Computer Science

Dr. Andrew Broad
Computer Science

I studied at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Manchester (UMCS), gaining a BSc, an MPhil and a PhD.

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  • My research-interests

    My PhD research-topic was comparative code understanding. Since I started with the idea of applying case-based reasoning to code understanding and code generation, I also created web-pages for these topics.

  • Comparative Code Understanding
  • Code Understanding
  • Code Generation
  • Case-Based Reasoning

  • Programming languages

    I can program in many different languages. I am particularly fluent in Java, C/C++, BASIC and SML. I also have some competence in Perl, LISP, Prolog, Pascal and Z80 machine code, and have dabbled in Haskell, Forth, ABC, Logo, 68000 machine code and MU0 machine code. I have only bothered to create web pages for a couple of these languages, though.

  • Java
  • Perl

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