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Club News  

The year gets off to a great start.  We are learning all the time about how to organise our new show ground and would like your views please.

Clear round jumping will start again in a seperate ring.  Come on and enjoy yourselves.

- have your say.....Contact me at [email protected] add your news here.  See the Showing page for the latest news of competition.

During the winter, your Committee, Chairman and Secretary have been working very hard to secure some sponsorship for the club. Hartshill riding club is pleased to announce that we have the help and support of some new local sponsors who have contributed hundreds of pounds to club funds to upgrade the facilities you will be able to enjoy this season.

With the financial help that sponsors give, Hartshill Riding Club is looking to hold new classes and improve the quality of show equipment and so raise the standard of the shows.

The club would like to thank the sponsors for their continued support:

Polesworth Garage

        Bevan Fox Insurance Brokers

                Dosthill Saddlery

                        Mark Evans Estate Agents

                                The NFU Atherstone

                                        V J Thurlby 

Go to our sponsors pages

Have your say ... 

This is an open forum and anything you put in here will be for general public consumption!!  So be careful how you use it please.

So here we go -

Join the Assembly

A special thank you from the club members to all the committee members without whom the club would not exist.

Keep looking for more news about your club.

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