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Members have defined the CAR listserv as a space to exchange pertinent information relevant to the field of anthropology of reproduction. This includes calls for papers, requests for information, grant announcements & job openings, etc. It is not used for advertising or for "forwarding" mass mailings (e.g. email petitions, virus warnings). We ask all members to do their best to conform to the spirit of the listserv .

How do I subscribe to the CAR listserv?
The listserv is only available to CAR Members. If you are not a member and would like to join, please see our Membership Information . When you fill out your "Member Profile" you will have the option on your to be included in the CAR listserv. If you choose to be included on the listserv, you will automatically be subscribed once we receive your membership information and dues. Soon after you will receive a welcome email message. Once you receive this message you are on the CAR listserv and can receive and post messages. For information on how to post and the address where to send CAR list messages, please see the CAR listserv web information at:

You may also use this web interface to manage your subscription and access archives. If you are already a member and did not originally choose to be included on the listserv, or if you did choose this and are unable to receive or send messages, contact Nicole Gallicchio. Please send her the email address you would like to add to the listserv. Once current membership is verified, you will immediately be added to the listserv.

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