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Helpful Photography and Design related websites for you :)

Photography Reference

    Huge digital photography newsreel, Tutorials, Free Software, DSLR Firmware & Manual Database, Reviews, Shopping and More. Very useful!

    Tons of tutorials for Beginner and Semi-Experienced photographers. 3 blogs in one: "Photography Tips & Tools", "Cameras & Equipment" and "Post Production". Also a large Forum with threads like "How I took it", Photo Assignments, Critiques and more.

    Online version of an excellent and overall informative magazine. Lots of Tutorials & Equipment Reviews plus a big forum community.

    Two print Magazines (Popular Photography, American Photo), one website. News, Podcasts, Reviews + Buyer's Guides, Galleries, Forums, Contests ect. Professional Workshop Listings.

    Considering { gulp } cleaning your CMOS or CCD Sensor on your own? Check out this website first- tons of info about various techniques and precautions to take. DIY instructions to make your own sensor cleaning equipment!

    The most extensive digital photography review site I've ever seen. Every DSLR I've ever heard of plus tons of lenses. Also a Buyer's Guide, Galleries, Forums, Photography Challenges and more.

    Design Reference

    Huge Webdesign reference site. Css, Photoshop & Illustrator tutorials + Wordpress hacks. Inspirational design ideas, news- even Webdesign Job Listings!

    An excellent design tool- Use their COPASO color tool to create your own color palettes for designwork, or browse thousands (about 34 thousands) of palets created by other users. Create and color your own patterns and save your favorite colors. Also you'll find a Color Theory blog and a listing of the latest design trends to draw your inspiration.

  • Color Scheme Generator
    Another great color tool. Basically an interactive Color Wheel that can help you find contrast colors, triad, tetrad and analogically matching color schemes. This generator also offers schemes for those who are colorblind! I wonder who thought of that feature... WellStyled.Com also offers a few helpful CSS articles, but at this point the site is a little difficult to navigate and is half written in Chech.


  • &
    A simple, easy to use photoblog directory that contains some emmensely well done sites and talented photographers. Check of { Same Orginazation } for some AMAZING work.

    Another useful Photoblog directory.


    Creators of those crazy Lomo cameras. They carry everything from dedicated fisheyes to 8-LRs (Yeah, Eight!). On their site you'll also find extensive galleries, A webzine, photo contests and a bunch more.

    A good site to pick up cameras, lenses, bags, tripods and cards PLUS just about any electronic gadget you can think of. Sometimes you can get pretty sweet deals.

    Know any more rad websites?

    Email me! I'll add it to the list.
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