broadcast on CBS-TV on May 5th. Clay didn't receive any nominations, but we'll be looking to see if he's a presenter.
    • The 1999 TNN Country Music Awards will broadcast from the Nashville Arena in downtown Nashville on June 14th; the week of Fan Fair. Jeff Foxworthy will host this year. Clay didn't receive any nominations, but you can vote for other stars at

    03-09-99: Sorry I've been away for a while, but here's the latest scoops I have. More to be added later, once I get back in the swing of things.

    • There's a new Fam Club addresss, make sure you check it out along with a new fax number, hotline number & email address under my Fan Club section!
    • Rumor has it that Lori and Clay are expecting their 2nd child this summer; perhaps right around Fan Fair. I'll post more later once I'm aware of the info.
    • Due to Lori & Clay being "DUE" around Fan Fair, Clay still isn't set in stone to be there. More on that later.
    • Clay's newest album will be in stores sometimes in April. As for his first single, "She's Always Right", you can request it now!!

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