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Welcome to Alden's Music!

This is my Music blog and More...

Who needs a linktree when you can spend 4 weeks learning HTML/CSS. while sending your friends low quality videos of your computer screen everytime you got something right

This site is for music and art made by myself and people around me. Plus random stuff i think i need to share to this specific audience.

I really appreciate you checking out my site! its still quite in development but keep checking back for new artists and music! or don't... i don't care

if you feel like donating for what ever reason, take an amount of money and duct tape it to the back of your head!


  • peelopaalu! we met in habbo hotel and shared their website with me. is 100% the thing that inspired me to make a webite
  • for the layout generator! this program saved me so much time Plus an insane cool site as well!
  • The Internet Archive doing gods work since 1996.
  • Melon king for being one of the most dedicated neocitizens that ive ever seen! the amount of cool stuff ive seen from this one person is astonishing
  • Maeve, Jude and Holden for letting me annoy them with the process. ily dudes ;)

  • The underpaid overworked Employees At the white castle on Ashland Avenue in Chinatown Chicago Illinois. The absolute amount of bullshit they have to put up with is almost unimaginable. Please keep it up, you're single-handedly holding this wreched world together.

  • Version beta 1.4 Alden McCoy, 2024