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Katrina celebrated her fifth birthday this week! She will be starting kindergarten this fall, but she's already a pro at going to school, thanks to two years at a local preschool. She's very happy to be moving up to Juliette's school. I'm happy that they'll both be at the same school again!

Katrina is in that fascinating place between not knowing how to read and the giant explosion when it all becomes clear how our written language works. She can read quite a few things, but when asked if she read something, she says that she was just guessing. It is great fun to watch her figure it out.

There is always a song when Katrina is around. She loves music and can learn a song in no time at all. I am always amazed at her ability to pick up a new tune and sing both the melody and the lyrics nearly flawlessly almost from the first try.


Where does the time go? Katrina is nearly 2 1/2 years old! She is such a sunny, cheerful kid. She recently surprised us by learning the ABC song with little to no input from her parents. I guess she and Juliette must have practiced together when we weren't around!

Another new Katrina trick is somersaults. She recently figured out how to get her feet off the ground so that she could roll over. She's eager to show off this new skill to anyone who will watch. She's just as computer savvy as Juliette, playing computer games with great gusto. She's a mouse pro now, much to her own delight. She loves the various educational games that we have.


Katrina is 13 months old now. She started walking about a week ago. She still crawls when she wants to go fast, but she's choosing to walk over half the time now. She has three teeth, with at least one more nearly in.

One of Katrina's favorite things is dogs. She says "goggy!" whenever she sees one. She even knows which television commercials have dogs in them and will turn around when she hears the music start, then watch excitedly for the dogs.


Katrina is nine months old today. She learned to crawl a couple of weeks ago. She's also started pulling up and cruising around the furniture. We may have an early walker here! She has no teeth still, but seems to be working on a couple.

Just like her sister was at this age, Katrina is nearly always smiling. She's trying to learn a few words. She says "mama", "hi", "ca-ca" (cracker), and "Kah!" (her cousin Kallie, whose picture is on the refrigerator).


Katrina is three months old now. She's really started to coo and gurgle a lot when we talk to her. She laughs when I kiss her cheeks, and she's always smiling. Her hair is very blond and fuzzy. Right now it looks like a fuzzy crew cut, about 3/4 inch long.

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