All right, welcome to the links section. Here I have just placed all the other things that I feel you may want to know. Some have to do with me personally, some are finds I have made dealing with Final Fantasy. Either way, I hope they come as useful to you.
Final Fanatsy Sites
Square-Enix's Official Page
Need I say more?
Amazing Final Fantasy site that covers just about anything you would want. I get most of the information that I use from here. Covers Final Fantasies IV through X. A must for anyone looking for info.
Final Fantasy Online
While the advertisements on this site can be annoying, try to bypass them. This is another very good site for any FF fan. Includes iformation from Final Fantasies I, IV-XII, along with Advent Childrent, Before Crisis, Crystal Chronicles, Tactics and Tactics Advanced. Another must with very in depth information.
Final Fantasy Shrine
Personal Sites
Note: These are the links to my accounts on these sites, not the original pages.
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