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Al Bhed Script created by the professional of scripting Yami_Ryou_Bakura!! Okay, not really, but hey, I'm getting there. Firstly this is a script made for Final Fantasy X fans who want to speak Al Bhed. Using this script you go into some mIRC channel and you talk to yourself [pretty dumb, huh?]. Well anyway, the good part is you see only Al Bhed when you push "Enter", but you know what you typed, therefore learning it would be simple. Kind of...

Have fun with this script. Even if you do not like Al Bhed, there are more other stuff as well. Email me at [email protected] if you find any bugs. New and old versions will be available to see how bad I was to how professional I became at scripting :).

Coming soon: Bot in my channel. That is, when I finally figure out how to make one.

Page last updated Wednesday, March 30, 2005. Everything on this site cannot be taken and modified without permission.

Square Enix has // or whatever of Al Bhed. I do not claim Al Bhed as my own; this is just a fan-site script to learn it.

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