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Project 365

Project 365 is my commitment to take at least one photograph a day for Three Hundred Sixty Five days in a row.

01.31.09 12:28pm Day #5

Yesterday I went to the DMV with my dad.. paid for new tags and registration. Went with Lotus as she went around dropping off Resumes downtown. Stopped by Advanced Photo to check out Polarized filters. My dad used to work there and since I'm "Kenny's" (I'm sure my dad would not be fond of that nickname) daughter, they game me a 72mm Circular Polarizing Filter for $40 instead of $70! Yay!
Lauren, Claire and Maya all got tattoos yesterday. Claire had just graduated Beauty School hours before she had a pair of shears done on her left arm.


01.29.09 11:40pm Day#4
Took my camera on a walk down to the plaza today. This is what I normally see when I walk down the street in my home town.

Grizzly Peak to the south of my house... Who says Chemtrails don't exist?!

Kitty in the window at Cd or not Cd? (Notice the cute Shakespeare reference? The entire city of Ashland is a cute Shakespeare fucking reference) -- There is a big sign next to this window that reads "NO PATCHOULLI ALLOWED" and a boxful of eerie somewhat threatening christian propaganda pamphlets. Stuff like Jesus Loves you, but he will damn you to eternal pain and suffering in bloody hell if you do not repent.

Bronze sculpture at Chataqua Square- almost to the plaza. I think this is another Shakespeare reference. Next time I feel like spending money, I need to get a polarizing filter. The only thing wrong with this exposure is the awkward color of the sky. I think a polarized filter would fix that { Or a neutralized grad filter, but I'd want to get a square one and I'd have to buy a mount too. }

This is my favorite picture from today. This is Eli. He's a funny kid. He always likes to talk to me about weird, awkward things.

Janique! The sweetest girl in the whole world.

This is Raiden@! { Yeah, Like Mortal Kombat! }-- The badassest 1 and a half month old on the block. Janique's baby boy.
He is way too cute for words.

Still more spraying as the sun sets. I felt sick all day. Hm. Maybe it was all the Barium.

Adam and his so elegantly coordinated outfit helping to set my white balance. { He knitted a black and white striped scarf to match his sweater, which he wears when he expects an unusually cold day. }

This is Matty, our resident whining folk-punk kid. Yeah, Matty. Starch and Carbohydrates. I know.

Yup. That was my day. I should have taken pictures of Ajax and Mike at Evo's Coffe shop.. Mike was telling me that those crazy "Digital L-Rs" that I use "Are at the same speed as ghosts" and that if I go way out to 4 Corners { I don't know where that is } and stand in the middle of two crossing roads { Ghosts like intersections? } I should take a bunch of pictures with my Digital L-R and I'll get some weird shit. Haha. I humored him, he really did think he knew exactly what he was talking about and was really excited about it.
Tomorrow: Going to the DMV! New Tags! Registration! Yes, this is the recipe for an exciting photoblog!

01.28.09 5:42pm Day #3
Ah, Ashland. So Picturesque. Its easy to foreget sometimes- not to notice.

Its always pretty here. Sometimes I find it all too convienient to stay inside and read all day.

Am I the only one who thinks all this Obama novelty is becoming a little much? The store next door to this one used to have a T-shirt on display with a low-resolution portrait of Barack Obama wearing a photoshopped santa hat that read "Merry Christmas from Barack Obama!"
I should have bought it.

"Ty denies Obama girls inspired Sweet Sasha, Marvelous Malia"

01.27.09 7:20pm Day #2
Today was sunny, so I spent a few hours walking around town with my camera.
There are some freight cars parked on the track a few blocks from my house- and theres a pretty old cemetary across the street.
Heres some highlights:

I'm actually pretty proud of these. The frieght cars presented alot of interesting compositions that I'm very happy with. I have lots more, too. I have started saving 'For Web Only' copies of my pictures, also. These were originally about 1.5mb each, now they're about 50kb!
Anyway, I'll re-do the Gallery page when I'm hosted and get the pictures from today in there.

01.26.09 9:19pm Day #1
Day One of project 365.
I've been trying to get into the habit of taking my camera everywhere I go. I used to, but I found that I never took it out of the case- and my Nikon d50 is bulky and heavy, so I left it out of my bag.
Basically, Project 365 is a commitment to take at least one picture every day for 365 days. Today is day one.
Kyle, Stuart and Max left for their adventure today. They're hopping in Stuart's Minivan with no money and a box of oranges and driving away. They say they'll be back in March, maybe.

The black fabric in Stuart's hands.. his underwear. Apparently wearing a bib and a pair of boxers at the same time is rather uncomfortable.

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