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rkkenf.jpg The cover
rkken1.jpg Kenshin and Sano in profile
rkpeacef.jpg The cover
rkpeace1.jpg Hiko and Kenshin
rkpeace2.jpg Kenshin and Sano
rkpeace3.jpg Kenshin
rkpeace4.jpg very pretty Kenshin and Sano
rkpeace5.jpg more Kenshin and Sano
rkpeace6.jpg just Kenshin again
Ken Mizuki DJ
"Peace of Mind" DJ
samuraiheart having too much fun with a picture editing program
rkpeace4color.jpg very pretty K & S in color!
Here are some doujinshi scans to help inspire RK Yaoi fics. Just stare at the pretty pictures and maybe an idea will come to you. I admit that they are a little Kenshin and Sano-centric. Gomen. I scanned them myself so please ask me if you want to use them for your site.
rkpeacec.jpg a better version of the above pic
rkhienbclr.jpg K & Sano kiss in color
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