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The Adventure

Following is the trip itinerary for 'Thailand Unplugged' with some of Intrepid's suggestions on what to do:

Days 1-2 Bangkok The streets and canals of Bangkok buzz with excitement. Abundant food stalls selling all kinds of tasty treats and grand temples and palaces glistening in the sun. It is all there waiting for us.
Day 3 Chiang Mai Bargain with a smile in Chiang Mai's colourful night bazaar. Take to the countryside by bike or hike to the amazing Doi Suthep temple.
Days 4-6 Hilltribe Trek Trekking in the hilltribe villages of northern Thailand is a must for those who are prepared to rough it in exchange for an awesome experience. Walk 3 days through rugged rural terrain, spend nights in simple wooden huts and get an insight into village life.
Day 7 Chiang Mai More time to find out why Chiang Mai is a firm travellers' favourite.
Days 8-9 Bangkok Get back into all that fast paced Bangkok offers.
Days 10-11 Khao Sok Khao Sok is a true tropical jungle, lush and full of life. Swinging from vines is out but feel free to roam the trails, paddle in the streams and soak up the exotic sounds of the tropics.
Days 12-13 Koh Samui Koh Samui is a fun island with soft white sands, coconut palms and warm waters. Chill out or sample the buzzing nightlife.
Days 14-17 Koh Tao Truly picturesque Koh Tao famous for its clear waters teeming with marine life amongst the coral reefs. A perfect place to unwind and relax .
Day 18 Bangkok Arrive in Bangkok to the end of this excellent adventure.



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Angela went to Thailand and had an absolutely amazing time!

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