GWTW Cadiz Celebration
12-10-2008, Kathleen wants to share about the news of "Gone With The Wind" 70th Anniversary Celebration, May 1-3, 2009 in Cadiz, Ohio, read more on Clark Gable Foundation. Also, read about "Gone With The Wind" 70th Anniversary Celebration, Nov. 13-14, 2009 in Marietta, Georgia , See Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum for more info.

Bermuda Dunes - Clark Gable House
6-13-2008, Take a look at these pictures of Clark Gable House in Bermuda Dunes, Palm Springs taken by Larry Stell. Thanks for sharing!

Behind the scenes of The Misfits
6-3-2008, check out this video clips of new footage of Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable from the home movies shot behind the scenes of 'The Misfits,' last film for both stars. Gable died of heart attack, only 12 days after shooting of Misfits, on 11/16/1960. His son John Clark Gable was born 3/20/1961. Watching the clip sure brings back memories. Thanks to Anne for sharing!

Happy Birthday to the King!
2-3-2008, read about how Cadiz is celebrating Gable's birthday this year. Interestingly, on Gable's birthday, Scots Pop Idol star Darius Danesh has been chosen to play Rhett Butler in Trevor Nunn�s musical adaptation of Gone with the Wind. Gone With The Wind previews at the New London Theatre, from April 4. Anyone going there?!

Clark Gable Birthday Celebration
1-9-2008, Kayley Gable on MySpace indicated that she is planning on attending the birthday celebration in Cadiz the first of February, to "sign autographs and celebrate Pa's birthday" where it all started! Thanks to June Ferris for this tip!

Cool Gable Wallpaper
1-8-2008, Daniela Salazar shares with us a great looking Gable wallpaper, have a look!

Gable Biographies
1-3-2008, Happy New Year! There has been quite a few books written about Clark Gable. After Warren Harris's Clark Gable: A Biography (2005), David Bret's Clark Gable: Tormented Star (2007) is the latest one. I have not read it personally. It seems that it hasn't gotten favorable Amazon reviews. My favorite has always been Lyn Tornabene's Long live The King: A Biography of Clark Gable (1976) and a very well-research piece by Chrystopher J. Spicer - Clark Gable: Biography, Filmography, Bibliography (2002). Mr. Spicer was a professor from Australia, and met his wife in the Library while researching for the Gable book. Pretty interesting tale.

Rhett Butler's People
11-3-2007, so we all heard the book is coming out next week. Go visit the official book site. Still suffering from anticipation anxiety? Can't make it to the book party in Atlanta? To alleviate GWTW fever, read a few reviews & book excerpt... Let the countdown begin!

Vote, vote, and vote for GWTW!
7-16-2007, I usually won't advertise for online voting, but AMC is doing an ALL-TIME favorite movie poll... I think GWTW deserves to be ranked high there... So GWTW diehards, start voting away... Vote more than once if you can! Thanks Kathleen for notifying the movie poll. :)

Search Gable video clips in Blinkx
6-11-2007, Check out these Gable clips from Blinkx - a video clip search engine.

Exhibit pays tribute to a cinematic classic, 'Gone With the Wind'
4-9-2007, Read about this "Gone With the Wind" exhibit in Orlando.

An Epic Forever - GWTW
4-9-2007, Read about this review of GWTW from India Screen.

4-9-2007, Don Davidson made update to Bob's Jean Harlow tour. Thanks for the contribution.

Gable on YouTube
9-24-2006, Check out these Gable videos on YouTube. Some very clever ones! While at it, do a search on "Gone with the wind." Some great fan clips!

9-2-2006, Bob Siler is at work again. He shares with us a grand tour of Jean Harlow!!! Thanks Bob for his contribution. Fans - start hunting down the trail!

9-2-2006, Bob Siler shares with us address of Louis B. Mayer. See where the tycoon has lived during his time!

'Gone With the Wind' stays current
9-2-2006, Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a piece on GWTW!

Clark Gable - unpublished picture
1-10-2006, Bob Shingleton wants to share his unpublished Gable picture with us. Take a look! Thanks Bob!

Napan restores new life to 100-year-old home
1-3-2006, interesting story on restoring a home that Gable and Lombard had spent time in. In addition, a few Gable related trivia things: Livingston woman was once a Hollywood stuntwoman and Clark Gable's "Hoosier Tornado". Happy New Year!

Clark Gable - the king of movies
12-31-2005, here is an extremely well crafted website - Lynn Powell Dougherty's page on Clark Gable. It's packed full of good pictures, information, and other goodies. Treat yourself with this delight for the new year. Not to be missed!

The king of Hollywood - Clark Gable
11-23-2005, just in time for holiday. Here is a piece of thorough article on CG. Thanks to Kathleen for bringing it to our attention. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Gable on NPR
5-21-2005, Anne alerted us about the NPR segment of Clark Gable singing Happy Birthday to Carole Lombard. Very cool. Thanks to Anne!

Star Encounter: Rand Sieling shares his father's war story
5-12-2005, Rand Sieling shares his story. Thanks!

Star Encounter: Shapiro remembers his childhood playing years with John Clark Gable
4-12-2005, Paul Shapiro was a neighbor of the Gables at the famous Encino Ranch. Thanks Paul for sharing!

Annual Clark Gable Birthday Celebration Report 2005
2-21-2005, Kathleen Marcaccio has been attending CG Birthday celebration at Cadiz annually. Each year, we are fortunate to have her give us a detail account of the Birthday bash. For those of you who could not make it, this is as good as it gets. As always, many thanks to Kathleen. :)

Olivia de Havilland remembers making of GWTW
12-1-2004, check out this excellent piece of Olivia speaking on the topic of making of GWTW. Courtesy of AP.

