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John wins National Elvis Contest!

Click here for the Lake Charles American Press newspaper story (pics are from Aunt Geri)


Dauphin Island Alabama August 2003 picture and legend


5 lil southern belles jan04

Ruth, Julie and Lucy at Yale, October 2003

Daye's sister Helena Christ(Aunt Tina)and Orestine Sonnier Christ (wife of Daye's brother Joseph (Nonc Zeph)

Christmas 1955, Lake Charles. Front row:Aunt Geri, a friend, Aunt Beb, Aunt Dena. Back row: Daye, Uncle Bobby holding Jack, Uncle Dookie holding Julie, Aunt Jackie, Uncle Bill holding Kit, Grand'mere

David Buckingham Blue Ribbon Boy at Beverly Hills Art Show 2003

Julie and Kit, May 1956

Steve and Stephs children pix june00

Bobby and Karen get married at the North Pole!

Buki's boat

Richard is Rocking Paul Revere, Halloween '01

Larry's great escape, 1998

Kit and Larry at Jackson Lake WY
aug 98

Will Sullivan, born Feb 15, 1999

Sullivans summer holiday in WV mountains aug00

Church in Wolxheim, Alsace, village of Daye's father Joseph Christ

Vineyards in Wolxheim where Christs still make wine

Grandpa Christ's first cousin August Christ and his wife, in traditional Alsatian costume, Wolxheim, Alsace about 1875

Alice in Alsatian costume Feb 2004

Mystery loved one of Joseph Christ. Who is it? Sister or sweetheart? Photo taken by A. Bockmann, Hofphotograph [="Court Photographer"], Steinweg 40 or Molsheimerstr no.2, Strassburg AKA Strasbourg, Alsace. About 1890.

Daye's sister and brother Helena (Aunt Tina)and Xavier(Uncle Babe)before 1907

Daye's World War One Army patch 36th Division 141st Infantry Company L

Joseph Christ (Grandpa Christ) on his passport photo, 1920

Daye and Grand'mere about 1922

Grand'mere's wedding, 17 July 1923. Left to right: Flower girl Sophie Wright;Ada Matt (the bride) with her favorite flowers, hydrangeas; Zora LeJeune, Ada's cousin and best friend all her life; Eunice Matt; Edith Matt (Aunt Edith)

Ruth as a baby, 27 Nov 1924

Ryan Street in Lake Charles in the 1940s

Greetings from Lake Charles! 1940s postcard

Uncle Bobby about 1943

Ruth in the Army Nurse Corps, WW2

Uncle Dookie aged 16

The Christ girls, Lake Charles, 1951

Sullivans at Kingston Street, Lake Charles about 1960

Aunt Fran and Grand'mere with cousins at Sullivans, Lake Charles, 1960. Front row: Cheryl, Joe in box, Larry. Second row: Aunt Fran with Brian, David Buckinham, Grand'mere probably with Chris Ieyoub, Kit, Jack, Julie probably with Bobby Christ, Cindy, Eva

Larry's great escape, 1960

Kit and Larry, Lake Charles, early 1961

Uncle Bobby takes the boat out on the Calcasieu at Uncle Lester's company camp. 1962. In the boat, Larry, Eva, Cindy, Julie

Grand'mere, Aunt Ti, Julie, 1962

Sullivans in their back yard at Kingston Street, Lake Charles 1962

Larry and kitten, Lake Charles 1963

Richard, Aunt Ti, Uncle Bobby, Joe, and Kit at Niagara Falls, 1966

The Buckinghams in about 1974: Fran, Jerry, Stephen and Guy

Brian, Mike and Steve go crabbin'

Buckingham boys, 1977

Kit in the Grand Canyon, Summer 1980

Aunt Ti plays tennis, October 1980 (but can she beat Aunt Geri?

Uncle Bill (Yoey) lectures his boys, who listen attentively, 1980

Laura and Jeannette in NYC, Summer 1982

Brian and David with Daye at Julie's wedding, June 1982

John and Matthew were altar boys at Julie's wedding, June 1982

Eva in the Peace Corps, Goure, Niger

Aunt Fran at the Vineyard, July 1983

Johnny and John, 1987

Matthew with Lucy, August 1984

Stephen Buckingham, August 1984, New Orleans

Uncle Dookie on a swamp tour, Houma, March 1987

Joe says something funny, February 1987

Aunt Fran, Aunt Ti, Jeannette and Stephanie, New Orleans 1987

Matthew Nodier, New Orleans 1987

The Ants, Pasadena June 1989

Ruth and Bill off to play tennis, 1989

Bill and Lucy in Huntington, 1992

Johnny Reb, age about 9. Solemn face because "We lotht, you know."

David Nodier reads at Aunt Beb's wedding reception, April 1996

Richard renovates his house, Indianapolis, Summer 1999

Alice's First Communion, Spring 2001

Alice and Christopher at Ashdown Sept 2001

David W. is a German cover boy

Julie and Johnny, Nov 2003

Lucy at cast party of play she costumed, Yale, February 2004

"Do you see this perfectly normal 2-euro coin?" Christopher the magician, Feb 2004

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Altered family pics by Larry

Dangerous !

Weird Christ family reunion1997

Idyll thoughts

Joe nails big air on a longboard

Grand'mere, Bobby and Chris 1960




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