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All images and content Taylor Williams 2009

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Why you should choose Me.

  • I am an active Web Designer and Photographer.
    I have an intense interest in developing my skills as a photographer- I am constantly taking pictures or reading about taking pictures. I am also unemployed. This leaves.. all day, every day for me to study, take pictures and update my new website. I am professional and very serious about my hobbies.

  • I am a good writer.
    I have been blogging since I was about 10. Not only do I have a good sense of humor and lyrical voice... I can spell, too!. Like I said, I am very serious about this website. You won't find me TyPiNg LyK diS ALL DayE LonG, Oh mAi GaWd. I enjoy writing quite a bit and plan to do alot of it here.

  • I am Creative.
    I am constantly making new things. My content will never be stale or boring. My websites tend to be more fluid- always changing and moving forward. I have a tendency to change my layouts once a week.. I get bored eaisly.

  • I am Organized.
    I keep my files organized and clean. I type all of HTML by hand (no generators) and nothing is sloppy. I delete anything that is not being used. I am also a fan of simplicity.. It is likely that the entire site will be written in HTML and CSS only. Though I have been blogging and writing websites for a long time, I never learned PHP or Greymatter or any blogging mumbo jumbo. I would probably like to at least learn how to set up a comment system, but for the moment, I am content.


    The website you see here uses about 1.7MB of space. Pretty small. I save copies for all of my photos for the internet and take them down from the original size of about 1.5MB to about 50kb each. I also plan to use flickr to direct link my photos to my blog-- I am not sure wether or not this affects your bandwidth? Let me know.
    I'm not really planning on selling my work on this website- at this point. Moreso just networking and personal gratification. I think the most frequent updates you will see will be blogs.


  • Have enough space for me.
  • Own a domain.
    Thats prettymuch all I need from you. Hopefully I can find someone with a domain that is easy to remember and something that I can relate to. Otherwise, you're doing me a huge favor and I don't ask any more of you than th let me exist. I will, of course, link you from my page.

    Thank you!

    All images and content Taylor Williams 2009

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