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This site is devoted to Analog Record Players - with Direct Drive. First introduced in 1969 during the 70's the Direct-Drive Turntable soon became sort of a standard in radio-stations and homes of true audiophiles throughout the whole world. In the end of the 70's japanese companies made some classic machines like the Technics SP-10MkII, the Sony PS-X9, the Trio/Kenwood L-07D or the Denon DP-100, with an almost unbelievable amount of creativity, material and quality.
Almost forgotten during the 80's the renaissance of Direct-Drive-Turntables started in the 90's as an instrument for creative DJ's. The emphasis here however is more on the now forgotten top-of-the-line models - battleships of the past, whose sound even by nowadays standards surely will please every true audiomaniac.
Granted, the performance of many of todays tables might be just as good as their vintage counterparts but it is the way these vintage machines spin the platter with their classic looks, strobes, lights and countless gimmics. This site shows you remarkable models and covers subjects like history, technical stuff, tuning, building a plinth, buying 2nd hand, prices, spare-parts, and many more stuff around Direct-Drives.

Welcome to the world of EMTs, Denons, Technics

I would be glad to hear from visitors of this site. If you have comments or questions don't hesitate to mail. I would also appreciate pictures, comments and data sheets regarding direct drive decks.

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