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May 4th

The first  Working Hunter competition at the new Hartshill Riding Club showground.   The new WH jumps attracted a lot of attention and favourable comments.  If you have never done a working Hunter competition, I can assure you they are a lot of fun.   They need some thought and planning, so if you have never done one and would like some advice, contact the Secretary

Times gone by..... 

A number of new members were attending their first show with many old faithfuls for whom showing is a new venture all together from what they normally would do.  This new found enthusiasm is all down to one of the many "clinics" held VJINHAND.gif (45907 bytes)during the close season by the club.

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Anyway, a big welcome to all members new and old alike.

In the meanwhile, do you recognise yourself?  If you wish to have an electronic copy of any of the images shown here, pass on a diskette and I'll gladly copy the file for you.

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