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On 9 April 2004 I jumped on a plane bound for Bangkok to take part in an 18 day Intrepid trip, 'Thailand Unplugged'. I met some truly fantastic people and saw so many amazing things that I felt I just had to share my adventure with the rest of the world! I can't even begin to describe how awesome a time I had, but I will try.

This website has been created for my Business Website Development class, so bear with me - I know it's not overly advanced but it is my first real attempt!


So, anyway, here it is guys ... my trip website! Take a look around, check out what I did on 'The Adventure' page and see a few of my photos in my 'Photo Album'.

You can check out Intrepid Travel and the 'Thailand Unplugged' trip on the 'Intrepid Site' or see what Robert, one of my fellow  travelers, had to say about the trip on 'Robert's Site'.

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Angela went to Thailand and had an absolutely amazing time!

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