GWTW Graves
11-28-2004, Bob Siler compiled a list of all GWTW crew and cast members' grave locations. It is a two part serie - Part I and Part II. Many thanks to Bob's hard work!

GWTW Related Addresses - Part II
11-28-2004, additional addresses from GWTW casts are added to the list. Thanks again to Bob for his wonderful work! Part I and Part II.

Photo Galleries
11-11-2004, I have finally come around to upload the photos to the TributeToClarkGable Yahoo group. There are over 160 photos uploaded; it is under folder photos > photo gallery. This yahoo group is free to join. Since I am running out of web space here, it is created to store more files for the site.

Turner Classic Movies Star of the Month: Clark Gable
11-1-2004, TCM is showing Gable movies every Wednesday and Thursday in the month of November. Click here for the tv schedule. Thanks to JC for the tip!

Clark Gable Places (1901-1936)
10-10-2004, Author Chrys Spicer shares with us a detailed account of Gable Places in his early years. This site is becoming so research intensive. Thanks so much for everyone's support!

Clark in Akron!
10-3-2004, Thanks to Thomas, we now have three rare photographs of Clark Gable during his days in Akron at the Miller Factory. What a surprise find!

Lights, camera, Akron!
9-21-2004, Akron Beacon Journal has just published a new article on their beloved son Clark. Thanks Kathleen for the link!

Clark Gable will be Santa Claus
9-2-2004, one more foreign article translated by Silvia. Many thanks!

The Gable Grave
8-21-2004, ever thought about grave hunting? Bob prepared a very detailed list of Gable family graves. Happy go hunting!

Courtships of Dolly O'Brien
8-15-2004, Thanks to L. Marshall Heminway III's contribution, we now have a detailed account of why Gable didn't marry Dolly.

Clark Gable Tour
8-15-2004, Bob Siler is on a mission to track a list of places that Gable lived at throughout his life,(addresses, street names),and some background history. Part I, Part II, Part III. Thanks for sharing.

Oriana Fallaci remembers Clark Gable
8-15-2004, Silvia Redford from Italy has offered translation of this 1960 article of Epoca. Excellent work!

Clark Gable. La Corona del Rey
7-16-2003, There is a new biography of Gable, in Spanish. The title is "Clark Gable. La Corona del Rey (Clark Gable. The King's Crown)", by Joan Benavent. Thanks to leyeslesbarrow for the tip. For Spanish translation to English, here is a Free Translation Tool from altavista.

Clark Gable Foundation 12 Oaks Barbeque
7-2-2003, pictures of the event are posted online on Clark Gable Foundation. Have a look, guys and gals!

Vintage Lobby Cards/Wallpapers
4-17-2003, Over 46 vintage lobby cards are added to the Yahoo Group. I strongly encourage all of you to join the group. In addition being able to upload files/photos, the Yahoo group has a message board that I plan to use for the site. Thanks to Sylvie, she contributed 12 beautiful Gable Wallpapers. To view/download these files, you have to join the group and click on Photos. I think all your Gable faithfuls will enjoy these new images. :)

Audio/Video Files
4-7-2003, I knew this has been asked several times, and finally, I came around to upload it to the server today. Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long. I have very limited webspaces left, so I had to take Audio/Video files offline. Now I have started a Yahoo Group and uploaded the files there. Remember these files were created in 2000, and they were not the best crispy sharp image files because of the high compression rate. But they are still worth downloading if you want to have a copy. :) Audio Files : Video Files --- You will need a Real One Player to play these files (free from real.com). You need to download it to play it on your desktop. Simply click on the file may not start real one player.

Star Encounter
1-3-2003, Happy New Year! Gable was spotted in Delft. Thanks for sharing everyone!

Clark Gable's Forward
9-9-2002, Thanks to Jack, we have what may be Clark's only literary effort, a forward TO ADOLPHE MENJOU�S IT TOOK NINE TAILORS (1948)

Is George Clooney the new Clark Gable?
7-11-2002, Interesting comparison between Gable and Clooney. Contributed by Abby, Thanks!

Gable Magazine Covers
7-10-2002, added 6 beautiful covers. Many thanks to Rachel's contribution.

Star Encounter
7-10-2002, Terri shares a story w/ us. :) thanks!

DeNoon Road Was Site of Gable's Early Years
3-8-2002, In depth story of Gable's early years. Contributed by Pat England. Also included a direction to Addie's grave Great detective work by Pat!

Still Hollywood's King
2-26-2002, Article appeared on The Plain Dealer 2-5-2001. This will be the first installment of the 2002 birthday reports. Much more to come. Again thanks to Kathleen for her generous contribution. :)

Special Gable Birthday Report
2-12-2002, brought to you by Kathleen Marcaccio. Many thanks to Kathleen. :)

Clark Gable in the eighth Air Force
11-23-2001, inside story on the time Clark Gable spent in Air Force (Air Power History, Spring 1999).

Gable Family Tree
8-14-2001, take a look at this family tree. Isn't it interesting? Courtsey of Genealogy.com.

Gable Painting
6-12-2001, I did a Gable portrait with Gouche today. I enjoy the painting a lot. Just want to share with you all. :-)

4-21-2001, Do you know how many times Gable played a father figure on screen?

Gable Films
3-23-2001, detailed Clark Gable Film Reviews.

Clark Gable Slept Here
3-19-2001, Read Chrystopher Spicer's researches on Gable's Hometown. I will get a text version uploaded later. Thanks Chrys.

Clark Gable Winamp Skin
3-16-2001, Another contribution from Yen - new Gable Winamp Skin.

Gable on Radio
3-9-2001, Do you know Gable once played George Washington on a radio show? Read more in the updated edition of Gable on Radio.

Gable 100th Birthday Coverage
2-26-2001, 12 local Ohio papers, also check out John Clark Gable's autograph!


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