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Glory to Lord Indra for Good Monsoon.

May he be stand by us in our need and in abundance for our wealth: May he come neigh us with his strength.
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"OOOM, Dyoh Shaantih, Antariksha Shaantih, Prathvi Shaantih, Aapah Shaantih, Oushadhyah Shaantih, Vanaspatyah Shaantih, Vishvedevaah Shaantih, Brmha Shaantih, Sarvam Shaantih, Shaantih Aiva Shaantih, Saa Maa Shaatir-edhi, OOOM Shaantih, Shaantih, Shaantih"
"OOOM, May there be peace in the sky and space. May there be peace on land and in the waters. May herbs and foods bring us peace. May God bring us peace. May there be peace throughout world. May the peace be peaceful. May God give us such Peace"
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