MPhil Project

Dr. Andrew Broad
Computer Science
MPhil Project

These pages serve as auxiliary appendices to my MPhil thesis, which is entitled The Application of Case-Based Reasoning to the Understanding of Constraints on Information Models.

The practical product of this research is a constraint-understanding system, which takes an EXPRESS model and extracts higher-level constraints (HLCs) which characterise the abstract semantics of the constraints on that model.

The constraint-understanding system uses a CBR approach: cases are used to suggest what HLCs to extract from the input EXPRESS model.

The constraint-understanding system is built on top of a frame system. This provides a data-driven environment in which objects (the EXPRESS models, HLCs and cases) are represented as frames. EXPRESS itself is used as the frame class language, and I have invented my own frame instance language, FIL.

  • The Thesis itself
  • Frame Class Models for EXPRESS Models, HLCs and Cases
  • The Case Library (zipped - see index.html)
  • Source Code (zipped - see index.html)
  • Javadoc Documentation (zipped - see index.html)
  • Experimental Results

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