Dr. Andrew Broad
Computer Science

Seminar on Thesis Writing

  • My advice on thesis-writing (updated 30th May 2001)
  • The PhD viva (updated 6th November 2002)
  • My summary of the course in 2001 (updated 30th May 2001)
  • My summary of the course in 1998 (updated 30th May 2001)
  • CS710 thesis presentations (updated 30th May 2001)
  • My PhD thesis (CS710 2001 EDIT) (zipped LaTeX/PostScript)
  • My MPhil thesis (CS710 1998 EDIT) (gzipped PostScript)
  • .gz files can be unzipped using gunzip or WinAce. PostScript files can be viewed using Ghostscript and GSview.

    External links

  • CS710 Syllabus
  • CS710 agenda for 2002
  • CS710 agenda for 2001
  • University Regulations for the Presentation of Theses and Dissertations
  • GSSEM Notes on Writing a Thesis
  • Aaron Sloman's Notes on Presenting Theses (must read)
  • How to Write a PhD Thesis (Physics, University of New South Wales)
  • Finishing the PhD (Chris Hughes, University of Warwick)
  • Mark Leone's Advice on Research and Writing
  • PhD thesis-writing & viva-survival (Strathclyde Business School)
  • Useful information for PhDs (King Alfred's, Winchester)

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