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Juliette is seven years old now - yes, I know that I'm absolutely horrible at keeping this page up to date! She will be starting second grade this fall, and is very excited about that. Juliette's reading skills have really blossomed this year and she is now a voracious reader just like her parents. Her reading choices tend towards non-fiction, especially books about animals. She was particularly fond of an enormous HEAVY animal encyclopedia which she repeatedly checked out of her school's library this year.

We just started the girls in judo classes a week ago. Juliette is taking quite a liking to the sport. She is proving to be extremely strong, and pays close attention to the lessons so that she can perfect her technique.

Juliette has a knack for numbers and for spatial problem solving. She has been trying out some origami figures from a book recently with good success. Her reading skills coupled with her puzzle aptitude make origami a great craft for her!


Juliette is 4 and a half (woe be unto you if you forget that half!) years old now. She is in the middle of a great learning spurt right now, exhibiting signs that reading is just around the corner. She's also started drawing very detailed pictures. She makes stick figures of people, and they all have ten toes, ten fingers, ears, eyebrows, clothes, and so forth. It's amazing the amount of detail that she can include in a stick figure!

Juliette recently gave herself a major black eye. She was built a big stack of sofa cushions and climbed on top of the stack, only to have it tip over, sending her tumbling cheek first into the coffee table! She wasn't too happy about that at all. The bruise was awful looking and lasted about two weeks, but is almost entirely gone now. She's much more cautious in her building exploits now.


Juliette is getting to be much less of a toddler and more of a "big girl" all the time. She has really taken an interest lately in how words are spelled and what letters different words start with. She frequently spells out words from signs and asks me what they spell. She also has a very good memory. Many times she has repeated back to me something very complicated that I only said one time several days earlier.

We moved into a new house about a month ago, and Juliette is very excited about her new bedroom. She wants it to be purple, with butterflies and fairies. We've chosen and purchased the paint and some stamps to make butterflies and flowers (still looking for the fairies). Pretty soon we'll get to start painting. I think it will be a nice change from the previous incarnation of the room - cowboys and cactus with burlap curtains!


Wow, so much has happened since the last entry on this page! Juliette turned three in January. She's growing up so fast. She has become a real computer wizard. She likes to play games and has learned everything there is to know about maneuvering around with the mouse. She and Darrell play Frogger together. She likes "scooping" up the flies the best. Juliette is also able to work every single remote control in the house expertly. "Remote" is one of the few words that she still mispronounces in a cute way - she calls them "merotes".

Juliette is very loving and sweet to us most of the time. She tells us frequently how much she loves us and her little sister Katrina. At other times, she's a headstrong, stubborn three year old. We've found that many of Juliette's tantrums happen when she's been too busy to eat much, and a bit of food usually tends to help get things back under control.


Juliette is now just a month short of two years old. She's getting to be such a big girl. She's getting used to the idea of being a big sister -- we are expecting our second child in May. If asked where the new baby is, she says, "in the tummy" and pats my tummy.

While visiting with my parents over Thanksgiving, my mother was singing the old "uh-oh, Spaghettios" jingle with Juliette. Several days after returning home from our trip, Juliette started singing "uh-oh, two videos" in the same tune. Pretty clever substitution for an unfamiliar word, I'd say!1


Juliette is 20 months old. Where does the time go? She's talking in sentences which get longer and more complex all the time. Example from this week: I was cooking lasagna, and when I tasted the sauce, Juliette said "soup", because she likes soup. I wasn't going to give her any, since I was busy cooking, but then she looked at me very seriously and said, "Try some soup little bit." So of course I put some in a bowl so that she could try the "soup".


Juliette is 18 months old now, and is growing fast and learning faster! Recently, we took a "waterbabies" swimming class together. Juliette learned to blow bubbles, jump into the pool, walk along the edge of the pool using her hands, kick her feet to splash, and other fun things. She really enjoyed the class, and is very relaxed when we take her swimming.

Juliette is learning to get what she wants, even if she has to climb on something to get it. She loves to climb onto the coffee table and stand up. I'd rather she didn't, but realize that it's kind of silly to forbid that, when I allow her to stand on the sofa! So now she climbs on the table, stands up and says, "sit DOWN!" Wonder where she heard that?


Juliette had her 15 month checkup this week. She's at 25 lb. 10 oz. and 31 1/2 inches tall.

Juliette is very active, walking, running, dancing, climbing, and generally never slowing down until she drops from exhaustion. She really keeps her parents hopping!

She's really talking a lot now, saying about 70 or 80 words. Some of her current words:
Honey - she learned this one reading a Pooh book, but now she repeats it any time she hears it. Example - when a friend and I were leaving her husband's office the other day, my friend said "bye, honey" to her husband as we walked out, and Juliette said "honey" too. Very cute!
Reading - she gets one of her board books, comes over and hands it to me, turns around and plops down in my lap, saying "reading"!
Smart - she pronounces it "maht". Wonder where she hears this one?
Moon - she can pick out pictures of the moon in any book, and on TV too.


Juliette had her first birthday earlier this month. She started walking shortly after her birthday, and now walks about as much as she crawls. She's learning more words almost daily. Some of her newest words are "button", "birthday", and "picture". She has also become quite fond of Mommy's beadwork. She stands in front of the bead table, saying "bee" (bead) over and over until we let her hold one. I have a couple of really big beads that I let her carry around for awhile. She seems to understand that they're "treasures" and won't give them up without a fight!


Juliette started pulling up two days after she started crawling! Now she stands up as much as possible, usually holding on with just one hand. Her favorite place to pull up is on the television stand, reaching for the VCR and telephone buttons.


Juliette mastered the art of crawling forward last week. Finally, she can see where she's going! Not much can stop her now--she crawls right over most obstacles.


More new words for Juliette! She now says "Mama", "puppy", "no-no", and "baby". All of her other words are unintelligible, but spoken very purposefully. She's also beginning to crawl forward as well as backward. Pulling up is starting to be interesting, too. Time for more childproofing!


Juliette is 9 months old now, and is a complete joy to be around. She really does smile nearly all the time, as you can see in the pictures on this site.

At her 9 month checkup, Juliette weighed 21 pounds, 4 ounces, and measured 29 inches long. Right now, she's working really hard on becoming more mobile. She has learned to scoot across the floor on her bottom and how to crawl backwards (forward is going to take a little more work!) She has started to say "Da-Da" and "bye-bye". She says a lot of other things, too, which I'm sure are extremely important, if only we spoke the language!

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